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Pulling his cloak tight, Mogis could feel the bitter cold burn at his exposed fingers. He moved with purpose, cutting through the freshly fallen snow with the precision of a knife.

The great houses of Salsola were a monolith. Bastions of power where the true inner machinations of the Thistle Queendom were at work. He thought often of his own place among their kind. An outsider, ambitious as he was, was at a distinct disadvantage, for it was connection and favor that was truly at the heart of Salsolan Politik. Mogis rightly knew, if he were to rise among them as he believed he should, he would need to garner their favor.

Tendrils of smoke eased through the cracks of Salsola's ruin. Each an invisible hand.

Already, he made progress with House Revlis -- though, he supposed it had been accidental, but it worked all the same. For House Eternity, he had other plans.

Yet, on his mind that morning was a young House. Fledgling and mired in controversy, he saw House Greygrief as something with potential. He recalled gossip of their former patriarch being murdered under suspicious circumstances -- though it was spoken of only in hushed whispers and not around polite company. However, Mogis had a head for gossip.

The arrival of young Atlas Greygrief was noted. Mogis would earn his favor; he would make sure of it.

With a quick hand, he rapped softly against the Greygrief's door.

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It was a moment of rare solitude. So often she was left without a sovereign choice in things, ruled over by a brother who sought to govern each minuscule detail of his supposed kingdom and a sister whose mirth was largely derived from the misfortunes of others. Still, she didn't complain. Mostly because of that heavy, leaden feeling in her chest that reminded her that complaining would get her nowhere. On those rare occasions that she did speak up, her sibling's postering simply rose above the limits of her own. The arguments weren't worth having, there was in victory to be had in any battle in which her siblings were her opponents. Discord was not destined to be the shining jewel in the crown of the Greygriefs. That was the destiny of Atlas and Maudlin, and naturally, as the eldest, her brother had been the one to claim the crown first. She doubted Maudlin cared, the pair of them were like a two-headed serpent and they connived with the same vicious brain. Whatever fell from Atlas' mouth, her twin would swallow it like a baby bird. Be not mistaken, the paler woman had her own ripe brain, sharp and absorbent. But the Lord Greygrief had a way about him that drew others in...

The knock at the door had been unexpected, but then again, those who frequented this house didn't have cause to knock. Maudlin, Atlas, Julius, and herself all swanned in and left again as they pleased. After a moment taken to collect herself, smoothing down her blouse and skirt, she crossed the small abode to the front door.

'My brother isn't in, I'm afraid.' she greeted, one delicate hand resting upon the cold doorknob and the other reflexively reaching for one of the chains that rested upon her sternum. She assumed that this man was here for Atlas, for she couldn't fathom why anyone would want to visit her. So far she'd done little to establish herself in Salsola without either her brother's say so or his companionship. A mistake on her part would only frustrate him, and while she didn't fear him, she did not like when he was frustrated. 

'I'm not sure when he'll be back,' Discord added, looking faintly past the vaguely familiar stranger and trying to somehow discern when he would return. It was a fine enough day and he hadn't said he was leaving for any specific reason, so she was at a loss as to what to suggest really. It could be minutes, it could be hours knowing him. 'I can take a message for him, or if you rather wait..?' Atlas had no rules when it came to visitors, or at least, none that he'd seen fit to impress on his little sister. She was almost an adult and entirely free to do what she wished and she didn't foresee Atlas' attitude to that being vastly different. Discord was a fine enough host, better than Maudlin in any case, and she had no qualms with entertaining this man with conversation until the Lord Greygrief returned.


Hands in his pockets and snow on his face, Mogis' eyes widened as he was greeted with the radiating warmth from inside the Greygrief home. His eyes widened at the sight of a young woman; pretty but plain with dark hair and quiet eyes. Of course, it was not the Lord Greygrief that he had intended to meet -- but he could surmise that this was one of his sisters. Yet, a Greygrief was a Greygrief all the same, so Mogis was not to be turned from his track of obtaining tangible political capital. 

"Oh, I don't think that will be necessary," Mogis spoke, smiling warmly. A youthful innocence played across his face, but despite this, he believed it was prudent to cut to the chase and not dally. "My name is Mogis. Mogis Meloy." He gently offered her an upturned palm to take in greeting before politely bowing before her. 

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lady Greygrief.

Eyes danced through the gap in the door as he soaked in what he could of the family home. There was modest wealth here -- but not to the same degree of the other great Salsolan families. Yet, there were challenges there; particularly for an outsider with few ties to Salsola's long history. His odds of positioning himself as a proper suitor were slim. 

A fledgling house however, that was a different story entirely. 

"I wanted to formally welcome you and your family to Salsola proper," he explained. "I trust the journey from the outpost was not too difficult?" His voice trailed off with his question as he quietly wondered if the Greygrief woman would be kind enough to invite him out of the cold.

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'Discord.' she corrected, her brows knitting softly and her lips pursing. There was a slight discomfort in having that name bestowed upon her, however accurate it was. That name made her sound far more of a voice within the house than she actually was, when in truth her siblings hollered and she came running like a dutiful dog. She was quite out of her element, acting as the hostess to whom she assumed was a guest of Atlas. It was her turn to be corrected, however, as it appeared that this Mogis wasn't here to see her brother after all. No, his interest was more in the House itself it seemed. Hesitantly, she took his hand, the tips of her fingers surprised to find warmth in his grip despite the fact he'd been exposed to the elements during his journey here.

Stepping aside as to allow him access to the family's small homestead, Discord remained in place to shut the door behind them. 'It was uneventful, thankfully. I guess the weather could have been better, but our horses coped with it well enough.' Snow had already begun to creep over the threshold and she had to fight the urge to sweep it out there and then. Ultimately she decided that her houseproud nature could stand to learn how to be patient. There were no fine rugs or delicate furnishings towards which the snow posed a danger too, so the worst damage that not addressing the issue immediately would cause was a small puddle. The young Greygrief scowled to herself for a second while her back was turned. This was one of the rare occasions in which she wished that Atlas had managed to procure the services of an indentured servant. As a general rule, Discord was uncomfortable with the concept and the culture that surrounded the custom, especially when she was more than capable of running a household with her own two hands. Still, it would be nice to not have to eat last or to sweep the path of snow, and dusting was certainly a tedious task that she could stand to take a break from, from time to time. 

'It's not a welcome that needs to be extended to my brother.' Discord said, moving past Mogis and towards the corner that served as a crude kitchen. 'He was born here, so it's very much a return as far as he's concerned.' Stooping down, she pushed aside the greyish curtain that ran along the edge of the wooden counter and fished out two clean cups. Drawing herself upright again, she placed them on the surface before her and turned to Mogis again. 'Can I get you a drink? We have wine, teas... water too if you prefer?' The young woman was now in her element, serving drinks and hosting guests were skills that had been drilled into both herself and her sister by their Uncle Julius. And Discord was the only one of them with a true eye for it.


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