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P. Cedric | January 8th.
As it would turn out, Daphne was adamant about staying inside today. She “just wanted to sleep”.

It was typical for a growing teen, and as soon as their venture with Aldora had ended, Peony couldn’t be happier that Daphne seemed to want to be lazy. Sometimes, she needed a moment in time where her better judgment wasn’t lapsed due to the shenanigans from her only teenage child. Tansy would soon join her on voyages as well, permitted Hosea was okay with it and all, which she assumed he would be. 

Maybe there should have been a question to whether he was or not, but she didn’t bother to focus on the semantics for right now. Tasked with getting prepped for the day, Peony applied the same lavender balm she always did, to her hair. Letting the long blonde waves fall to her back she brushed it out with a bone comb, twirled and twisted it until it shaped perfectly on the back of her head, and then ran a hand over the top, making sure there were no hairs out of place. One, tiny hair on her forehead, which wouldn’t lay down nor go away, was grasped between forefinger and thumb, and yanked out. 

There, perfect. 

This time she produced her off cream shirt, and dressed it up with a sort of “shirt-vest”, made from leather. It laced just under her bosom and gave her a proper stature when fully tightened around the shoulders. 

Her belly-button high pants, a dark olive coloration, was paired perfectly with everything. Next, her deer cloak, and a broach given to her from her grandmother Meredith. It was placed neatly, and redone three times, before it was accepted as straight upon the left side of her shirt. 

Two pallid feet lead her out of the little home they stayed in, and her mission today was to head to the Five Shields Pub, and have a look-see what all the commotion seemed to be about. 

She passed by the courthouse, which was interesting for a name, and spied a few youth members training, to which she was curious about; but decided against bothering them. They were twice her size— hell, everyone was except for Freddy— and upon her gentle parade down the streets, she was finally arriving at the Five Shields, once again. This time though, it wasn’t accompanied by Veyron, it was by herself with a task of seeking out others and making many memorable acquaintances. 

When the large, and somehow heavier door, was opened by the dainty little coyote, her entrance— and all the eyes that suddenly found her— was met by a brief moment of silence. Others’ who had turned around began to chat again, and Peony found herself breathing a small sigh of relief. That was until she walked up to the barstool that was nearly only five inches shorter than she actually stood. With a bit of gusto the woman forced her way upon the barstool and watched as a… Peony blinked. My it was another Coyote! And he was dressed to impress which made Peony grin from ear to ear, he approached, a smile easily trained on his face. 

Well hello there lil lady!” 

It was met with a half-faltered smile, but Peony straightened her shoulders back anyways and gave her “best-in-show” smike, removing her cloak and setting it behind her on the back of the wooden chair. 

Well hello to you too, I was hoping I might be able to get some ale and a meal? Perhaps something lighter?” She questioned at first when he opened his mouth to speak, she spoke instead, fixing her purple gaze onto him. “Rabbit or fowl, I’m watching my figure.” Did she just make a joke? 

There was a sparkle to his yellowed eyes, and he immediately replied with; “Why, certainly! And who do I have the pleasure of serving today?” 

Peony Braithwaite senior, Bella Dama of Del Cenere Gang.” It was given with a pride to her words, and a quirky small twinge of her lips. 

I thought you smelled rather interesting!” Pardon? Did she stink? “One ale coming right up, and a rabbit for the fine lady!”

What an oddity to find among wolves, but it made her a tiny bit more comfortable as she walked among giants. Hopefully she may run into someone she knew soon. But as she waited for the ale, she glanced around the bar, amazed at how different it was from the Ganglands. She would have to visit more often, but perhaps more in the summer time than not. 
Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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Living and working within Fort Kingsbury often made Cedric feel like he never left the walls, so stuck with chores and things to do as Lune. So spending more time with Kai at her home here in Wolfville opened things up a bit more for Cedric; a chance to enjoy the sight of the town coming to life and seeing how much use it got now. The change was also exciting, being with Kai felt like a fresh step in Cedric's life, and a reminder that the man wasn't so young to have his love for her feel like something childish. No, it was very real, and mature enough for them both to want to move swiftly into a family. Almost dying would make Cedric appreciate taking things quickly, with life reminding him how fleeting it could be. 

Many in Casa knew of Cedric and Kai now, if it wasn't obvious by the Lune staying in her home most nights and smelling of her much more, and rumours were of course already spreading about them. Relief mostly it seemed; as many fear Cedric would be spending his whole life alone, given he'd only ever been in one relationship that had ended in disappearance and tragedy. So Cedric was happy to share news, and was currently aiming to go to Darius to ask about some things. 

Family... was on his mind, as it was for Kai. As a means of cementing things between them and also to make steps in their desire for a full family, Cedric was already thinking of plans on how it would work. He would move in with Kai more officially, provided Aldora felt it would work for the Lune to live outside of the Fort, then organise things for potential children. His reason for wanting to see Darius was to ask about what kind of materials they had or what made good bed covering, perhaps to also just see the coyote man for a bit of company as well. 

Five Shields was busy enough, though went silent as the Lune entered; given his sighting wasn't exactly common in this building. Before Cedric could go to Darius, he spotted Peony making herself comfortable by the bar, realising he'd not spoken much with her given she'd arrived here with Freddy. "Peony," Cedric began, approaching and bowing his head, "How has Casa been for you so far?"

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No sooner did she arrive at the Five Shields did she recognize one of the patrons. It was Cedric Stryder, another leader to Casa, and she supposed it was only befitting that the two Leaders met. Although, her recent leadership was probably unknown to him. In due time, she thought.

He bowed his head, and she returned it with an equal one as well. It was more of a half-body bow, from where she was seated. Pale eyes met with his firey orange ones, a small smile found its way onto her features. “Quite well, Lune Cedric, my daughter enjoys the brickwork of Casa.” A small jest, as her own little snicker fell from her mouth. Would that be too much? Or not enough joking power? A dainty hand waved to the chair beside her, maybe if he was sitting she wouldn’t have to crane her neck so far back to look into his eyes.

It was true that everything was bigger here in Casa. The ale was brought to her then, and she turned to offer a gentle “Thank you.” Before the bar-keep turned to Cedric. Peony thought he might speak some more, but soon, her eyes found themselves trailing to Cedric again, and admiring his large frame, then his fur cloak. Their clothes here were quite extraordinary. And she would be lying if she didn’t say as such.

Tell me, Cedric, where might I find me a fancy dress and a cloak like the ones y’all have?” Unbeknownst to her, Darius still lingered, and his booming voice made her startle, the drink sloshing from where it was raised to her lips, and falling onto her bosom.

Why! I’m a tailor!

Peony’s orbs almost narrowed, but she simply produced a rag from her small hip satchel and dabbed at the mess upon her pretty, cream blouse. “Is that so?

A different emotion held her orbs as she turned them to Cedric, it wasn’t meant to be rude, but she had meant to only ask Cedric. Leader to leader type things, but the other Coyote man seemed to linger far longer than she’d have liked in the background.
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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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Seeing Peony back in Casa was something of a delight. Last time she was here, Wolfville was just barely off the ground; the Waterfront Village mostly just measured spaces and piled logs and the town itself needing a clear up. But now she got to see it complete, coming alive, hopefully encouraged to see another pack open part of their borders for guests just like her own. Besides all of that, Cedric also recognised the woman as a friend of Freddy's, a detail a bit more personal to Cedric. She probably knew the young man better than him at this point, rightly so given Freddy had spent more of his life with the Ashen now then he had with Cavaliers. 

It still hurt to think of what life Cedric could've had with his adopted son, if the world hadn't tried to swallow poor Freddy whole, but the Lune was beyond grateful that despite it all the boy was now a strong young man with a title and purpose. 

Chuckling as he sat down, Cedric placed his hands in front of himself in a relaxed fold and nodded. "Well we have a lot of brick and wood, plenty of buildings to see. You can both come see Fort Kingsbury at some point, the heart of Casa, and see plenty more stonework there." Cedric commented back in a jovial manner, only holding seriousness to his claim of permitting them further into the Cavalier lands. 

When Darius came over with a drink, Cedric had his own order ready before Peony spoke again, prompting a response from the tailor that seemed to startle the coyote woman. Darius to his credit looked a little embarassed, but Cedric gave him a reassuring look. "Indeed, Darius is one of the best, he has made almost everything we wear around here. Our purple cloaks are his speciality." Cedric commented, getting a small smile from Darius. The Lune cleared his throat and tapped his packmate's shoulder. "I'll have the usual Darius, nothing too strong." Darius nodded and backed out of the situation, leaving Cedric to offer Peony a smile. 

"I would ask you how things are fairing in Del Cenere but I know Aldora will want to know even more given her relationship to you pack. So if I could... may I ask a bit about Freddy?" Cedric began, his deep voice lowering a little in volume. "Nothing too secret but... I would just like to know how he is doing, is he coping with the new responsibilities?"

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With pleasantries out of the way, and the information acquired, Peony looked left, towards the barkeep, then right towards the Lune. She would be denying the fact that the over-imposing giant wasn’t attractive, and instead simply smiled, accepted the drink and then resumed their conversations.

A chuckle was offered to him indulging her with. “That sounds wonderful, I am sure Daphne would be happy to see all them.” But that wasn’t their topic of current conversation, and that wasn’t the purpose was it?

I will have to get with you to make me a ravishing dress then, Mister Darius. Perhaps even one of those cloaks… it would be nice to have something to remind me of my dear Cavalieri friends, after all.” Peony commented, before  taking a small drink of the slightly biting cider. It was a relief compared to the bitter shine of Del Cenere’s alcoholic surplus.

And then— it was a budding conversation regarding none other then, Freddy. His lowered voice made her lean a little forwards, then back, situating herself in the barstool. “Freddy is brilliant and wonderful, Cedric.” A small dainty hand went out to squeeze his much larger one, for only a brief moment, before she brought it to settle back into her lap. Softness touched her eyes and her features, wondering if this is how she may have to do things once the future was determined for Daphne. “He has been on top of the game in almost every aspect, and I have never been more pleased with him. Freddy’s a great asset to our packlands.” The woman leaned back a bit, lapping at her drink once more.

Was he after something else? Should she remain too formal, or should she announce e a bit of personal information? Peony was satisfied with her explanation of him, if not rather formal.
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Darius returned not long later with Cedric's drink, the Lune sniffing the top of it to check what Darius had gone for. Cedric's 'usual' mostly just implied anything without too much alcohol in it. Cedric had never been a fan of drinking, for the taste but also for what it did to the mind, so those in the tavern usually knew to not give the Lune anything the other patrons usually had. Darius had gone for something almost amusing with a cup of goat's milk, which Cedric found quite delightful. Taking a few sips of the creamy drink, Cedric hummed on Peony's suggestion of having a piece of Casa to remember. Darius could make a fine gift for the lady of the Ashen, perhaps some kind of special cloak for her; not quite the fur-lined rank cloaks that would remain strictly Casa culture, but something with their theme. 

"We can have a think on it, I'm sure Darius would love a new project such as that, anything to keep his skills sharp." Such was the way of Darius; always wanting to show off his skills with big ideas or tricky projects. Cedric remembered how... almost reluctant Darius had been when the leaders approached him about making purple sashes, given how simple they were in design. However, the inclusion of the small woven badges had won Darius over, and since then Cedric had taken note of making sure their master tailor was always pushed to perform his best. 

As Peony admitted things on Freddy, Cedric found his shoulders relaxing a little. He doubted she'd have a reason to lie to him about his adopted son, unless there really where things that Freddy wanted to keep hidden, and hearing from someone in close contact with the young man just felt more official. "Good... good, that's amazing." Cedric replied, taking a moment to let out a long breath. 

"I suppose... my worry was always that Freddy's time with me would... harm his chances of becoming something amazing. Something I knew he could be. So I am glad, that despite everything, he has grown so much, and so strong." Cedric explained, then frowned slightly. "His scars though, I can't help but notice that he's gained even more since we last met... not that I can judge, I know better than most the dangers of a warrior's life."

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Cedric sipped his drink delicately, a man with a purpose it would seem. At the mention of making something specific for her, a pale mitt went to her chest and she gave a genuine smile. “Oh, if it is of no trouble, that would be delightful.” The Bella Dama began, her hands folding in her lap and then she straightened her blouse out.

The long breath after his first initial speech, left Peony wondering if there were more that Cedric was keeping to hisself, about Fredrick nonetheless. Peony’s hands found the table and she gentle felt it’s surface, before turning to study it as well. At Cedric’s next words, those lilac orbs snapped up to his and she looked somewhat surprised and indifferent. Did Cedric think somehow… he was at fault for raising Freddy to not be presentable? Peony’s brows drew into a knit, and she almost frowned.

If anything Cedric, his time with you has molded him into a wonderful young man. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, after all,” she smiled, letting her pale hand rise and touch his larger one, albeit briefly, “he is who he is because he came from Casa.

If anything, Cedric was the reason for Freddy being so brave and strong. He was born and bred a Knight, and came to the Ganglands for a reason. What reason she wasn’t sure, but in due time she was sure the reasonings would come out slowly but surely. “Yes.” A solemn answer as she gave a sad smile. “We have fought many a Lupreci together, and side by side, Freddy and I.” A pause as she took a sip, remembering the times during the raids, and otherwise. Did Cedric know? Did Freddy want him to know? Best be left unsaid. “He is doing his best for the protection of the lands, and even though he may be small, he’s tough.
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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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Despite how they'd already had a conversation about what happened in Casa, Cedric still felt somewhat guilty for the treatment Freddy endured here, still worried that it had hurt the young man in the same way as a scar might. He had worried for a long time that Freddy running from Casa would've led him to a life of suffering and struggle, so it brought a lot of peace of mind to Cedric to see Freddy soar despite it all. Perhaps Cedric didn't know the whole picture; he couldn't speak for how Freddy's mind worked or how the boy viewed himself, but from his title alone at least Cedric knew the boy had flourished. 

Perhaps as Peony said, it was down to how Cedric raised him here in Casa, but the man wasn't so sure on that. He almost made a comment that the reality was more akin to Freddy growing up to be who he was despite of what Casa did to him, but the Lune held his tongue. Peony was giving him a compliment, a reassurance that he'd not done wrong, so the man would embrace it. He smiled warmly, face breaking in a light chuckle as Cedric brushed back his hair. "Thank you. He beat me in a fight you know... I would say that he tricked me but really, any method of winning a fight should count as a win, but take that as reassurance that your El Diente knows what he's doing." Cedric wasn't at all upset about the outcome of the fight either; it had been a joy to see just how strong Freddy had gone, despite not learning much at all from his time in Casa. 

"Casa has a lot of youth at the moment, all of them seem to be getting stronger and stronger, far quicker than I did. Makes me wonder what kind of change the new generations will bring."

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Peony felt powerful standing nearest the Lune of Casa, it wasn’t as though she didn’t feel it at Del Cenere Gang, but it was different as she surrounded herself with coyotes who had no choice but to respect the Bella Dama. In all fairness, it would seem as though Peony was adjusting to the life within Casa very well— temporarily of course— but the outsider wasn’t immediately respected. In fact, it would seem as though Peony had to gain everyone’s trust, and that was why she felt so empowered sitting next to the Lune. His ears twitched, and she watched him silently, gauging his reactions.

The warmth she felt near him, was given with a genuine smile back. Cedric and her were fast friends, just like Aldora and the bolstering alliance was beginning to kick off great. Hopefully they wouldn’t have any issues with their packs feeling any type of way towards the others’ kind.

Beating Cedric in a fight? Peony almost quipped that she had bested Freddy, but decided to leave those details out. Mine as well not kick the Lune while he was already so down. Instead, the Coyote adjusted her shoulders and then have a gentle chuckle. “Freddy is well trained, and I have no doubt our El Diente knows precisely what he’s doing.” Stated matter of factly, her tone was gentle and even. Needn’t offend their new allies if she knew what was best for her, even if she did want to challenge the gigantic man to a duel, because he said Freddy beat him. Or did Cedric let him win?

Change. Peony hummed in her throat before taking a sip and gently laughed. “I hope it will be nothing but good change, and change for the better.” Sitting back now, Peony took another sip, thinking long and hard about what she was going to say next. “I want to foster an alliance, Cedric, I plan to propose an idea to Aldora—” lilac eyes shifted to his, tilting a head, and setting her mug down. “—Take no offense, but I feel as though as mothers’ we have a few things we need discussed first, if you catch my drift.” Peony crossed her legs, the crease of her pants was where her hands now sat, a finger slightly ran over the seam.

I plan to propose a betrothal.” It was stated rather quietly, but already she could feel the eyes of the bartender on her, and with a great deal of force, she ignored him, all focus on Cedric, calculating what his reply would be.
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