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Quote:set after sneak thief
He walked.

Bae felt his feet drag as he stubbornly continued on. The cuts and bruises sustained in battle would be attended to; they were not deep. Some caked over, and he was quite careful to avoid opening them again. He found himself a quiet little slice of the Fort, refused the lean-tos he had made once upon a time. The tall man crashed against the wall, his eye wild, and stared at nothing. He was aware of the dull ache the frost gave his wounds; they stung. He deserved it. Blood. Blood. Blood!

All around him were ghouls crawling from the Fort's wall, grasping him with their long claws. He saw in his mind's eye their prolonged nails and opened jaws, wordlessly moaning and crying. More! More! He could hear his people's frenzied war cries. He could hear the screams of the innocent. He could see a woman below him, a knife to her gut. Her life bleeding out in the Square. King Iomair and his daughter near. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Bae had stood up and stared down at the lifeless form of Alma. He had seen the hate and fear mingled in her eyes. She had reached for him one last time, as if to bring him close, but said nothing in the end. Her head had fallen back onto the blood-stained ground. "No..." he had said. He said it now too "no... I didn't... I didn't mean to" he had tried so damn fucking hard to fit in. He tried to leave his life of violence behind him. "stop bleeding."

His voice trembled in the still air. Bae raised both hands to his face, buried them inside his palms. He felt his hands shaking. "Don't die" what would Vodeva say? "please" Iomair knew he was capable of violence now "wake up." He had checked three times. Alma was gone. She was not coming back, and the realm lost one more. Even if she had been a traitor, she had been one of them. Bae had killed one of New Caledonia.

They could have brought her in. Together. Iomair and Indis had been a welcomed sight. But the dagger came out on instinct, and Bae had driven it into Alma's gut. Her life gushed from the blade, onto him. Her blood still stained his hands, even if he attempted to wash it away. He came here for a fresh start. He came here to put down roots. He tried. He really, truly tried. He wanted to live as a pacifist, a healer, to atone.

Bae barely registered the footfalls of someone else. He was hunched over, sobbing into his hands drily.

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Of course it would be days like today that she pined over her mistakes, and blood lust. The feeling for death and to kill the bitch who had taken the children. Yet, Val was hardly a child though, matured into a proper young woman and honoring her family name with the great escapades she’d been on. In the back of her mind there was a lingering presence to the root of all her issues. Fear.

Shaking it away, though, Val trekked Down the streets of the Fort, tightening her leather chest plate to her chest, and looking for signs of life. Any signs of intruders. However many times she had struck a deal with herself, finding the mind wandering too and fro, her mind brought her back to the same, crippling sensation that happened when trepidation set in.

Yet, the further she walked, the closer a sound became. Her ears flickered upon her cranium, honing in on its direction. The ugly sobbing was delivered by that of a creeping giant. The one male she had been trying to avoid since the talk. A revelation of her hidden feelings crossed her pale face, proving her admiration and agitation for the male. Ultramarine orbs narrowed, slightly, glancing at his spine then his dreads that hung in a heap as his shoulders shook once more. Whatever had happened that he was so traumatized?

Leave him, you’re letting your feelings in, again!

Yet, her footfalls were carefully placed, and gently given, as her voice— gentle, albeit strong— spoke towards his back. Her steps stilled a few feet away, working her hand through her strawberry hair, and then she blinked.

Baelfire…? You okay?” Because no matter how much she tried to convince herself she didn’t care, the Savoy had a weakness, and It was him.
He had been aware he ran like a coward.

The stumbled words to King Iomair meant nothing as he ran. He could still see Alma's eyes looking at him. They were glossed over now, but they resembled in his mind the Eyes that the Tree held. The medallions hanging from branches. They popped and vibrated in his mindscape. They bled profoundly as they came closer and closer. He shuddered before he gave a grand start. Bae did not utter another word, but he felt the shame boil to the surface all the same. With Alma's blood still on his hands, he looked up at Valkyrie Savoy.

Most dried, but some streaked his dark face in bloody prints. He looked wild, not the civilized and calm man that had attempted so hard to fit in. He assumed he'd be safe here. He assumed nobody would find him. The man sniffed quietly and his eye dropped. "I -" it would be an obvious lie if he said 'I'm fine' "no..." he said instead, unable to go on. He would bite the inside of his cheek to prevent words from spilling out. The last person he wanted to talk to was Valkyrie. She... She had her own thing to do. He did not need to unload his troubles on her.

And so he allowed the silence to come. It was maddening and a relief at the same time. If she was so close, she would be able to see (and smell) the blood on his hands. He stifled another sob, realized this grimly. Why hadn't he wasted it off yet? Bae turned sharply away from Valkyrie, attempted to rub the blood onto the snow, and clean his hands. He did not like the feel of the frost. All he wore was his pants, discarding the cloak in the fight. Another wasted piece of fabric, torn from the knife and blades. "It's okay," he told Valkyrie but was really telling himself that. It's fine. It'll be fine.
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There he was disheveled, folding into himself like a broken part of the man she had known. And all she could think about was why he seemed to be sobbing, why his tear stained— and blood, upon closer evaluation— face contorted into something she related to. An emotion masked, yet mirrored in his eyes, his demeanor. Broken. The two of them.

Once a daughter of the Queen, now a cowardly warrior, hiding from her own feelings in a mask of… nothing. Concealing those venomous feelings, that tickled her stomach and allowed her to rely on someone else. Unheard of. So, she shoved them down, deep into her gut, and swore to herself she wouldn’t look him in the face, would turnaround and leave. Ignore the shambles of a man he appeared to be.

Yet, she couldn’t move. Feet glued to the earth, and like an unearthly force pulled her forwards— she approached. The woman faltered, daring herself to lean closer and then back. Tawny ears perked forwards, then fell, unable to determine her course of action. Blood smeared his face and stained his hands, pale eyes widened slightly, a pallid hand hung limply in the air, before dropping to her side. Stuck between reaching out to him, comforting him, and running the other way.

It would seem the latter won.

Valkyrie carefully, silently, approached him, her face drawing downwards into a frown, as her words failed to escape her.

Hey—” she tried again, a pink tongue coiled out and lapped at the black lips, before sliding back into her mouth. The woman stood only a foot away from him now, making the sudden decision to lower herself to the ground, and now knelt in the snow. “Baelfire…” One silvered mitt went to reach out to prod him, instead, it suspended in mid air, before she curled her hands into a fist and then placed it into the cold, hard Earth.

Down on the ground, she shuffled towards Baelfire, hardly subtly, her own head dipped down so she might gaze into his eyes. Without thinking, her hands dipped into the snow, letting it melt against her palms, and reached up to wiped the blood away on his face. If he would let her anyways. If not, she may simply sit in an uncomfortable quietude.
He had been so busy trying to wipe the blood from his hands that he had not paid attention. When she moved to his level, he started. His eye was wide and looking out across the Fort. He appeared like a cornered animal. And still, her touch was gentle as she attempted to clean his face. He let it be for a few moments, looked back at her with barely concealed surprise. As much as he wanted to remain like this he eventually snapped. "No!" he gasped and attempted to push himself against the wall and through to the other side "don't. I don't... deserve that." He did not deserve kindness from anyone.

"Val" he held back a choked sob "I killed someone" he would tell his friend "I killed them. I-I didn't mean... She... She was..." Did it matter what she had been doing? "I was going to bring her in. T-Then Iomair came. She attacked u-us. I stabbed her" whether Bae had ended the life of one who threatened the realm or did not, it mattered little to the man. He killed someone. He was supposed to be a healer and now he was yet again a failure "she's dead." He watched her bleed out himself. She did not deserve to die for defiling a bloody tree. If only he had been a better warrior. He could have subdued her.

He could have done a lot of things. It wasn't fair. Life would never be fair. Bae buried his face in his hands again. He stopped sobbing. His shaking would be worse. "I'm not a warrior. I tried... so hard. So hard! To leave that life behind. I tried... to be good. I tried, Val. I really did. I'm sorry." He let himself down. He let that old woman down. He was no worse than those fanatics. Hell, he had been one - once upon a time.
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The initial reaction was thwarting at best. Pallid fingers tucked into her coat, protecting them from the cold, a comfort of sorts, it would also seem.

Baelfire’s gaze held that of sorrow and vexation. One good eye narrowed, as if to tell her to beat it to go away. With the surprise etched not only all over her face but in the way she snatched her hand back and curled it into her chest, pallid azure orbs widened, the gently narrowed onto his form.

Killed someone? And so what if he did? The harm to another for your own personal gain, and self preservation was acceptable to her. Yet, she didn’t bother to try to console herself for the selfish reasonings. Eschew as she tried to appeared, Valkyrie got down onto the ground, two legs curling beneath her as she leaned forwards a hand suspended in mid-air. Not daring to touch him for the negative reoccurrence she had originally caused.

Shhh… Bae… it’s okay… we’ll, I mean it’s not—” a sharp inhale left her lowering ears onto skull, and staring into his one good eye. “It was self defense! You don’t have to be a warrior to keep others from harming you.” Hesrt broke in her chest, as she aimed to scoot closer yet, attempting to curl a hand, then an arm around his shoulder. Bring Baelfire in to her shoulder so she may comfort him.

Bae you needn’t apologize, your actions prevented someone else from being hurt, especially our King…” or at least, that’s what she thought, and her hands (if given the opportunity to touch him and console him properly) would begin to knead at his muscles first in his neck, then in his shoulders.
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He never told her, did he? He told Eulalie but he didn't tell Valkyrie. Was he even in a state to talk? He felt like he had been hollowed out, his entire reason for living seemed to up and leave at Alma's death. He took a shuddering breath in, dimly aware of the woman moving closer. This time, he did not deny her. She'd probably recoil from him in disgust when he did tell her anyway. Let him savor these moments. But she was right about one thing; his actions prevented the King and his daughter harm. He took some quiet solace in that, even if it wasn't what he had entirely thought about during the fight.

"You... I..." she didn't get it but he'd try to make her see "I tried so hard to never hurt or kill again" he had taken the role of a pacifist as a means of redemption "I did it before. I killed people. Senselessly, all for a god we never saw. All for honor and glory" bullshit "I was no different than the zealots hurting us now. W-Why should I get a pass when they don't? I only stopped when someone showed me the error... I could have done the same for Alma." He could have paid it forward, the teachings of his brief mentor a thing. Kindness. Compassion. Patience. Understanding. He was no fool to think he could convert everyone, but...

He could try.

"I was trained to be a monster. I... I don't want to use that anymore. I don't want to pass that onto anyone, don't want it to taint what I've tried to grow here" couldn't Valkyrie see? He was trying to leave his old life behind. Break free of the chains of his family and people "b-but that training kicked in again" he felt so dirty "I don't know if I was being self-preserving or defending the king. Maybe I even liked it a bit, killing again... Fuck, I really am a monster." He refused to wrap his arms around Valkyrie in case she really did reject him fully. Not even a friend anymore, but a pariah or someone to avoid. He knew she fought but this was different.

She seemed to fight for good things. He had fought for selfish reasons. He had killed in the name of some deity that was integrated into everyone's systems like a drug. Did that deity still influence him? Did She look down at him and cackle as he danced among Her web? "I'm sorry" he blurted out, not really knowing why he apologized again. He wanted to move on from this, but he knew... he never took the time to confront it. He just shoved it away, locked it in his mind. Never addressing his problems and allowing himself nightmares and shakes.
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There was no after thought, no shying away from her touching him, nor his story as it poured from his mouth.

She listened, or tried really hard to, but all she could hear in her mind was you’re not perfect so what!? He told her of his story, of the tale he spun about being a merciless killer, a man who daughter to rid the world of adversaries and was met without triumphant return. An act daughter after because of a belief in a God. Yet, what did he believe in? Did he truly believe he couldn’t kill and that he should remain a pacifist?

For some reason being a peaceful Lupreci brought a shudder to her breath. They were savages, animals for Christ Sake! None of them were meant to resemble any form of “pacifist” ways, at least— not to her. They we’re meant to be dangerous. Perhaps it was just her way of protecting herself and his feelings, from shielding herself from the true, awkward, blatant disregard she had for other Lupreci. Was she, a maniac? A do-gooder who enjoyed chaos?

Only time would tell she supposed.

She didn’t say a word, not even when he claimed he was trying to begin a new life, to start again. Not even when he admitted he liked it, instead, she curled her arms tighter around his frame and pressed her muzzle into his shoulder, aiming to envelop him in a squeezing hug. Just like the ones her dad gave, though that thought immediately made her push it aside. Their closeness was surrealC and she was a realist.

If ya want any form of like… coddling, I won’t do that.” She sighed then pulled away from him, and put a hand on each of his respective shoulders looking into his face. “But I will tell you this; Baelfire. You’re not wrong for having feelings, and you’re not wrong for thinking you are some kind of monster.” A smile played on her lips then, an ear tilted forwards. “But who isn’t a monster? Who cares if your past was you being a murderous pompous asshole?” She chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. Sighing again she finished her speech with a giant squeeze around his neck. “Your past doesn’t defy you, Baelfire, your present does. And I saw a wolf protecting his pack.” Whispering into his ears now, she wouldn’t stop squeezing him. Maybe she was trying to smother him with affections.

Finally releasing him, she shoved a shoulder of his and looked at him with those pretty, icy orbs, dancing with mischief and attraction for him. “Now quit moping, pleaaaase, Bae? You’re a beautiful creature inside and out, and I don’t care about your past, it doesn’t make you the man you really are.” Poking his chest with a clawed finger she let it linger longer than she should have.

Eyes traveled down to his chest then to his eye. Kiss me you idiot.
Val is just literally like “nuuu bb no”
A wolf. Protecting his pack. He blinked at her. The first time anyone even remotely called it 'his pack'. New Caledonia hadn't felt like home until he started to integrate himself into the community. He always sought validation from someone or some people, wanting them to include him in the realm. He wasn't just a stranger anymore. He was part of the pack. He so desperately wanted someone to acknowledge that. Valkyrie had, even if she didn't seem to fully grasp what she had given him. He attempted to awkwardly grin, a slight nod given. She wasn't here to coddle him. Hell, he never even had a mother who did such a thing. When did he become such a whiny bitch?

"Y-Yeah..." he said, though still felt terribly bad for Alma's death. He glanced down at his hands, barely bloody now. He remembered King Iomair calling after him, asking if he was okay. Damn. He shouldn't have run and left the man. "sitting around bitching won't bring her back" he murmured mostly to himself. Bae grumbled something under his breath before looking up at the woman. Her words caught him off guard. He recoiled backward, or rather, his neck did a double-take. Both eyes - good and bad - widened. Beautiful creature? Since when? Valkyrie pressed a finger at his chest, letting it hover there. He caught her looking at his chest this time.

What the fuck did she want him to do?

What did she even want from him? Suddenly, Alma seemed so small. The rest of the world seemed so small. Insignificant. Bae felt himself lean forward. His mind screamed at him not to do it. 'Don't. Fucking don't. She already told you no once. Don't let her squirm her way into your head again!' But if he had dared to kiss her at the moment, what sort of monster would he really be? Someone who shrugged off death and mistook the kindness of his friend. Made it all awkward again. He reeled back his emotions again. "Sorry" he uttered as if she had slapped him across the face. He was only inches from her lips when he jerked backward. Refused himself. "I..."

He shouldn't. He couldn't. Stealing a kiss was a big fucking deal to him. Maybe not to others, but to him it was. Bae's eye filled with guilt as he looked down at his hands again. Now was definitely not the time. Maybe... there never would be a time. And that was okay, surely. He could live with that. 'You almost made a big mistake' his mind reeled 'if you kissed her, she would say we couldn't be friends. She wouldn't even want to see you, hang out with you. You would've made her feel all gross and awkward. Stop being a lovesick fool and put your head on straight!' Gee, thank you oh kind brain. "Forget it" he murmured to himself again mostly. How could he put Valkyrie in such a situation almost?

Even now it felt awkward. His face burned with unspoken emotion. "I'm... I'm going to head back. See if King Iomair is okay" he said finally, attempting to crawl to the side and away from her grasp.
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Had Baelfire finally folded into his feelings and accepted Valkyrie for the demonized creature she was? Had he finally understood that her meaning to push him away was only for self preservation?

Blinking at him as he blinked at her, the strong, warrior glanced into his one good eye, with daring icy orbs. Funny how she may have only had a few moments longer to look at him with both her eyes, but that was neither here nor there, and so she watched him. Waited for him to make any move towards her, breath elevated slightly, watching as his face lifted into a tiny little grin, her lips mimicked his.

Even as she watched him go through these different emotions, from mock horror, to something softer, she didn’t expect him to lean in close. Hot breath was felt against her cheek, and her skin prickled and tingled, her death hitching. Just as soon as she thought he may have kissed her, he withdrew, a sorry on his lips. And now, it was her turn to be flabbergasted.

Forget it?” Came the breathy reply, her hands curling into little fists at her side, eyebrows knitting into a furrow. “Fine, you go right ahead and run back.” It wasn’t spoken with any sort of vexation or irritation, only a monotones reply as she rose to her feet, looking down at his body, his face was still practically level with her chest, and she couldn’t help but incision smooshing his face right between her bosom.

Instead she turned on her heel, and gave him a rather sad smile. “I—Kiss him you idiot. Val shouldn’t even say anything not about their almost kiss, or anything else for that matter. Instead she snapped her jaws shut and spoke to him from over a shoulder. “I am glad I have assisted you, and helped you… you are such a great Lupreci, Baelfire.I wanted to kiss you, to scream at you, to let my brashness take control. I’m so sorry.

Her eyes felt damp suddenly, and she turned her back towards him, then turned back again. Watching as his back turned towards her. Did he even look back? Please look back. She tuned away.
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"You don't have to be so formal about it" Bae rasped, feeling emotion stick his throat shut. He didn't understand what she wanted out of him. First, she rejected his feelings. They remained friends, as awkward as it was for the man. Especially to just hide and never talk about what was said again. Ever. She comforted him at the moment as a friend - and he had to do something stupid like lean in for a kiss. She seemed almost disappointed now. Annoyed with him, even if she didn't let it enter her voice. He could feel chills from her lofty tone. His back was to her, but she turned back to look at him. He could feel the wind between them, like a great chasm.

He had tried so hard to put himself in her proverbial shoes. His mind screamed rationally at him to stop, not pursue. If he did something like that, she could just slap him and berate him. End their friendship right here and now. As much as he had feelings for Valkyrie, he didn't want her to look at him coldly or be distant from him. He could be content with friendship. He couldn't stand her not being in his life. "I" don't get you, he wanted to say. He wanted to take her by the shoulders and shake the woman. She didn't want him, but she also wanted him? What sort of bullshit was this? Was he just misunderstanding? Frustrated, he let out a low growl.

"Don't hate me" he blurted out, turning to look at her at last. He looked firm, no longer guilty. Closing the distance, Bae seized her by the shoulders and pulled her in. It was gentle as if she could still get away if she was so disgusted by the thought. But if he was allowed, he pressed his lips against her own, holding her there briefly against him before letting go. Electricity seemed to surge between them - or was he just making it up in his mind? Justifying doing what he did. "I'm sorry" he added, his voice low and husky as he stepped away from her. He shouldn't have done that. Bae appeared shocked by his boldness before he stepped further away.

He didn't expect her to do anything. Hell, if she was shocked... it'd be easier to get away from her. But he stared dumbfounded for a few moments, taking in her form before he jerked his head away. Back to New Caledonia. What could he say to her now? 'You're my friend, I shouldn't have done that?' was a start. But he felt his throat close again. Refusing to say anything else. If he left her here, was he a coward? But if he stayed, was she just going to reject him again? Torn between fight or flight, he rooted himself to the very earth. His ears pinned against his skull, looking guilty.
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Emotional— his voice— husky and raspy, it hung in the air, disallowing access to any form of rational thoughts. Was he going to sob again? Is the thought of Valkyrie walking away what is making him so emotional, and in turn, herself? Those dukes steepled for a moment under her chin, processing his body language. No, it couldn’t have been her, she had outright rejected him in a time that he had professed his pursuance of her romantically. The emotions were coming from his own self pity, she figure (albeit incorrectly).

Baelfire stumbled over words, projectile vomiting them all over her and right into her visage. Dubiety found itself onto her soft features, tugging down at the lines in her face and making her frown. Hate him? She could never! Yet, the same could understand why he would think she would hate him. With a downward cast at the snow covered soil, she spoke. “Bae—” all at once, the words fumbled from her tongue, faltering as she felt him grasp her shoulders, pulling her closer now, and she smelled him for what felt like the first time. Lemongrass, horses, a hint of testosterone with pheromones she couldn’t quite place. Shock was written all over her features, studying him.

Delicate hand rose to touch the side of his face, running a calloused thumb over his cheek as she leaned into his form, he was going to kiss her. A tingle— no a spark—  erupted over her face and went all the way down to her toes. Simply by the light touch he had given her on her shoulders, her body was already reacting. Then; the kiss. It was supple, brushing across her lips like butterfly wings, long enough so she could taste his breath, stale blood clung to his taste. 

Valkyrie had canoodled many a Lupreci before, many men, and nothing could ever be compared to this feeling and tingling that he caused in her physique. 

As soon as it had happened, it was yanked away, ending abruptly. Eyes snapped open, gaping at him, squelching, as if abash for what had just happened. What was more is the way he reacted, Glancing around and muttering a sorry.

He was sorry? Vexation crept into her stomach, sitting like a brick of lead, crushing. Causing her eyebrows to knit together showing in her gaze, and then… Val even astounded herself. The silver woman leaned in real close to him, eyes narrowed. Two hands grasped onto his collar and then, she yanked him towards her. It wasn’t kind by any means, domineering and purposeful. For a pregnant paused she stared deeply into his wine eye. Glare trailed to his lips and the Savoy woman placed a hot, heavy kiss there. Hungrier than before, invigorating, and a tongue flickered out to tangle with his own for only a moment, delicately and deliberate. With her mouth she spoke all the unspoken feelings as if he were her life force, needing this. Desiring this from day one.

Crushing her body against his before breaking their moment of symbolic meaning apart, and crumbling it into the open atmosphere. Valkyrie should not have done that. This was war, and here she was folding into the conflict she battled with internally.

It was her turn to step away from him, but unlike he, she did not apologize. Valkyrie wasn’t sorry for the feeling she felt. She wasn’t sorry for kissing him back. Feelings washed away, tucked into the back of her mind, she stared at her toes. It last a moment, her cranium snapped up, making the less heartbreaking decision she could have undecidedly made.

I… have to go Baelfire.” After their smooch, she could still feel where his lips and hands had been. She couldn’t focus on this. Whatever this was. She needed to escape the fray she so desperately fought internally. So, she sauntered away. Without so much as another word to him, what else was she going to utter? 
Yes, he was sorry but not for kissing her. He was sorry for the situation he placed her in now. She was probably fully aware of his feelings - that they didn't stop or go away. They kept blooming, growing bigger and bigger. He didn't know what to do about it. She tried to say something before he stole her lips, but it fell on deaf ears. Both of them too lost in their own way. She could say she wouldn't hate him, but the look on her face as he pulled away confirmed his fears. They stood facing each other now, breathless and confused. But it didn't last long. She leaned forward, grabbing him roughly. The man let out a startled sort of sound - not yelp or cry - but more confused.

She kissed him back.

His soft little innocent one paled in comparison to her own. She pressed against him now and he felt the stirrings of wanting more. For the first time, Bae felt something akin to desire. He grasped the back of her strawberry hair with one hand as her tongue flickered over his own, his eyes closing briefly. But it was over before it truly began. She was showing restraint, and he was too much of a gentleman to ask for anything else. She broke apart from him, staring at the ground. But the woman did not shamefully say she was sorry for it. His good eye squinted lightly, confusion and misery replacing shock.

"W..." what was that? What did it mean? Did Valkyrie not see he was... totally and utterly naïve? He hadn't even kissed a woman before her, and all these new and unfamiliar emotions swept him up. He wanted to ask her to wait, so maybe they could talk. Talk about this like two rational adults, but she was already scooting away from him. Out of his grasp. Bae lifted a hand to her but she moved away further. Fully turning, Valkyrie Savoy walked right out of his life at the moment. From sorrow to despair, to understanding and pain. And finally, to a kiss. Or rather, two kisses. One sweet, stolen. The other hot and heavy.

"Fuck" he finally said when he was alone, raking his brain for what he had done. What she had done. The man leaned against the Fort's wall, wondering what the fuck was going on. Why... Did she just humor him? No, even he wasn't stupid enough to believe that. It had been a passionate moment - so why? Why did she run away from him? "stupid, stupid, stupid!" he groaned quietly, refusing to let her know as she departed. He yelled at himself. He yelled at her. Fuck, he yelled at the world. Why was this so complicated? Why couldn't they just admit things to each other? But... he had. And she didn't, for whatever reason there was.

Bae couldn't know how she felt, because he felt differently. He thought differently. She was preserving herself, hiding from emotions. He was trying to embrace his own feelings. It was so different, so silly... He felt a laugh bubble inside his chest. The man clamped his jaws shut, refusing it. He stood, shell-shocked, for some time before he drifted back. Trying to return to his pack as if nothing at all had happened to him.
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