[P] Practice makes perfect
The cold in the air would normally keep Trelawney indoors, but today he was feeling restless and not even seeing his own breath had discouraged him from doing something for it. Practicing with his archery sounded like a good enough task, and so he found himself at the practice area. His bow was in hand, and arrows on his back, and he wasn't fully surprised that he was there alone at first. It could be too cold for most of anyone, though the natural fur coats they had would help keep them warm. The clothing he wore weren't the warmest, but they helped in retaining heat. Trelawney eyed the targets, finding some to be new, and some were well worn. There was still also evidence that someone had been using the targets for more than just arrows. 

Oh well, it wasn't his job to make sure that the area was only used for specific weapons. Also, it wasn't like there were a lot of practice areas scattered about. Pushing thoughts aside he drew an arrow and got into position, looking towards a specific target before letting the arrow fly. Of course, the arrow found it's mark even if it wasn't a perfect bullseye. The sound filled the air, seeming to travel further into the silence which had him flicking his ears a little. Pausing, he took in the quiet for a few moments before pulling a fresh arrow and letting it loose again. It was the perfect environment to relax some in, with the quiet of the winter day and only the sound of his arrows to keep him some company. 

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His usual archery practice spot had been commandeered by a little madam, it seemed, and while he was fine with sharing his space for now, he needed a better spot without Tallulah's prying eyes or sharp tongue. His breath coming in puffs from his maw, Colter gave his scruff a vigorous shake and his ear a scratch with one hand. Little Miss wasn't with him, and Colter found himself on edge and twitchy without the mare's presence. He at least had his bow and arrow with him, so if anyone tried to sneak up on him...

Colt scratched at his chin with his claws, scrubbing the short fur on his face with a sigh. He was nearing the Gang's dedicated archery range, paws crunching through the snow, when his nose picked up a familiar scent through the cold. With all the time his family spent with theirs in Palisade...He could recognize a Courtright when he smelled one. The male was shooting arrows as well. Colter wuffed a greeting as he neared, aiming to alert the other man so he didn't startle him. He wasn't planning on being shot today.

"Howdy," he called, realizing he knew this man from his youth. He was older, but not by a whole lot. And yet...he couldn't quite place his name. It...started with a T, maybe... "I hope I ain't interruptin' anythin'? Mind if I join ya?" Colter slung his quiver off his shoulder, setting it down on the ground next to him. "Heh, dunno if you remember me from Palisade. I'm Colter, Peony's little brother."
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Trelawney stopped his practice and turned his head towards the voice, so familiar to him, and at first, he couldn't place why. The other male in front of him also certainly looked familiar, but for some reason he didn't make the connection until the other introduced himself. Colter Braithwaite, and of course he was a Braithwaite with those eyes, but the Colter in front of Trelawney right now was very grown now. The young Braithwaite had gotten very...handsome in their time apart. Trying to gather his wits, the Courtright smiled in a confident way that didn't truly match how he was feeling. "Sure, I remember you. You used to be shorter right?" Amazing what time apart could do to one's height, and by God did Colter really need to be that good looking???

Turning his gaze away, Trelawney hoped that none of his thoughts had showed on his face. Besides...him with a Braithwaite? Let alone with Peony's little brother?? If she let him live after finding out, then Hosea would never leave him alone about it. Best not to look at that pretty face and get ideas. "You're not interrupting anything; I was just practicing." For a moment he paused in thought, debating the sanity of letting Colter stay and practice, then sighed a little. Since the young Braithwaite was here, it must mean that he was going to stay. Which in turn meant that Trelawney would likely see him around now, and though it wouldn't be hard to avoid Colter, it may be easier just to deal with the presence of the other. "I won't stop you from joining" he stated and kept his eyes firmly on the target. 

There was no need to distract himself, or for him to find another male good looking to begin with. With a huff he drew another arrow. Where had that thought come from anyways? It was best to ignore it for sure. 

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Colter smirked at the older man's comment, you used to be shorter. "Didn't we all? My apologies, friend, would ya be so kind as to remind me of yer name? I know you, I know yer face, I jus' can't place the darn name..." His grin turned sheepish, fiddling with his hands as he spoke. They were shaking, as usual, and Colt could only hope that the Courtright didn't notice. He, of course, was preoccupied with his own thoughts, and didn't pick up on the other's staring.

Whatever his name was...Colter's eyes trailed up to his face. He was a little older, and the patchwork pattern on his fur was...captivating. Handsome, but in a roguish, tantalizing way. Oh, how he would like to get closer, to run his hand through that flop of hair and feel the other's fur against his--The Braithwaite forced his gaze away, clenching his fist so hard his claws dug into the pad on his palm. You're going to Hell for thinking about another man like that, Colter.

He blinked, realizing the man was talking. "I won't stop you from joining." He nodded quickly, trying to hide the fact that he had just spectacularly zoned out. "Right, thank ya kindly." Selecting an arrow from his quiver, he nocked it and set his sights on a target ahead. He could visibly see his hands shaking as he gripped the bow and arrow, and a soft growl of frustration rose from his throat. Taking a few deep breaths to steady himself, he finally lined up his aim and fired.

The shot wasn't bad. Not quite as accurate as he would have liked, but it was decent. Colter stood there looking at the arrow embedded into the target, hand on his hip, judging his work. Finally he spoke again, glancing over at his companion for the afternoon. Look at those eyes-- "Reckon that ain't too bad, but I think I can do better."

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Trelawney had noticed the slight shake in the other male's hands but made no comment on it. There was no real reason to bring attention to it. The query for his name had him raising a brow, but he supposed that they had been apart for long enough that his name would be forgotten. "Trelawney Courtright" he offered simply and drew his own arrow after Colter had taken a shot. The other male made a comment on doing better and Trelawney offered a nod in answer. His own shot still hadn't hit the bullseye, and he knew he could also do better. "It looks like we both need the practice" he commented before checking the wind. 

Adjusting himself a little he got ready to shoot another arrow but waited to release it. The coydog did a mental assessment of how he was standing, how he was holding the bow, and how the arrow felt in his other hand. Taking in a breath, he made another slight adjustment, easing his shoulders and trying not to be so tense in his posture. Then he let the arrow fly, watching it sail and then huffing when it hit the target, but still not where he would like it too. Maybe he hadn't been practicing as much as he should have been. Well...no time like the present. 

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