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Their time spent inside the walls of Casa di Cavalieri had been sublime. From the hot meals served by courteous wolves, to the decorum that simply made the snow capped landscape breathtaking. Daphne was enamored bring the high walls and the many bricks they used, of course, the hut walls were just too boring for the likes of her. Peony had chuckled when her daughter proclaimed it. 

Now the Bella Dama sat in a small sturdy chair, and fixed her hair using a small, broken mirror she’d brought along. Lavender oil was used to slicker her wavy locks backwards, as she pinned it up with a pin. Her ears twitched then, and noticed a creaking of something

Daphne, where do you think you’re going?” Peony questioned her daughter, without even looking away from her task at hand. 

Daphne groaned and slammed the front door to their small hut, making Peony grit her teeth. “This ain’t your house, you will not slam doors.” 

Mom! I just wanted to go look at stuff—” 

Peony’s gaze flickered to her daughter in her mirror, narrowing a fraction, before she turned to face her. An arm hung loosely over her well-dressed knee. 

Stuff isn’t a proper word, be more— ahhh, expressive with your language.” Peony waved a hand in front of her face, as if to expand the etiquette to her daughter. 

Gahhhh! Fine, I want to go look at the walls. There happy?” 

Peony’s lilac orbs met her daughters and she looked her over with a chilled expression. Not hinting at the fact she wanted to ring her daughters neck for the attitude, or the fact that she was silently saying a prayer to God for all her sins. Daphne became motionless standing in the doorway, and then, she slouched. 

Fix your posture, come here and let me do your hair too, we will go out, but you will behave yourself. Do you understand me?” 

Daphne muttered under her breath, and a clawed finger found its way to her daughters chin, making their orbs meet. “What ever is the matter dearest? Do you wish not to be here, in this fabulous kingdom?” 

Daphne said nothing, her brows knitted together, before she shrugged. Peony carefully pulled her hair back from the ragged bun she had placed in her own hair, and gently turned her around. 

Even her dress wasn’t tied correctly. Peony fashioned her hands to quickly tie a perfect bow on her daughters back, and then did a quick braid of her hair. “Mi amora, is something the matter?” Pressing further, a hand found its way to her daughters back, giving a gentle pull into her arms. Breathing her scent in deeply, the woman couldn’t smell anything wrong with her. 

Are you going to try to betroth me momma? Is that your goal?” 

Peony paused, letting her hand drop, and then turned her daughter around to face her, as she stood. Their eyes were level, for once it would seem. 

If that is what you would like.” Careful of her explanation. There was no hesitation in her reply, to be quite Frank, Peony was hesitant about a betrothal, but figured if Daphne was okay with it, she would be too. Daphne seemed satisfied with it, and then leaned in real close to her mothers’ muzzle. 

I think there’s a lint on your shirt.” 

Lint? Goodness if there was, she may have a heart attack. Peony almost, almost looked down. Not giving her daughter the satisfaction, she pushed her away with a breathy laugh. Daphne coyly smiled before leaving the house, Peony paused on her trail and then glanced down at her pale blue shirt. There was nothing. That little shit.  

Straightening her blouse, pulling on her feet pelted jacket, and bringing her daughters with, the two of them exited their hut, trailed down the snow covered ground, and into Wolfville. 

Daphne, being a teenager, walked quicker than Peony, gazing at the different building and the different areas. A small smile was drawn onto the Dana’s face. 
Roza stretched her arms as she made her way out of the den her family shared. The sun blinded her for a brief moment, but it didn't linger for too long. That's just what happens when one lived in a sheltered cave, then stepped out into the light. She'd thought she would have been used to it by now, but the mornings always found a way to get to her. Maybe she should be taking it slow when she emerged. Well, regardless, she was much more aware now, and it made her just as keenly aware that most of her family was already gone.

Maybe she should work on getting up a little earlier as well. Well, something to work on then.

The large girl made her way from the densite, and the Fort altogether, wondering what she should do with her head. The idea to go looking for her siblings had crossed her mind, but they probably wouldn't want her hovering over them if they were working on training with their mentors. Ok... Besides, all of them were going to come home safe. There was no danger in, or around their territory right now... right?

She couldn't afford to just assume. One time was enough to damage her mind, and if it were to happen again... especially to Kazimir or Alyonna...

She shook the thoughts from her head. No. She just had to keep telling herself they would be safe. So too would her other sister. So would everyone else.

The Hushhowl found she had started wandering around the shores that bordered their territory. The snow even reached this far, though the water itself seemed free of the chill, save for what she was sure was a very cold temperature. Her dual colored eyes peered out over the small crashing waves as she walked. Maybe instead of just wandering she should also be looking for Starlight. She had just as much to learn as everyone else... or maybe even doing some training on her own. That was sure to impress the dark woman too.

It's not like she needed someone's tangible permission to do that sort of thing. They were all warriors in one way or another.

Or hell, even someone else of her age. That would work just as well.

It was like there were too many priorities trying to fight to get to the front, which just left her thinking rather than doing.

When Roza's head moved back up, she came to find she had wandered all the way to Wolfville. Well, it wasn't where she intended to go, but now that she was here, she might as well see around this place. Having spent so much time around the Fort, it was a nice change of pace to be somewhere else. Maybe there was someone else here whom might be able to do something with her. There was no way to predict where every member of Casa would be at any given time anyways.

She blinked when she saw two people in the distance... two people she didn't recognize. The whole of Casa had gathered together on many occasions, and these two were never present. One of them even looked to be around her own age. That made her very curious. She padded over to the two, one arm moving in the air to wave at them, "Hello. I don't think I've ever seen you two around Casa before. Are you new?"
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Roza Hushhowl

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Daphne hesitated in her steps, pausing only slightly to address this stranger with intrigued eyes.

Peony on the other hand, spun and faced Roza with a gentle smile on neutral features. She spoke as though she was a high ranking members daughter, as if her presence mattered. This, Peony reciprocated the actions— feelings rather— and straightened a blouse, before cantering the pale cranium, glancing the girl up and down. This female and Daphne looked around the same age, perhaps it was a newer generation of someone in relation to the Knight. Far and few between seemed to be not related it would appear, upon her knowledge that was, anyways.

Or maybe they were all related and mixing their relations like a giant worm hole. Smiling the thought away, Peoky directed her attentions to the girl.

We are from Del Cenere Gang, I am Peony Braithwaite—” a hand gestures to just above her heart and then extended flatly towards Daphne who crept closer, yet. “This is my daughter, Daphne Braithwaite.

Hi! Ohhhhh mygosh. I loveee your hair!” It was gushed out, and given a solid amount of time to admire it before her orbs were brought to the femme’s eyes. How interesting they also were multi-colored like Zanthe’s. “Hey, do all of your family members have multi-colored eyes?

Peony took a step back a bit, and then gave both the females a once over. “Would we be allowed a personalized tour at all?” She inquired; if anything Peony could walk with the girls as a chaperone as they discussed things. Daphne was already fostering healthy relationships with those here, hopefully it would last even longer. After all the ideas Peony and Aldora seemed to come up with.
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Del Cenere Gang.

It was a new name, one she didn't recall knowing. She tried to think back to times with her mother and father, seeing if the name came up in anything the parents taught their newest litter of children. Still she came up with nothing. They must have been important if Casa was willing to let them stay here, and at least trustworthy enough to be here without someone having their eyes on them. She did remember the laws her father told her about when they were on the borders.

If she had any say, there should have been at least someone her aside from her to make sure they weren't trying anything. Especially with the poisoning incident.

Taking her mind off that, she returned her undivided attention to the two females, "Huh, I don't think I've ever heard of that place. Is it another place like Casa? What is it like?" There's no way it could be the same. After all, they were loyal knights, not really a... gang. What else might there have been?

Eyes went a little wide at the compliment, a couple fingers moving up to twirl with some of the shorten ends of her hair. No one else in the pack said something like that, at least no one outside of her family. Zanthe would probably be the closest she could think of, but he seemed to be the kind of person to make himself look better to others than say something like that, at least if her one interaction with him was anything to go off of.

When the question about her eyes came up, she tilted her head up a bit so she could think. It was harder to say for some of those in her family, but she at least knew when it came to those of her littermates, "I don't think any of my older siblings do. I know that my sister does, and so does Papa." Her fingers came back down, pointing at her eyes, "They're like mine, but the colors are switched."

Roza blinked a couple times at the request. Well... so long as they were with her, there was technically someone watching over them. It wouldn't be breaking any laws. She gave a small shrug of her shoulder, "I mean, I probably could, but I should warn you. There are a lot of places in Casa that even I don't know about. Kind of kept to our family dens until recently. But I could show you the places I do know. I like the places with water."
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Roza Hushhowl

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It didn’t strike her as odd seeing the two females interact, but what was odd, was the way the foreign femme had looked surprised at the compliment. What was even more surprising, yet, was the way that Roza explained that they lived in dens.

It drew a small smile from Peony’s muzzle. “I absolutely adore Casa, the Ashen, what we call ourselves, is much like here except we have no Knight expertise, as the Cavaliers do.” Daphne cantered her head towards her mother, actually listening. Peony smiled at both the girls as she walked on, giving a little explanation of their pack and the deals and ongoings behind it. “We focus on our horsemanship.” Simply put anyways, the Ganglands weren’t as extravagant as focusing On only fighting, and Knight’s, but more or less they focused on everything. Which made them an interesting caboodle of characters.

Daphne piped up then; “We also have the Lancaster Stockshow! It’s soooo cool.

Peony wasn’t going to say much about it but she suggested that the children could discuss things at their leisure.

Momma and me and my sister all have purple eyes, it’s like, a Braithwaite thing. My daddy has brown eyes, but I guess they’re not dominant traits or something, right momma?

Peony nodded her head and chuckled, teenagers were interesting.

That’s alright, dear, and I am sure the places with water would be lovely. Most of the rivers started freezing in the Ganglands.” Peony quipped, but then turned to allow Roza the go ahead, and would silently follow.
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Horsemanship huh? Well that seemed like a rather interesting aspect to focus on. With her information of other places being so limited, it made sense that somewhere else might be better at certain aspects of life than the people of Casa. Perhaps that just meant the two packs worked well together for other opportunities. There were surely knights here that would want to partake in mounted combat.

Her attention drifted to the younger female when she interjected, "The Lancaster Stockshow? What is that? It sounds like a gathering of some kind, but what kind." She could fathom a guess since 'stock' was in the name, but one could never be too sure.

Daphne didn't waste much time, seeming to go to another topic of their conversation. Her eyes were very nice to look at, and it was easy to see the connection she had with her own mother. It made her think of her own family... well, most of them. There was no denying she had a stronger bond with her littermates than her other siblings. Maybe she should work on that when she wasn't in training. The smile along her muzzle grew, "Most of us get our eyes from our Papa. Actually you know, now that I think about it, Mama's eyes are two different colors too. She has one blue and one yellow. I don't think anyone in our family has gotten yellow eyes like her. I'd have to check."

Roza was quick to turn on her heels, a new sense of purpose and excitement moving through her at the chance of being able to show both of them places around the packlands. Even better, there was no objection to showing them areas around the water. It was a good thing more parts along the water's edge were out in open. She wouldn't want to take them to a saturnine location.

The girl turned her head over her shoulder, "Follow me then. I wasn't sure what you have already seen, but there's a waterfront near here we can follow for a while. There's another place near the borders I can show you to, but we'll cut to there a bit later." She gave a pause as a realization came to mind, "Oh gosh! I haven't even told you guys my name yet have I? Sorry about that. I'm Roza Hushhowl."
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Roza Hushhowl

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