Coloring help!
Hello! I need help with coloring these pixels (Lupus, Secui, (Optime [possibly with longer ears & bushier tail]) for my girl, Anactoria. And possibly one of the Kiritars? I struggle with Anactoria's design and would be eternally grateful to anyone who helps me spice up her page <3
Hey! I needed something simple like this to warm up for commissions, so I thought I'd do this! I have only the Lupus pixel right now, but will edit in the others if I manage them. Here you go!

[Image: anactoria_lupus.png]
[Image: randum_fursona_2.png]
Viktory System
Hey there, we are the Viktory System! We are a system. That is to say, we are many people that live in one physical body. Just think of us as a team collaborating to write. Below are some links where you can find more information about plurality and systems like us if you're curious.

We use wulf/wulfs/wulfself pronouns as well as he/him, both individually and collectively. 

What is plurality?Plural jumpstartQuestioning?

[Image: he_him_by_agent_pits-d88i5w6.png]
[Image: uHGBiGF.png] [Image: Xz5AJWt.png] [Image: geXceWY.png] [Image: transgender_by_agent_pits-d88d990.png]
(Art is by me)

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