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Coming to Casa was different this time, much different. Freddy wasn't expecting judgement from old peers, he wasn't scared of the Cavaliers hating him, or being seen as weak for the tournament. He didn't stand here and think of the past, but who he was now and what he aimed to do. The El Diente, a title that had stunned Cedric when they'd turned up to request a week's stay in Wolfville, was not going to show any nerves anymore. He wanted to learn from the Cavaliers, gain some knowledge that he'd lost the opportunity to gain when running away, and then return to the Gang to put that training to good use. And Freddy had been clear with his intentions, having Peony there to also strengthen diplomatic ties made the visit seem all the more positive and meant Freddy didn't feel like he was asking too much. Besides, knowing Cedric, the Lune would never refuse them no matter the reason. 

Once settled in to the cabin, with Deonach already being drawn away to help other healers; and Freddy planning an apology to the man later for immediately breaking his word on having this be a peaceful trip, Freddy was off to try and find a way to get to the Fort. It was tempting to go there on his own, sneak in to his old home as if he was important enough to do as he pleased, but Freddy would keep this trip as professional as he could. That being said, such methods were unnecessary anyway since Cedric had set up an escort. The young man smiled as Celia came to the Waterfront Village, prepared to take Freddy back with her to the heart of Casa, whilst the two once-siblings did some story trading along the way. 

They held nothing back; Celia explained how Casa had been rocked by poisoning, Freddy trying not to panic as she explained that their father had been sick as well. But his spirit was brought back when the girl struggled quite comically to admit that Cedric was also in a budding relationship now. When it came to Freddy's turn, the mood did sour a bit as he had to detail how he got his scars and new fancy title, including the torment of his blood-father and the fights to keep his new pack safe. Eventful times for both of them, which did admittedly have them both chuckling over things that would seem dire and morbid in their own context. 

Once in the Fort, Celia split off to go home, leaving Freddy a bit of free reign to check out his old home. The training ring was his first spot, with Freddy checking out the wooden posts and the size to see if the replica he was building in Del Cenere would work just as well.

Fredrick Knight

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The light furred Marino man made his way through the Fort gates, giving a wave to the guard on duty. It had become a daily routine now that he was residing in Wolfville, and each run lead him back to the main area of Casa di Cavalieri.  It kept him in shape, and it was when he could get lost in his own thoughts, some serious, some more fun. Lucian smiled looking out into the bustling Fort, even in the winter, Cavaliers were as busy as ever. It was good to see after the Feast, things were starting to return to normal, whatever normal was to them. The groundskeepers had done a good job at keeping the paths around the shops and to and from the Courthouse and training rings cleared, but it still left plenty of snow for pups to play in, or even a big kid like himself.  Maybe after making the rounds to visit packmates, he'd shift down to lupus and go play with his newest brothers, as long as Miss Guin and Honrin were okay with it.

Calmly the officer made his way through the Fort, it was a beautiful day, and something about the cold temperatures woke something inside him, bringing happiness.  Most of the time nowadays, a smile was always found across his muzzle. It was going to be a good season, he could feel it, it had to be after all they had gone through the previous seasons.  Too much death and sickness had fallen across the pack, it was time for much more happier times.  And just maybe the fresh snow acted as a cleanser, being able to start anew.

Walking along the paths, Lucian was careful where he stepped, avoiding any patches of ice that would send him tumbling to the ground. A soft breeze blew bring the scent of something that didn't quite belong, but was welcomed nonetheless. The smell of an Ashen wafted through the air and curiosity got the better of him and he began to follow it, leading the officer to the training ring.  Soon enough he came upon coyjackal hybrid with a splotchy coat, and a gang member he didn't recognize from his time in the Ganglands. With a friendly smile he called out with a wave,

"Hey there!"

He did find it odd for the man to be without an escort, but he trusted there was a reason for this.

"Name's Lucian, if there is anything I can help you with, just let me know."

It was no secret that Cavalier was a fan of ranged weapons, most of his training involved his bow now that his First Blood was over, and he hoped to join the Brotherhood as a Master of Ranged Weapons.  Naturally his azure and marigold hues drifted towards an interesting kind of bow across the strangers back that piqued his curiosity.

"Pardon me being so nosey, but what kind of bow is that you have there?  I don't think I've seen anything like it."
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I want to believe - No, I choose to believe - That I was made to become - A sanctuary

OOC: Dated Early January - Word Count: 454

There wasn't much Freddy could do wrong when making a training ring; which was easily concluded by looking at the one the Cavaliers used and realising how similar they were. All in all, it was just a fenced circle with sand or dirt inside, as well as some posts for training dummies and places to store weapons. Freddy was on the right track with his design, but having discovered that so quickly, the El Diente was left just pacing around the ring and thinking back on memories of watching others use it to train. That kind of fight-is-life attitude wasn't around in Del Cenere, but Freddy didn't expect the Ashen to follow the same combat-heavy culture as Casa. The boy might still respect and reminisce on his old home, but he didn't intend on pushing for drastic changes in his current one. Just more focus on self-defence and an understanding of fighting. 

Perhaps more could be done though, as Freddy glanced across the quiet square, focusing on the plumes of smoke rising from one of the shops. The blacksmith, the forge, something Del Cenere didn't have. All their weapons were either by trade or made, and without a means of shaping metal, the Ashen had limited means of crafting. But a forge was not an easy thing to create; even if Freddy suggested the idea to Nazario, it would be a big ask to construct. Still, perhaps if Freddy got a chance to study the Casa one for a bit, he'd have some notes to take back with him. 

Lost in his thoughts, leaning against the fence of the training ring, Freddy's large ears swung around to the call of someone approaching. A tall Cavalier, though that was no surprise at this point, coming over to make sure Freddy was alright. And also probably checking in to why a Gang member was this deep in Casa, presumably without a guide, though surprisingly the large boy didn't mention it. 

Instead he introduced himself, prompting Freddy to think about where he'd heard the name before, until he was pushed passed those thoughts as Lucian took note of the crossbow. Freddy nodded, retrieving it from his back to show off. 

"A-a Crossbow." Freddy rasped. "H-heavy a...and s-slower th-than a bow... b-but very s-strong." And currently, provided Peony's didn't break suddenly, replicable. A potential trade idea in the future between Casa and Del Cenere. Freddy didn't think too much on it though. "F-Freddy... by th-the way. H... H-ere to visit. See o-old h...home." The El Diente announced, gesturing to himself. 

Fredrick Knight

I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.
Somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed.

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