[P] Life Is Better With A Cat
For Jazzy/Parzival
Ooc:: Mahn - Mom
Ghura - Dad
Orej - Siblings

At roughly a month old, Artoia's two younger brothers were still little pudgy potatoes, though getting bigger and bigger at a rapid pace that lowkey alarmed the Denahlii girl.

Had she grown this quickly in her Mahn's eyes?

She wanted them to stay small forever, it was easier to dote on and protect them at this stage. The older they got, the less she or another member of her family could tend to them, shelter, and eventually, little hand chewing Tristan and tussling Nanouk would be their own individuals like herself, and she knew in the core of her being she wouldn't be able to maintain their flawless puppyish innocence or shield them from the world.

So, to prepare them, she stole them for the day from her Mahn and Ghura, assuring them she just wanted to play and tussle with them and take them around the Fort with her, and she'd not leave Kingsbury with them, of course, nor leave their side. With her Orej in her possession, wrapped around her torso in the sling she'd also taken, she ventured over to the house where she'd met one of her first best friends.

Hefting the sling tied around herself to readjust their weight, Artoia paused on the outside landing to knock strongly on the door to announce her presence. They'd been asleep a few minutes ago, just recently nursed by their mother, but now both had woken and were started to wriggle in the cloth tomb they found themselves in, puppy whining and grunted as they tried to find a way out.

"Hello, it's Artoia! I just wanted to bring Tristan and Nanouk by to play and socialize with Parzival." If someone opened the door to greet her she'd smile brightly at them and tenderly bounce the burden she cradled with one hand, otherwise she'd pull the handle to open the door herself if she was called to enter the home.

There's magic in our bones - A north star in our soul - That remembers our way home 

OOC: Word Count: 361

Winter sun was nice, Parzival's thick coat meant the snow and cold wasn't too much of an issue, but what was nicer was a house to himself and some bed furs for him to lie on. Cedric had tried to get rid of the bed covers once, without telling Parzival why, but when the young and curious lion found some cougar pelt buried under the bed, it all clicked. Rather than feel offended, Parzival just asked his dad to put them back on the bed and make good use out of them, claiming he wasn't bothered by the use of fur from a kind he didn't really relate to. Besides, lying on them now, Parzival had to admit lion fur was comfy. 

Cedric was out working, or otherwise busy spending time with Kai. Parzival didn't mind much being on his own, it just meant sleeping where he wanted and only having to 'work' to go and find a meal. He got lucky on occasion and got some food of another Cavalier bringing a hunt in, but for the most part Parzival would hunt whatever was easiest to come across and then come inside to sleep the rest of the day away. It was nice, if a bit boring at times; always the challenge when living life like a constant luxury. 

Just as he was drifting, Parzival's small ears lifted to the patter of feet just outside the front door, followed soon by a knock. As the voice carried through, Parzival uncurled himself from the bed and stretched out, skipping over to the door to inspect the handle. The mechanism to hold the door closed didn't work all that well, but Parzival still needed to jump up to hook one of his large paws on the door knob and pull it back. With a squeak, the door opened inwards, exposing the snowy world beyond and Parzival's best friend, Artoia. Framed by two little puppies, who the lion looked down at as he dropped back onto his paws. "Parzival accepts, and you can all come in, the house is empty right now, just me here."


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