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Aani was a loner, had been for several days now, almost a week? Her body was shivering from not only the cold but from the countless rivers she trekked through. It was a long way, for her at least, to leave no trail of herself or her scent. Disappearing into the dead of night, and never looking back again. 

A budding likeness to the truths, shook her to her core. Catalina was alive, Azalea and Arius knew, and she had ran, like a coward. Why? Because she didn’t want to face them, she didn’t want to lead this life of pure mortified horror. Yet, some part of her wished she hadn’t done these things. Perhaps only for self preservation, and for the fact that she couldn’t stand the knowledge that others’ knew, what she truly was. Carya… she’d killed her, kidnapped her younger sister. No, that wasn’t her! That was someone else entirely. 

Some part of her felt insane, but yet, with cold feet, a mangy and scraggly looking dress, and an old cloak wrapped tightly around her shoulders, the timid— and suddenly starving— woman had found the borders of which she originally came. 

Bete Noire. 

The lands of those who needed salvation and comfort. Kind to her and her mother as a child, before Carya moved on, or rather Aani did. But who would actually admit that? Was siera still here? Maybe… maybe she could start a new life… 

A short thought followed by an even shorter call; it was for Nyx. There was no urgency to it, but she waxed into their territory, following her nostrils for some of Manitou’s stew. Oh, how she wished to eat. Oh, how she needed a warm bed to sleep in. Nyx would help her. Aani was in trouble! None of this was her fault, no, none of it! 

Things had largely been quiet for the most part for a long time in Bête Noire's recent history. The members that graced their family now had largely been consistent for many moons. Sure, there had been some faces that had come and gone, but it was up to each individual in their own turn to find out where it was that they belonged, and where they wanted to be. Nyx had found that for herself here, and there were other's who hadn't. She wished each of them the best, sometimes she wondered about them in the quiet moments when she was allowed to simply exist with her thoughts, but these moments were fleeting when the weight of ensuring the future of the band was felt so heavily upon her shoulders.

Still, life here wasn't all so serious or harsh, nearly every day was calm and pleasant, there was joy to be had in the faces she saw every day, and occasionally Nyx got the opportunity to really help someone in need, and it was in these moments that Nyx truly felt she was living up to her purpose. At the moment though, the pale furred matriarch sat quietly in the rest stop, nursing a cup of tea as her eldest sons worked to clear off some tables and clean the cutlery left behind by hungry patrons of the eatery, most of the foot traffic having died down for the time being and a sort of peaceful contentment falling over her and the rest of the makeshift family that they had all become over time. 

The quiet lasted until a soft call came, a voice that Nyx found familiar and yet not terribly so. The owner of the voice wasn't immediate to come to mind, but nonetheless, Nyx heeded the call. She stood and walked out of the restaurant, wondering who it could be. Most of the regulars to the establishment no longer felt the need to announce their presence or be met outside of the clearing, they usually walked right in and made themselves at home as Nyx insisted that everyone was welcome if they were a friendly face or in need of help. When the matriarch of the band finally did happen upon the person who had summoned her, her eyes widened slightly as recognition hit her and memories tumbled in that perhaps would have best been left forgotten, but none of those were the fault of the girl who stood there.

"I-It's been so long... W-welcome back." Nyx spoke softly, her voice wavering slightly before evening out, her hesitation barely noticeable to the outside. "You look tired, come in, please. L-let's get you something to eat?" Nyx offered. She really wanted to ask the obvious questions. Why did she come back? Where was Carya? What had happened to her since then? Why did she look so cold and half starved? But perhaps, these questions were best left for later, or potentially even not at all.

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The lands, previously forbidden, had been tracked into. Her scent was mixed with that of a loner one, leaving her no alliance to where she’d once come from. To what she ran from.

There was regret in her mind, from knowing that Carya was murdered, by herself nonetheless, that the Loner was now back into familiar childhood territory. Bete Noire. It was a group led by her mother’s’ friend, and by her family was the majority here in this area. There were new things blossoming in her chest. Desperation? Temptation? Aani needed a solace, needed to have somewhere with those she could trust.

When Nyx approached them, the woman’s salmon gaze flickered over her. The scars were still as she remembered, her height too, if not somewhat shorter. And those eyes, ever kind, and Aani loathed her instantly. Yet, she didn’t let it show, didn’t let the facade she presented fall away. A flinch at the sudden intrusion by Nyx, Aani folded in now, the ragged dress and gently worn cloak squeezed close to her body by those yellowing fingernails. “Nyx…” Aani didn’t realize how much she had actually missed the familiarity. The closeness and memories that flooded then, floored her.

Tears sprang to her eyes, the sob that threatened to escape was there in her crackling voice. “Thank you…

Once they entered the inside of the building her mind worked on a solution, on a sob story, on something to make her able to be trusted. No one knew, no one here knew. Once she was lead to a seat, the woman made haste whenever there was a stew produced to her. It would fill her up, but she wouldn’t eat it right away. Instead, she would look at her hands, and then begin the web of lies she told ever so well.

I— Nyx… I need help…
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Amethyst eyes took in the sight of her there, the beautiful girl that Nyx had known looked so broken now, Nyx wanted desperately to know what had happened, to know how she could help things to be better for her, but that would all come with time, she thought, right now she needed to take care of Aani and get her inside out of the cold, where they could talk more comfortably by the warmth of the hearth that warmed the place. The cracking of Aani's voice was not Lost on Nyx, and she wanted to put an arm around her, to guide her, but she didn't know if she could, or rather, if she should.

A hand was offered nonetheless, and whether Aani chose to take it, or let it simply be a guide to follow Nyx, the older female lead the way and held the thick drape that covered the doorway aside for the young woman to pass through unhindered. The inside of the building was warm and dimly lit by the fire and a few candles that sat on the round tables in the center of the room. The air was heavy with comforting scents that had long since begun to smell like home to the Greyfire matriarch.

Nyx lead the girl who seemed so meek and frail right now over to one of the long tables that stood against the wall, offering her the bench that sat in the most relatively secluded corner of the establishment, closest to the entryway to the kitchens, and Nyx motioned with a jerk of her head towards Uriah to get Aani something to eat and something to warm herself. The stew was offered to the girl, and Nyx sat beside her, watching with a caring and concerned gaze as she didn't begin to eat but instead sat there looking at her own hands.

The words that came out of her mouth were already enough in themselves to ignite the older warrior's maternal instincts and desire to protect those who were young enough to be her children. Perhaps the instinct was a fatal flaw in Nyx, as she could so easily be won over, but it was likely something that would never change about her. "What can I do?" She asked, a hand going on the table close to Aani's own. "A-anything in my power, w-whatever you need, j-just tell me what happened." She asked of the other earnestly.

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Nyx had first offered the skinny little female a hand, and while Aani wasn’t sure if she should truly accept it, Aani finally did. Being lead in through the large, thick blanket that hid back the kitchen and seat of the Reststop, she remembered the childhood memories.

Carya had brought her here, and she developed a different kind of sensation, a different kind of vulnerability she didn’t have this time around. Aani had become broken, bent into something evil and something else— yet, what she showed the world (To Nyx) was the shy, feverish child with a wobbling lip and a broken past.

The waterworks had worked, it would seem. Her hands folded around the bowl as she glanced up towards Nyx. What a kindred soul, caring for others just like herself, and the web of lies spilled off her tongue without hesitance. Well, okay maybe just a little bit.

W—” it was spoken at the beginning, her lip wobbling again as she grasped Nyx’s hand that was near her now. Poor me, poor me!Th-they killed her! I— momma, she—” she paused glancing into her lap at her one hand then at Nyx and her’s hands. I killed her! They didn’t, you foolish old woman. My plan is going perfectly. Aani’s free hand wiped her nostrils and her eyes. “I need to hid—hide… I didn’t know w-who else to go-go to…

Now she was sobbing, the shoulders shook as she explained her situation, leaving out details that didn’t even matter. She was being hunted, but she didn’t say by who, she didn’t say what she had done, oh, no, no, this was all their fault! Nyx would help her, wouldn’t she. “P-please…” she begged.

Maybe… maybe” instead her wobbling lip and more tears, “Maybe we c-can say I stay-stayed for a day? I-I don’t know wha-what to do… they’re hunting-hunting me… shoul-should I leave? Oh, I didn’t mean for this to happen!” More tears, her voice was frantic now, and she glanced around paranoid, eyes filled with more tears.
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