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Caballista I Wrote:A healthy horse is a happy horse! Check over the communal horsestock for any evidence of lameness, dental concerns, signs of colic, or anything else that could be ailing them and treat accordingly. Don’t hesitate to use the help of a Barber or a Pulgar Verde if warranted! (467/1000)

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Colter entered the stables and stood in the entrance with his hands planted firmly on his hips, breathing in the scents of the animals and hay in the barn. He exhaled slowly, smiling to himself, and stepped further inside. First, he went to the stall holding his dear Miss and unlatched the door for her, laughing quietly as the mare nickered and pushed her velvety nose into the crook of his neck. "Howdy, Missy," he whispered back, gentle, giving her a rub down her snout. "Missed ya. Ready to get to work?" Her ears flicked forward at the word "work" and Colt saw a spark of mischief reach her brown eyes. She nodded once, then shook out her mane with a soft snort; he'd have to keep an eye on her today, it seemed. Giving her another pat on the neck, he allowed her to step out of her stall and out of the stables, heading for the paddock. He trusted her to not run away...at least for now.

"Alrighty...let's see," he muttered to himself, wandering over to the small storage room for supplies. Brush, hoof pick, treats...Check, check, and check. Today, Colter decided to check the young horses to make sure they were all in good shape. Bundling his supplies up in his arms, he padded over to the stall holding Ouray and Peta. The champagne foals nickered as he approached, and Ouray stuck his nose over the door to give Colter a sniff. "Hey there, buddy, you wanna go first?" he asked, opening up the stall enough to allow Ouray to pass through. Peta looked up at him with big eyes, and he canted his head, sighing with a smile. "Aw, don't you look at me like that, Miss Peta...Alright, you can come out too. Y'all will be out in the paddock with Little Miss, alright?" Peta seemed to brighten up, and Colter lead both young horses out into the paddock by their leads where Little Miss was waiting.

"Missy!" he called, closing the gate to the paddock behind him as the foals trotted in. "Keep an eye on Miss Peta, alright? I gotta tend to her brother." Turning to Ouray, he stared the colt down, a playful grin on his maw. Ouray stared right back, flicking his tail expectantly. Colter clicked his tongue, approaching the colt slowly as to not spook him. "Lemme see ya walk, Our, now git!" he barked, although not aggressively, and Ouray took off in a canter around the space. Colt hung back and watched, making sure his gait was smooth, with no abnormalities in his legs or hooves. He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, relaxed now; any number of pack members could sneak up on him if they wanted.

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[DCG] Occupations — Caballista Wrote:A healthy horse is a happy horse! Check over the communal horsestock for any evidence of lameness, dental concerns, signs of colic, or anything else that could be ailing them and treat accordingly. Don’t hesitate to use the help of a Barber or a Pulgar Verde if warranted!
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As the weeks drew by, Kubota found that it was easy to run out of things to do when his list of responsibilities were so few. The cattle didn’t need a lot of attention now that they’d grown comfortable with the fenced in pasture they’d been allotted. Their stalls could only get so clean, and it wasn’t like they had any great shortage of food for them. The same could be said for his mare, Bluegrass. After all of the initial settling in had been done, and figuring out where the Gang kept what where, the daily chores for the animals could be finished sometimes within an hour, maybe even two or three, if he worked slow enough.

So, perhaps it was natural that Kubota began to familiarize himself with the other animals housed in the Stockyard. He didn’t know much about sheep, goats, or pigs other than that they made for warm, wool clothing and good eating. He did know, however, about cattle and horses. The one lonely, pregnant cow was easy enough to figure out and get along with. The horses, though, were still a work in progress, if only because, naturally, they were more complex than cattle were.

There weren’t many communal ones housed in the Stockyard stables. A vast majority of them were weaned foals that had been separated from their mothers. The babies were funny, and their personalities had certainly started to show. Amusing as they were though, Kubota found himself more drawn to the adult horses and tending to their care.

He’d taken out the bay roan, Maricopa, to give the mare some exercise before he’d worked on the trust exercises his father had taught him as a pup. In the weeks that’d gone by, he’d been able to get her to lift her feet up for him without being wary or hesitant about it anymore. It was an important trust to gain, particularly with how large and heavy the beasts could get. A horse willingly giving and holding up their leg so that their hooves could be cleaned and looked at was much safer than trying to fight the animal or worry about being stepped on and breaking toes.

With another successful bonding experience accomplished, Kubota had been leading the mare by her reins back to her stable when he noticed a coyote standing out in one of the paddocks. He had a mare out with him, as well as two of the communal foals. Curious, the Unkindled hybrid drew closer. The male wasn’t someone he recognized, though, he did have quite a few similarities to Peony with his silver and soft-sand colored hues.

Still holding onto Maricopa’s reins and standing on the opposite side of the paddock’s fence, Kubota greeted the other Ashen member. “Lettin’ ‘em run off some energy?” He asked out loud in a friendly and conversational tone. It seemed a bit strange to stand back and watch the little horses run around, but, maybe it amused the other Del Ceneren.

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Colter just managed to scent the presence of another man before Kubota spoke, so he didn't entirely jump out of his skin. The tone of voice was friendly, so Colt turned over one shoulder with a smile, tilting his head to one side with a wave in greeting. He didn't recognize this man; definitely another pack member. Not an outsider...he hoped.

"Nah!" he answered, walking over to meet the hybrid and say hello to Maricopa. "I'm checkin' to make sure he ain't limpin' or anything. 'Fraid he doesn't quite trust me just yet to show me his feet on his own. But I'm sure we'll get there." Colt looked over his shoulder at Ouray, who had stopped his canter to stare at the two Luperci curiously. Shrugging, the coyote stuffed his hands into the pockets of his trousers and looked back up at the man before him. He ran his gaze up and down the other briefly, curious and casual.

After a moment, he wuffed, "Don't reckon we've met before. I'm Colter, ya prob'ly know my older sister Peony. An' yerself? I see you've got Maricopa out, you come out here to check the horses with me?" A flash of teeth in a friendly grin. He didn't mind company, as long as that company behaved themselves. No funny business allowed. Blinking, he flicked an ear in Little Miss' direction and nodded towards the bay roan. She was already meandering over to investigate who this stranger was. "That there's Little Miss, she's mine. She's helpin' me keep these foals in line. 'Least, that was the plan, anyway." Little Miss stuck her nose by Colter's shoulder and breathed hot air into his face, then nibbled at his hair as the coyote chuckled.
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So, from the sound of it, the other man was checking on the health of the young colt it seemed. It was an interesting bit of information to learn, and only went to further prove that Kubota had made the right choice with suggesting that he and Wesson stay with the Gang for the winter season. The Ashen and the folk they drew in all had a like sort of mindset and compassion for things, it seemed. It made the place feel more like home than any of the other cities or towns they’d gone through in their journeys.

Kubota chuckled at the other man’s lament regarding the colt and being unable to be more hands on with him just yet. “Foals are skittish things,” he said in way that indicated that he had experienced much of the same problem.

His turquoise eyes shifted as Ouray moved about, searching, too, for anything that might have been worth taking a second glance over. Horses took years before they were ready to be saddled or put to legitimate work. If a foal had a problem, it was best to catch it early rather than to realize too late. A weird gait, a twist in one’s foot, they could cause undesirable issues down the line and waste years of work. That was not to mention, either, that, if the animal was suffering, it was cruel to make them wait longer that necessary. There were other things to consider too though, particularly with that breeding program that he’d heard whispers about. If the Gang wanted a standard, they needed to be wary of good traits and cull the bad ones.

It was easier to castrate when they were still young like the one before him too.

The colt looked good though. Its walk looked fine, how it held itself looked fine. It pranced and danced on its spindly, too-large legs. It was curious, young, and wary as coals typically were. It was too soon to tell what temperament it might have or what talents it might grow to excel in, but, at the very least, the little thing looked healthy.

Kubota turned his gaze back to the other Ashen member. “Even when they trust ya’ though, half of the time, they just wanna play anyways.” He grinned with a teeth-filled smirk as the male walked over to where he and Maricopa stood on the fence line.

An introduction was made, and it was apparent that Kubota had been spot-on with recognizing the family resemblance between this Colter fellow and Peony. “Pleasure, Colter. Name’s Kubota Mossberg,” he replied. “I was givin’ Maricopa here some time to stretch her legs and get some fresh air before working on some trust exercises with her. Gotta do my part somewhere around here, best it be in somethin’ I actually got a talent for.” He laughed.

Colter introduced him to his own steed, and Kubota shifted his eyes to the mare that stood with the young filly, Peta. “A roan,” he hummed, nodding his head approvingly as he looked the horse over. “Don’t see a lot of them around where I’m from. She’s a pretty lady.” When the mare showed her rider affection, Kubota smirked. “And looks to be quite takin’ with ya’ too. I’m sure she wouldn’t let them foals boss ya’ around too much.”

He winked and laughed.

Returning to their actual goals there that day though, Kubota asked, nodding towards the filly, “I think the colt’s as healthy as healthy can get. Have you had her strut for ya’ yet?”

Kubota Mossberg
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Colt nodded, idly watching the colt before him. The foal snorted at him and flicked his tail, looking playful. "True, that's the difference 'tween us meat-eaters an' them plant-eaters. Them prey animals are so skittish, an' for a right good reason." The two men stood in silence for a moment, and Colter leaned up against the fence that bordered the pasture, making sure to keep the other in his field of vision. He didn't trust him yet, and anything could happen. He could plunge a knife right into Colter's back, spilling his blood all over the freshly fallen snow--

"Even when they trust ya though, half of the time, they just wanna play anyways." Colter blinked, flinching, and immediately hoped the other man hadn't noticed. "Yup, they do indeed..." he replied, raising a hand to scratch at the back of his neck where the nervous tingle was. Ah, so this guy's name was Kubota. Interesting name. "Nice t'meetcha, Kubota. Howdy, Maricopa." Colt offered them both a friendly smile, pushing away his intrusive thoughts. "Reckon that's a good idea, good on ya! You're new 'round here, right? So am I, although I got some connections in the Gang already," he quipped, chuckling.

Kubota complimented his precious mare, and he felt his chest swell with pride. She was beautiful, wasn't she! Colter raised a hand to pat the horse's nose and she responded by taking a light nibble to his ear. "Shhh, not so loud! She might hear ya and get a big head." He flashed a grin at his new acquaintance. Kubota mentioned the filly, and he shook his head. He hadn't watched her too closely yet, he...admittedly had gotten a bit distracted.

"Nah, not yet. Reckon I should get goin' on that." He shrugged, then pushed gently past Miss and padded towards Peta. She stared at him, and he stared back for a moment before yipping at her in his shrill coyote voice, sending the filly cantering away.
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“My friend and I arrived in town just before the first snow,” Kubota confirmed with a nod. Unlike the Braithwaite though, they hadn’t had any Gang connections prior to their joining, and had stumbled across the coyote-run town thanks to a chance encounter with one of its members. The pair’s unsureness of whether to make the Gang their new home or not had meant that he and Wesson had taken their time slowly warming up to both the new area, as well as the people. So, while they weren’t fresh meat—so to say—anymore, it wouldn’t have been wrong to refer to them as being “new” still either.

Colter seemed to take pride in the compliment to his horse, and, upon seeing the mare’s reaction to his affection, Kubota felt himself grinning, too, at the sight of their interaction with one another. A bond between a horse and their rider was special, and the sight of a good one always a welcome sight. Most Luperci just saw them as labor or transport animals, after all, rather than actual companions.

Their attention shifted to the filly that had yet to be examined amongst the communal foals. A sharp, canine command got the little thing moving, and Kubota watched as she ran about the pen. Her gait looked good, and he didn’t see anything abnormal in how she moved or stepped. Peta’s coat, mane, and tail, from what he could see when she finally slowed down a short distance away, looked just as healthy as Ouray’s had. She seemed alert and energetic, just as any foal should be.

“Looks like another good one to me. What about you?” Kubota asked, glancing back at Colter.

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