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Morris was a simple canine for the most part, he wasn't concerned over his looks the way a certain Courtright was, nor did he go out to socialize like Asher does. He was content to be by himself and be silent, though he wouldn't turn away company if it came to him. It was rare that he would be the one to seek out someone to chat to, his normal go to being Asher. On this day...things were different. Morris actually wanted to trade a bit, to perhaps get his hands on a few things that he needed that he hadn't found in the storehouse. Which was organized so nicely now that the coydog doubted he had missed the item that he wanted. 

No, it was likely best to seek out someone from outside of the pack, for he doubted that any of his fellow Ashen would have what he needed. Or at least he had come to the conclusion that if it wasn't at the storehouse, that it wouldn't be at one of the trading stalls that the pack members ran. So, he found himself looking for anyone that was unfamiliar and also didn't have the scent of the pack lingering on their person. It sounded like an easy enough task, but it was still some time until he found who he hoped would actually fit that criteria. He approached the stranger cautiously, still on edge from the attacks on the pack, but soon had to voice a greeting so the other would know that he was there and wanted their attention. "Hail" he said simply, then looked over the stranger thoughtfully.  

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The raven black cloak flapped in the wind. The holes were vast. It was tattered beyond repair. Bae knew this but refused to give up on it. He would have nothing to his name if he abandoned it. Finding a residence in New Caledonia... the paperwork was being filed. Until then, he slept where he could find warmth. "Hail" he would say now, his eye focused on the young man. He smelt of the Gang like Laird had so there would be little reason to not comply. Bae recalled the other part of the greeting. "well met."

Bae looked like he had lost a battle with something. Like stated, his cloak... useless. His fur was an attempt to be civilized even if it would be spiked in a few places. The only thing that seemed to be acceptable could be both his high coyote heritage and his dreadlock Optime hair. He would pat his new horse before he turned fully to the other man. Already, Imrah was slightly weighed down by saddle bags and other belongings he had picked up. Trade items. "You're of the Gang here?" he asked "do you need something?"

It would never hurt to ask. Especially when a stranger would come up to another stranger. Bae could wait to return to New Caledonia if the pack here needed something. Perhaps this one caught wind of his trade with Laird, and needed some poultices for himself? Who knew. That's what made interactions like this almost exciting. And bothersome.
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Morris crossed his arms, more for something to do than anything else. First, he gave a nod to show that he was of the pack, then answered the follow up question with his own. "Depends, what do ye have?" Now that he asked, he supposed it could be seen as stupid to approach without prior knowledge of what this canine might or might not be trading. If the other was even trading to begin with...but then why else would an outsider be here? Morris was at least confident enough that this other male must have something of some worth with him to be within the borders of the Ashen lands. Still, he was not confident enough to know exactly what the outsider might have. 

Being one of few words save to those he knew well, the merle male stared at the stranger for a long time before realizing it might seem intimidating or even awkward. "It would be rathah nice if you had any plants on ya, though I suppose that's a stretch. Even if ya know who I could seek out for such outside of my pack would be useful." He paused, realizing he had really called it his pack. ...and it was, wasn't it? In the time he had spent here, it had become his home, and with a lot more stability than his old crew. This...this was his place now, he doubted he would leave unless he was forced to for some reason. Or if he died. Huffing lightly, he pushed that away and would think about it later. Right now, he needed to get his hands on what he needed, and hopefully this stranger could help him. 

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This man was from Del Cenere but didn't want to disclose it verbally. Only a nod of his head was given. Bae kept himself calm, his features neutral as he regarded the other male. Typically, he didn't like other men. This would change in time, as his stay in New Caledonia extended. He'd get used to being around men that weren't shouting for blood and death. "I am a healer" he introduced himself just as shortly as the other did "I'd be a piss poor one if I didn't have plants on me."

One could not tell if he was joking or not. Bae nodded his head to the Stockyard. "One of your pack, Laird, recently bartered with me for medicine" he didn't drop the name knowing whether or not this one knew Laird or not. Bae dropped it due to the trade that had stood between him and the dog "I have a bit left" he added, knowing he'd have to stock up before heading back to his pack "mostly dried herbs." He turned to look at Imrah, who seemed to be good of nature thus far to her new owner.

"If you've a tailor in Del Cenere..." he knew it was a long shot "I obviously need a patch up" Bae inwardly grumbled at his tattered features "I'd appreciate you pointing me to one?" He could give the man one or two herbs for his trouble, but not all of them.
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Morris smiled "Dried is fine." He paused for a moment, but soon shook his head. Laird was not a familiar name to him, but then again, he didn't know every Ashen around. At the mention of a tailor, his smile grew "You're in luck lad, I can fix up your clothes for ya." Sure, it wouldn't be the same as what he had used to mend when he sailed, but he had fixed a knitted blanket or scarf enough times that he felt it was close enough for experience. "That makes it a rather fair trade don't ye think? I mend your outfit, ye give me a few herbs?'" He said with a hopeful tone, while also trying not to sound too desperate. If this healer didn't want to go through with it...Morris could leave the pack lands to seek out what he needed. 

Hopefully though, this stranger would be willing to make the easy trade. "Morris by the by" he offered once he realized that he hadn't offered his name. The merle male just often forgot that was part of the normal social structure. Especially since he preferred not to talk to someone he didn't know...well, not normally in any case, this was a different situation. It was not of impoliteness in any case, though he supposed he could understand why someone would view it that way. 

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"This is all I have" he replied easily, though slightly sheepish, as he took the singular cloak off. Time would tell if Bae gathered more clothing, but for now, the cloak would do for some chill resistance "are you sure a few herbs are worth the effort?" Calan seemed to assume the cloak was beyond repair, and Bae somewhat trusted the tailor in his pack. Still, if the cloak was able to be saved... one less thing to worry about, surely? He extended the cloak for Morris to take a look at. "or is it beyond saving?"

There was a slight pause when the man introduced himself. "Baelfire of New Caledonia" he replied, giving a polite nod of his head "I have the herbs in my satchel" he added, looking down at the leather equipment he wore around his shoulder that hung to his hip "but what do you think it'd be worth? I have comfrey, lavender, sage... More things too. Bandages and mixtures for poultices..." He was not used to trading much for anything, always able to scavenge what he needed out of life.
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Morris looked over the cloak once it was handed over. It wasn't the worst damage he had ever seen...but again, he was comparing it to sails. "I'm sure I can manage..." He would just need to quickly go grab some thread and needle, and thankfully his tent wasn't too far away. Looking up, he couldn't hide his excitement at hearing what Baelfire had to offer. "Mixes for poultices is perfect lad...perhaps some of that comfrey if ya don' mind?" He paused for a moment and moved the cloak "I will need to go get my supplies for this unless ya have a thread and needle on ya too." He chuckled a bit at the statement. 

"It won't take me long; I stay pretty close to this part of the lands." Lifting the cloak, he offered a small smile. "Ya can hold onto this until I come back. I don' want to run off with yer belonging aftah all." Especially if it was the only thing that Baelfire had...he didn't want the other male to think he was going to steal the item. "Ya can also hold onto those herbs until I'm done with the stitchin'." There was no reason to have it where the member from New Caledonia might feel that he could be cheated either. Not that Morris would do such a thing as steal the herbs and not keep up his end of the trade...but Baelfire wouldn't know that and had no reason to trust him. 

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He considered the offer in silence before a nod was given to Morris. "That sounds fair." The Del Cenere seemed to be worried Bae would think he was a thief or swindling him, but Bae hadn't gotten the vibe from him. Either he was a piss poor thief, or the man was upfront and honest. He took the tattered cloak back, giving another nod.

"I'll be here, waiting" he vowed quietly to the man. Morris could go off and leave Bae here, and Bae would remain here until prompted to leave. A deal had been cut. Now that Morris had to fix the cloak, Bae would add the comfrey in as well for the materials used. It seemed fair to him. He was no swindler either. "thank you; the cloak... is important to me."

He had not wanted to throw it out. Even if his father loathed his guts now, Bae wanted to keep the first and last thing he ever gained and kept onto from his old life. Was that too much to ask?
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Morris nodded in understanding as he was told that the cloak held importance. Though he had no item that he cared about particularly deeply, he could understand the concept well enough. "I'll be as quick as I can" he promised then turned and walked off towards his tent. The object had certainly served him well, giving him a decent spot where he could reach most if not all of the busiest areas of the pack lands easily. So close to the inn, he could watch the traffic thoughtfully on days when his hands weren't busy. Which honestly was happening less of late, not that he minded. When he reached the tent, he slipped in and did a small search for what he would need. Thankfully he was pretty good at keeping organized and tended to keep everything together unless he was taken by surprise and had to leave the tent in a hurry.

With thread and a needle on hand he slipped back out of the tent and walked to return to the trader. It seemed that some bit of luck was with him today to find that he could get what he needed. It was also fortuitous that he could help the trader in return, making the whole interaction that much easier on both of them. Morris just hoped the luck would hold and that he could truly fix the cloak well enough for Baelfire. Knowing it didn't help to focus on his worries he approached the trader again and smiled a little in a way of returned greeting. "All right got what I need now" he said, not that he would have come back without, it was just a habit to confirm he had down a task he said he would. 

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"Thank you."

Bae would be grateful to the man for repairing his cloak. The medicine had been made by him, so he was not giving away New Caledonian resources. In the end, the coywolf came away with the cloak repaired and a few herbs short, but it was worth it. He would return to his pack, and leave the Ashen's lands. Per the unspoken agreement, he left peacefully with his new mount in tow.

Imrah looked back at the ganglands one final time, nickering softly as if saying goodbye to them. Bae made a silent promise to return come spring, but no matter what had happened between now and then... He could say he was thankful it would be over. War and conflict aside, Bae was thankful for the repaired cloak added to his meager belongings. He patted his new friend on the side of her neck. "We'll come visit." He promised her.
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