[P] Life Is Better With A Cat
For Jazzy/Parzival
Ooc:: Mahn - Mom
Ghura - Dad
Orej - Siblings

At roughly a month old, Artoia's two younger brothers were still little pudgy potatoes, though getting bigger and bigger at a rapid pace that lowkey alarmed the Denahlii girl.

Had she grown this quickly in her Mahn's eyes?

She wanted them to stay small forever, it was easier to dote on and protect them at this stage. The older they got, the less she or another member of her family could tend to them, shelter, and eventually, little hand chewing Tristan and tussling Nanouk would be their own individuals like herself, and she knew in the core of her being she wouldn't be able to maintain their flawless puppyish innocence or shield them from the world.

So, to prepare them, she stole them for the day from her Mahn and Ghura, assuring them she just wanted to play and tussle with them and take them around the Fort with her, and she'd not leave Kingsbury with them, of course, nor leave their side. With her Orej in her possession, wrapped around her torso in the sling she'd also taken, she ventured over to the house where she'd met one of her first best friends.

Hefting the sling tied around herself to readjust their weight, Artoia paused on the outside landing to knock strongly on the door to announce her presence. They'd been asleep a few minutes ago, just recently nursed by their mother, but now both had woken and were started to wriggle in the cloth tomb they found themselves in, puppy whining and grunted as they tried to find a way out.

"Hello, it's Artoia! I just wanted to bring Tristan and Nanouk by to play and socialize with Parzival." If someone opened the door to greet her she'd smile brightly at them and tenderly bounce the burden she cradled with one hand, otherwise she'd pull the handle to open the door herself if she was called to enter the home.

There's magic in our bones - A north star in our soul - That remembers our way home 

OOC: Word Count: 361

Winter sun was nice, Parzival's thick coat meant the snow and cold wasn't too much of an issue, but what was nicer was a house to himself and some bed furs for him to lie on. Cedric had tried to get rid of the bed covers once, without telling Parzival why, but when the young and curious lion found some cougar pelt buried under the bed, it all clicked. Rather than feel offended, Parzival just asked his dad to put them back on the bed and make good use out of them, claiming he wasn't bothered by the use of fur from a kind he didn't really relate to. Besides, lying on them now, Parzival had to admit lion fur was comfy. 

Cedric was out working, or otherwise busy spending time with Kai. Parzival didn't mind much being on his own, it just meant sleeping where he wanted and only having to 'work' to go and find a meal. He got lucky on occasion and got some food of another Cavalier bringing a hunt in, but for the most part Parzival would hunt whatever was easiest to come across and then come inside to sleep the rest of the day away. It was nice, if a bit boring at times; always the challenge when living life like a constant luxury. 

Just as he was drifting, Parzival's small ears lifted to the patter of feet just outside the front door, followed soon by a knock. As the voice carried through, Parzival uncurled himself from the bed and stretched out, skipping over to the door to inspect the handle. The mechanism to hold the door closed didn't work all that well, but Parzival still needed to jump up to hook one of his large paws on the door knob and pull it back. With a squeak, the door opened inwards, exposing the snowy world beyond and Parzival's best friend, Artoia. Framed by two little puppies, who the lion looked down at as he dropped back onto his paws. "Parzival accepts, and you can all come in, the house is empty right now, just me here."


out of the woods,
      out of the dark,
im well aware of the shadows in my heart

No voice was out coming through the door, and briefly she took a sniff around the door to try and identify if anyone were actually home. If her nose were right, then at least one person should be inside, but separating scents at a high traffic spot such as this one did give her pause, cataloging them into times, coming or going, and the varying subtleties between Cedric, his daughters, Parzival, or anyone else that had been by in the past day or so.

She'd gotten it down to either Cedric or Parzival; her friend was around the Lune almost constantly if he wasn't in front of a fireplace or on a roof, so their smells clung to one another and were hard to distinguish for her young, limited experience nose.

The door opened, and behind it she'd found she'd almost gotten it; Parzival balanced there, his paw wrapped around the handle to get it pulled open. He greeted them and accepted her invitation, also letting her know it was only him inside at the moment. His gaze was curiously on her brothers, and her smile brightened as she stepped inside, half turning to helpfully close the door against the frigid elements of outside and wrapping them in the warmth of Parz's home.

"It's good to see you Parz, I've been missing you, we've been so busy," she gave him affectionate scratches on the neck in greeting, and then she shifted further into the house, the wriggling of the twins in the sling becoming more violent than ever. They knew they were in a house thanks to the sounds of the closing door, but they had no idea where, and it was completely new. Artoia grunted as little puppy paws kicked abstractly at her abdomen and chest, kneeling to the floor so she could safely open the edges of the sling.

It was Nanouk that burst forth first, his little twig tail vibrating and his nose alive as it twitched and sniffed every surface in reach. Nanu paused in his exploring once he realized his brother was not there with him, promptly turning to scamper back to the sling and barking at his brother, where Tristan had stopped in mid pounce to look around with wide eyes at the completely new surroundings. The elder sister giggled as she got the chance to sit back, looking up at Parz like a proud sibling.

"The silver boy with orange accents is Nanouk. We also call him Nanu. He's pretty bold and adventurous," she gestured toward him, in answer Nanu's teeth nibbling her fingers briefly before he focused again on his brother, play bowing and darting closer to poke his nose against any portion of Tristan he could reach in an attempt to help his brother get the confidence to step forward. "And Tristan is the little brown speckled shy boy, or sometimes Tris," her hand touched Tris's back to offer him reassurance; neither had registered the new presence of Parz just yet, but she was sure that wouldn't last long.

There's magic in our bones - A north star in our soul - That remembers our way home 

OOC: Word Count: 369

It was hard to consider Parzival a fan of children given the last litters of Casa were born when he himself was still a kitten. But he remembered fondly the times he got to play with Artoia before she got older and got that canine 'cheat' by shifting, and so having more little ones to bounce around with whilst being careful to not smack them into next week was something the feline looked forward to. And siblings of Artoia would be met with a lot of enthusiasm from Parzival, provided they were anything like their sister. After welcoming them in, Parzival purred loudly at the stroke around his ears and then shook, trotting into the room to take his usual seat by the fireplace which was cold at the moment without an active fire. 

"I've missed you too, but you've probably been hard at work, with your First Blood coming up and all. I've already completed mine you know, not got a fancy purple sash or anything like you canines do." Parzival jested, flashing his smaller front teeth in a grin. "Not that I mind, I know I'm the best without needing some goofy fur cape to prove it." And Parzival didn't really want one either; for the practicality of it but also his confidence that he truly didn't need a visual sign to tell people that he deserved to be there. 

When the pups were released, Parz watched them explore with keen interest, and if it wasn't known that the cat was good then it might look as though he was checking out his next meal. He noted each of them, their names and what they were up to, before then chuckling and smacking his tail loudly against the wooden ground. "Hello kids!" Parzival called, not too loud however to not spook the young Tristan. The cat then lowered himself down, placing his large paws in front of him and his stomach flat. "You don't know me, but I am big and soft and friendly. I've got this purple scarf see? And that means I am nice. If I don't have this, then I am real mean, okay?"


out of the woods,
      out of the dark,
im well aware of the shadows in my heart

Artoia's hum was warm, meeting Parzival's purr with one of the closest her wolfish vocal cords could manage, and she was smiling back at him too. "Of course you don't need anything else to show you belong here, you already belong here," she affirmed, butting briefly against him again gently before she'd settled on the ground.

"Plus you stink like wolves now, and that doesn't wash out easy," she teased goodnaturedly, "We've claimed you just as much as you've claimed us."

That being said, the potato gremlins were released from the sling, which she then unwrapped from around her torso and folded into a neat pile to be tucked onto a safe surface for later use when she had to leave again. It didn't concern her the way Parz observed them, she knew his features well enough, and the fact that they'd been friends since the day she'd met him, she knew he was curious and gathering information about them.

The dull thwap of Parzival's tail to get their attention definitely succeeded, Artoia could have sworn it felt like Tristan jumped 3 feet in the air from where she touched his back. Orbs of blue ice darted to find the large feline, Tris's fur standing on end as he took in the new presence while frozen solid like a statue. Nanouk, while he still twitched in surprise at the thump, was nowhere near as petrified and instead immediately ventured closer, his nose rapidly twitching to take in Parzival's scent, recognizing it from what he'd gotten from around the house.

He crept closer and closer as Parz spoke, his whole body at attention and also firmly placed between the new creature and his brother. Eventually he could almost sniff the cougar's paws, stretched out a bit as he investigated. It didn't take long though for his body language to change, softening enough for a puppyish smile to light up his young face, and his tail began to wag. "Friend!" he repeated, and he bounced a little on his paws. "Wolf-cat!" he chimed proudly.

At that, Artoia couldn't stop her laughter. Nanu looked at her like he'd said the best thing ever possible, and then he was bounding back toward his brother, yipping softly in a comforting fashion and bouncing forward and backward to try and convince Tristan to come with him and play and say hi to the new 'Friend'.

"Wolf-cat," the Denahlii girl wheezed, amused beyond belief, and she loved her brothers so much. With some coaxing Tristan was now also approaching Parzival to sniff at him and get acquainted, which pleased Nanu so much he even dared to go closer, reading up to place his forepaws on Parz's sturdy, muscled shoulder. "Wolf-cat, wolf-cat, cat-wolf. Friend!" he repeated, pale sunlight orbs bright with puppyish joy.

It touched Artoia that Parz was worried about them encountering an unfriendly cougar, though realistically that concern shouldn't be valid until they were much older, apprentices even, and allowed to go out of the Fort for training. Touching, but sudden, and right now at their age their language comprehension was very, very limited, mostly just down to their names and simple commands or questions.

Observant arctic green hues watched Parz now curiously, her laughter fading into just a warm smile for the benefit of the pups as she began wondering if his warning had more weight behind it than just proactively teaching young pups about friendly and non-friendly mountain lions. It made her pelt itch at the thought. Obviously, cougars could come and go from anywhere, as proven by the bastard that Artoia and Maze had been forced to fight off for Lyra.

Could there be more?

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