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Just hardly a day ago it had been, Artoia stealing her brothers away for the day and taking them to Parzival's house so he could meet them and they could be socialized and desensitized to the intimidating lion, gradually beginning to teach them that only Parz was a friendly lion, no others.

Nonfriendly lions had come up briefly, and Parz had asked for her help in hunting down and chasing off one they still refused to leave their territory. Another one? Was it the same lion that had attacked Lyra, Maisie, and herself, or a different one?

Whether it was or not, of course she vowed to help him, and they chose to meet the very next day and go out hunting for it.

Beside the Fort's entrance she stood in her heaviest form, the red wine of her spiked Secui hackles dotted with the white flakes of lazily falling snow. In this shape, she stood a fairer chance against the packed muscle of another mountain lion, more Parzival's equal to make this mission easier on them both.

The guard standing a few feet from her had already asked her what she was doing, and she'd said she was going out hunting with her friend Parz. She was waiting for him to arrive and lead them toward the last place he'd encountered the intruding lion, and if it wasn't still nearby there then they'd both have to kick in their hunting skills to find the damn thing.

Having been in a fight with one already, she knew better now how to defeat it. She only had a little more bulk in her Secui, and she was still agile enough to dodge its devastating swipe attacks, something she'd already felt now and had been lucky it hadn't struck her in the head at the time.

There's magic in our bones - A north star in our soul - That remembers our way home 

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Parzival kept quiet to Cedric about where he was going. They'd enjoyed talking about Parzival spending time with pups, but then the cat simply said that today he would just be spending more time with just Artoia. No one needed to know they were hunting down the rival lion after all, Parzival didn't really want to deal with anyone saying that it was dangerous to bring his friend, despite her almost being an adult now. Parz trusted Artoia; she was stronger than her age gave her credit for. Not just that, but she also had Parzival to carry most of the danger for this situation. 

After scratching his claws around the front porch and stretching himself out a few times, Parzival trotted out of the Fort to meet up with Artoia; spotting her in her larger form, the one canine's took that felt like a cheat version of ther natural self. The lion did roll his eyes and smirk to Artoia when he approached, given her 'cheat' form made her bigger. "You know, if I could do what all you canine could do... I would be terrifying." He commented, coming close enough to rub against the girl's side, a silent thanks to her for joining him. 

"Alright, best place to look is east, last time we fought it was over that way." Parzival began, keeping things vague whilst still close to the Fort. Once they got moving; Parzival setting pace given Artoia could outspeed him in her current form, which was another reason why it was the 'cheat' form, the pair got to where they needed to be fairly quickly. 

"I'd like to check passed the mountains at some point... I keep having this suspicion that he's hiding up in the north corner because it isn't as frequently guarded. But let's go check the places I've marked first." The lion commented, looking to Artoia before guiding them to where he'd been frequently marking to see if his confident and annoying rival was trying to cover them up.


out of the woods,
      out of the dark,
im well aware of the shadows in my heart

Parzival didn't keep Artoia waiting out there for long, his lean muscle-packed feline form approaching her through the drifting snow. She caught sight of his rolled eyes and smirk as soon as he registered what form she'd taken, to which she responded with a wolfish grin, leaning into his full side rub to reciprocate the silent greeting and gratitude. At his statement though she snorted in agreement.

"Just terrifying? Probably nightmarish, depending on who you asked," she retorted playfully, rumbling from her chest in the closest she could manage to a purr. "As great as that would be, if you could that meant other lions probably could too," her ears flicked back at the idea of the damage that could be wrought if that were true, especially if the two species continued to be at each others throats.

Contrary to what Parz's presence in Casa meant, but wolves and cougars were not friends, and she didn't think lions being able to shift would change that any time soon. Predators were rarely friends after all, all trying to conserve their feeding territory. Prime example, they were leaving now to track down and chase out another lion.

Parzival mentioned what direction they'd be heading, which she gave a nod to, and as they headed out the large cougar took the lead, setting their pace for the journey. She stayed on his flank for the most part, easily loping to keep up. She could keep this pace going for hours if needed, especially in Secui where each stride was almost double what she could cover in Lupus.

Coming closer to the first of their destinations, Parz spoke up about his suspicions. It did make sense, she considered, and she gave him a nod whenever he looked over to her. "That makes sense. Even if it wasn't hinted in the name of your kind, you like going up high around the Fort," she said, and then a wicked grin split her muzzle, "At least, when you aren't dozing by a fire like a big, cuddly house cat," she teased, her tongue hanging loose and arctic green orbs sparkling with just a touch of mischief despite the seriousness of their mission.

Artoia steered clear of calling him a 'lazy' house cat. Parzival definitely wasn't; He acted like a cat, sure, but not lazy. Cuddly, however? Oh, yes, definitely. More with some Luperci, less for others, but Art personally loved giving and receiving the head butts from her friend or just lounging together.

There's magic in our bones - A north star in our soul - That remembers our way home 

OOC: Word Count: 400

"Nah, they don't deserve that kind of gift, just me." Parzival replied with a smirk after brushing against Artoia. "Just think about it, all the places I could climb, all the stuff I could scratch to pieces if I had hands. I'd be unstoppable." And it was a fun dream to think about, but also just a dream. Parzival didn't really think that he needed the same gift as canines to be just as good, he wasn't a canine after all, he had his own natural gifts that he could use that all the wolves wouldn't. It was just how things worked, and Parzival didn't think it needed all that much changing, save for all the annoying things he could get up to if he had hands. 

Once the fun thinking was done, Parzival focused on the matter at hand, making sure he thought things over in his head and planned for any kind of surprise attack. This would not end with his friend being hurt, Parzival was confident in that; he just needed to make sure that he wasn't going to get over-confident and slip up like last time. 

Artoia made another joke which got Parz to chuckle, shifting some of the weight of his nerves to ease a bit. "It's the best life, all the other cats just don't know it." He replied with a happy sigh, sniffing out some of his marking spots and checking for signs of others. There weren't any fresh ones for the few minutes that the pair moved around and checked, making Parzival's tail flick around in thought. "Do you know, this rival cat, he called me 'Lost One'." Parzival grumbled, his ears pulling back in annoyance. "Me. Lost. As if I'm not living the better life here amongst you canines." Part of Parzival knew that what his rival said made sense; in a way Parz was lost, at least when compared to the rest of his kind, but what they didn't seem to understand is that the young lion had no intention on being 'found'. 

"Anyway, looks like the scent trail here is old, so the mountains are probably the best bet." He announced after a few more minutes, looking to Artoia to see if his friend had found anything herself before they made the trek up north.


out of the woods,
      out of the dark,
im well aware of the shadows in my heart

Artoia's smile was bright in response to Parz's comment, it would be really interesting to see the big mountain cat as something on two bipedal legs like the Luperci could in the Optime form. Because of course he mentioned scratching as many things as he could climb or get his claws on, like the genuine cat he was.

Such thoughts of brevity were left behind just like the Fort as they ventured forth into the territory. Artoia was as on alert as she would be for any regular border patrol or some of her sessions with Eros, ears and eyes constantly on the lookout for anything that could remotely be out of place.

Her joke at his expense was met well with a chuckle from the large cougar, and she could feel some of his nerves built up over their trek easing from his shoulders in his response, even getting a contented sigh from him as he thought of the life he had here in Casa di Cavalieri. Perhaps that was why cougars were so at odds with the wolves, they were jealous? And the language barrier made it difficult, nigh on impossible, for the two species to simply communicate and come to some sort of peace? Share in the wealth, and all that.

After some more checking of the area, Parz made a comment about something the other lion had said to him, calling him 'Lost One'. Going to check another spot, she let her shoulder brush his on the way over. "If being lost means having family, unity, warmth, and food, perhaps he's just jealous of what you have and doesn't know how to get it," she offered, wondering if her words were true as she said them. She'd thought most large cats liked solitude, but maybe that was an incorrect assumption.

Artoia had finished sniffing around her newest area, so when Parz suggested they move on and go check in the mountains to the north, she gave herself an aggressive shake to throw off any snow that had settled across her wine-furred back or shoulders and gave him a nod. "I can't get anything here either, nothing recent at least. I think your gut feeling is right. Let's go pay him a visit shall we?" her smile was all wolfish tooth this time, and when he'd take the lead again she would fall in place at his flank once more.

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