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She had spent some time outside of Del Cenere's territory, hunting and meeting locals. The Rest Stop was behind her now, as was her bag of trade goods. Time to pick up odd jobs in Charmingtown to restock. There would be no shortage of work needing to be done in the winter or the spring. It was the careful lull of summer that Tallulah found to be slower. Once she had done all her chores in the morning, there had been only time at night to check the results before bed. No in-between. No real challenge. The sun and moist earth did all the rest. She thought about making a small vegetable farm come spring, but she hoped for formal lodgings by then.

Time would tell if she got a homestead for herself. The little camp had a fence and traps around it to keep varmints out, including unwanted visitors at night. Del Cenere was safer than most places alone, but as much as they did not trust her - she did not entirely trust them yet. Tallulah directed and hitched Rusty just outside the Trading Post. After a brief speech with the proprietor, she accepted a shovel. The thick furs of her coat shielded the woman from the most chill. Her leather pants and her bare feet was another story; she could warm up by moving around though. Pretty soon, she had shoveled a fair among of snow away from the Post's entrance.

It kept her warm as she thought. Tallulah happened to look up, spotting a coyote woman a few paces away. The lady carried herself for what Tallulah assumed to be one of rank. Her blue eyes looked back down, focused on clearing away the snow again. She could stop and talk, but this work wouldn't get done would it? If the lady walked by her, Tallulah gave a friendly enough grunt of acknowledgment. Her brows furrowed as she swept, her task no less important than wrangling or trading. That's what she thought anyway. If some Luperci tripped over a log covered by the snow, or goodness forbid a horse, they could hurt their feet. She made sure they avoided that fate.

Especially a horse, who if they broke a leg... Well. Enough said about that. Del Cenere valued their steeds. Tallulah would hate to see one being put down, even if she had seen the likes of a lame horse being put down before. An unfortunate event that hardened her bond with Rusty, making sure to always care for him in the best way.

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The eventful days spent with the Cavalieri’s was wonderful. Freddy had been a companion to her throughout it all, and while she left filled with pride, there was also a tinge of sadness that also lurked around the corner. Finding out about Aldora’s mate’s passing had left a void, deep in her chest. She hadn’t know the other female, that much was true, but Aldora was pained and it injured her heart to know this. When a friend, and an ally at that, was hurting it put a damper on their relationships.

Peony stifled her feelings and placed a bag onto her hip, aiming to head into Charmingtown, once again. Where had things gone so awry that the packs didn’t have one another to call on in times of need? The Ganglands, with Nazario being too proud, had dealt with things solely concerning the raids and otherwise.

Too worked up in her own mind she had passed by the woman shoveling snow and then, with an about face, Peony gave her a once over, then a twice over. A dog? And a pretty one at that. Those pale blue eyes flickered up to meet the lilac ones, and Peony almost kept on walking. It wasn’t like she could be of use, considering that the female seemed to have it under control. But what kind of Leader would she be if she walked on by as her pack members did all the grunt work themselves?

Hola.” She stated cheery at first, then stepped towards her. “Do you need any help?” A careful start as she stepped closer yet, then gave a tight smile. “I haven’t seen you around these parts before, who might you be?” Peony grabbed a stick and began to start helping her out, hopefully it would be sufficient enough.
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Tallulah did not expect anyone to stop and help her. She learned early on to do chores without complaining, seeking her Pa's approval. She had been a dutiful girl for him, for others. Someone to depend on around the ranch and in town. Del Cenere was a chance to start fresh; it was both bittersweet and bitterly. She hadn't needed a fresh start. That was not why she came north. It was all about branching out on her own, perhaps establishing a trade route back to her original ranch. One day, she'd have her own here. She had to keep thinking that, believing that, even as the cold entered her body and left.

"Howdy, ma'am," she said now, breaking from her stupor to look up again "name's Tallulah. Tallulah Colt. I just arrived a little under a week ago" She would stop sweeping, leaning against the shovel briefly "me and Rusty, that is" she added, giving a nod to the Clydesdale who was hitched still. He flicked his tail in greeting, giving a quiet nicker to the woman "we came from the South" as evident by her slight twang in vocals "as for help... I wouldn't wanna keep ya from any business" she added with consideration "but if I ain't, yeah. You can help me clear a path." She leans back against the shovel before bending over to shuffle more snow away.

The dog hybrid fell to silence, too focused on her task to really continue talking. One could talk or one could work! They can't do both effectively. She'd be out of breath tryin' to keep up pleasantries. Still, she did remark the other lady didn't give her name or her title. Tallulah only assumed this was a higher-ranked folk in the pack. Her first assessment would be correct; but how much would it be?

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Down to the tips of Daisy’s floppy lugs— including the nitty gritty details of the soft, blue eyes— Peony, with those lilac orbs so different than this dogs, held a irrefutable  perusal within them. Although, the scrutiny was buried deep, deep within, an outwards appearance of kindred intentions and righteous eyes, blinked back at the hybrid.

At first glance it would appear as though the Bella Dama were plotting, yet, her intentions were far from ominous. Moreover, it was a gander of calculated actions, and careful reactions. This— Tallulah Colt— was oddly satisfying to watch, muscle moving under furred hide, to which rippled in waves upon first glance. The next thing her heedful gaze lingered on was the hair that parted (if not somewhat incorrectly to her personal opinion) down the middle and into a messy, untoward, French braid that cascaded down her shoulder, and flopped to her back from time to time.

Gauging the reactions to her words, Peony mulled over a few thoughtful answers, before giving her a pleasant, fixed smile. Rusty? Must have been the steed that the former La Oreja noticed in the stables, that morning. A beaut if she did say so herself. After all she had revealed, the Commadante didn’t reveal any details. It was a premeditated retort, given the return from her other pack mates— after finding out about her promotion—, she didn’t really want those kinds of unwarranted attentions. Especially with someone knew. If she withheld the evidence, she could blame it on the snow she had already begun to plow, and then laugh it off. Their was a careful analysis of a rebuttal, given the lack of information provided.

Heeding her thoughts, Peony responded with; “Peony, pleasure to meet you, Miss Colt.” And from there, the shoveling commenced, silently, sedulously, and deliberately. The less talking she added to their already quaint meeting, the more she would be able to gather regarding her intentions within the Ganglands. After all, not all were so welcoming to the ‘yote’s who resided here.
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The dog hybrid would smile warmly. "It's nice to meet you as well, Miss Peony" she added to the coyote "but, ya can call me 'Tallulah' or 'Miss Tallulah' if it please ya." She did not mind this especially when Peony was being so informal as well. Her tail wagged gently to the side and back before she returned to their task. The shoveling was grueling work to some, but she found a subtle joy in it. Work needed to be done - so why did someone have to gripe about it? It would get done whether you did it, or someone else. Might as well enjoy the tasks you volunteered for so you can be content with the tasks you were assigned.

"Miss Peony," she said after about half an hour of silence. Tallulah looked up at her, keenly interested "is there anything you can tell me 'bout Del Cenere?" Her blue eyes sparkled with curiosity, not mischief "I know my ranking ain't allowed outside of Charmingtown, but what about... traditions? Courtesy? Anything I could learn would be welcomed" The dog hybrid wanted to know more so she didn't offend her new packmates "any festivals comin' up I can help with?" She hadn't the chance to participate in any festivals back home. They were humble, simple folk. The thought of festivals made her feel excited. She wanted to learn all she could to help with Del Cenere culture.

Her ears were pinned against her flaxen locks. "Ah, I hope I ain't be rude, ma'am..." she added sheepishly to Peony "this... this is me first community. I only want to do right by the folks here." She hoped that was conveyed by her words. All Tallulah Colt wanted to do was prove herself but also be welcomed as friend. Maybe even kin one day.

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Those lilac orbs shifted over the newcomers face, studying her fur, every line and every wrinkle she had—Which wasn’t much. Tallie smiled, Peony smiled right alongside her, giving her the same respect she got in return. Noting her tail wagging, Peony contained hers to a standstill, watching the doggish creature with somewhat of a delightful manner.

They worked in silence for a while after that, Peoky caught up in her thoughts, rather too busy to focus on anything else. Yet, Tallie was adamant and asked after Del Cenere. Once again, it was her job as the Bella Dama to teach others their ways, and with a gentle grin, Peony rested an elbow atop the stick. “Well, Del Cenere Gang was originally created by several coyotes who sought to redeem a pack once lost. Inferni.” At least that was what she had transcribed and been told, or perhaps it was a bit different. Not focusing on the semantics of the events, Peony talked as she glanced towards the lands. “The Ash marks, and effigies on the borders and around town were brought with us from those natives.” What else could she divulge? After all, there was nothing that was too much information, now was there?

Nazario and Boone once ran these lands until Boone stepped down,” a pause as she shifted, “Nazario runs these lands now” and me “And as for courtesy’s, best know that when you’re outranked respect is as respect is given.” A bit of a riddle perhaps, did she need to spell it all out? “We focus on trade and frontiermanship.” Began the Beaithwaite folding her hand over her chest now, the giving a small smile. “We have very many festivals and things we start, and do. Our biggest one is the Lancaster Stockshow towards the end of our Summer months. We focus on our specific breed of horses, too, the Polvo de Oro.” If Tallie wished to ask more, Peony would be happy to answer.

We also have Palisade, where I am from originally, that’s a sister hub to here. It’s where we get some other trades done, and that such things.” Waving a hand she grinned, this time smoothing over her hair with a padded hand.
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It occurred to her that Hosea had meant to introduce Peony to Tallulah. But the coyote woman had sought her out on her own terms. Stopping what she was doing, the dog hybrid watched the woman and gave her full attention. Many things were taken from their conversation. The Ashen being mostly from Inferni, their origins from another pack... She nodded, prompting Peony to go on silently. Another round of polite listening - as she had asked for the information!

"Lancaster Stockshow?" she inquired, tilting her head as she rested her chin against the top of the shovel "is that something other packs are invited to or just the Ashen?" Hosea had told her that Peony was sort of a diplomat, so she was curious to know if other communities were allowed to partake in Ashen culture as well. Tallulah assumed, or rather believed, that if someone is not sure of something... the best thing to do was expose 'em to another's way of thinking. Tolerance could be built.

"Any allies or enemies?" the young woman asked too "not many of the folks I've talked with can say 'bout any alliances. They keep to themselves, and the Gang" Tallulah smiled with some amusement - but not a lot. It was almost weary "I've... interest in trading among other packs. Me Pa and I used to travel near our ranch into other communities, sell our wares. Even our livestock for a good price." She also explained to Peony.

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Little things were beginning to show up in Tallie, the fact that she was so persistent and willing to learn, as well as work. Still— Peony hadn’t told her she was the co-lead— and that would remain as it were for now. Peony always held herself to a higher manner than anyone else, so that wasn’t a question, as she always portrayed the leadership before she’d even become one.

However, those lilac orbs came to rest upon Tallie’s aqua ones, studying them for a few moments. When her chin rested against the top of the shovel, the woman almost commented that she shouldn’t be resting her chin on a place so dirty, but thought better of it and instead tilted her head to match that of the new femme. “Yes, Lancaster Stockshow, it’s several days in August, where we allow others’ to come into the pack lands and trade and get a good look at what we have to offer. Every year we set it up to have several of the fowl, and the hoofed livestock traded out to prevent cross-breeding as well as over-crowding.” That was a large speech, and Peony took a breath, flickering her ears upon her cranium.

Next, Tallie questioned after their allies and enemies, and the Braithwaite couldn’t help but give a gentle smile. She was inquisitive, which wasn’t the worst, but the irritant Peony felt at so many questions were hidden with that kind gaze. “We are friends with New Caledonia, not an official alliance, and we have an alliance with our neighbors Casa di Cavalieri.” A pause, as she shoveled again, before turning her head to continue talking as she finished the last little bit. “I would stay weary of Salsola, they’re a secretive pack— although no one really knows them or knows why— we tend to be cautious.” It wouldn’t be too much spoken, now would it? After all, she’d proved herself so far (or at least to the Braithwaite).

Peony hummed in her throat as she tried to continue working, but stopped short to set the shovel on the ground and glance around their lands. “You should strive for Three Sister’s Brokerage, then. It’s a Syndicate” Peony took a breath and then licked her lips. “They have plenty of openings and generally speaking the Quartermaster and the Comerciante jobs work together to help aide with trading.” She used to be the La Oreja, now she was just the leader, it seemed rather boring honestly. “Strive high, young one, you’ll go places with the drive you have.” A bit of wise words, as she smiled.
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As always a good listener, Tallulah did just that. A new place was a chance to soak up information, and the Gang had been good to her so far. She would contribute any chance she got; especially during events. Peony was difficult to read, however. She did not know if the woman liked talking so much about the Ashen's culture or was humoring Tallulah due to her newness. "Thank ya kindly, ma'am" she replied at last. Her head dipped to the woman with a clear but warm smile, grateful. Peony didn't have to answer any questions, after all. "I would not want to interfere with a pack we're on cold terms with" she added with a soft frown "as a new face to the Ashen, I only ask 'cause I wouldn't want to bring forward trouble if I can help it."

Perhaps Peony could understand that. Tallulah would try her best to do right by the folks here. The dog hybrid began to shovel again with the other Luperci, clearing the snow down to where hoofprints cascaded down the main road. It was almost done, thankfully. Peony's words of encouragement made her humbled. She ducked her head, a sheepish frown. "I will think on that, thank ya" she added "I've... drive to work, but not much ambition. If I'm seen fit to advance, I'll accept it. Think that my efforts are rewarded. I just want to help others in the Gang; however I can." And if the high-ups took notice, she would accept what was given to her. She was a humble being.

She paused, her blue eyes focusing on Peony's lilac ones. "If ya ain't busy afterward, yer free to join me at the Yote. But I understand if ya have pressing matters." It was a kind offer, one that spoke of gratitude as well. Tallulah did not mind Peony's company, and would seek to get to know her better if allowed.

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