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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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Cedric was posted up in the Lounge, now quite sparse on books given the use of the Library over in Wolfville, but with a few sheets of paper that he was checking through whilst waiting. Celia was sitting nearby, reading through one of the Casa history books they'd borrowed for today. It would be a joint lesson from the pair of them; whilst Celia wasn't keen on books, she could at least read and write, so was here to make up for what her dad lacked. Meanwhile, Cedric was here to help with the history; bringing together what he'd committed to memory as Lune to help teach. And their student today was Roza, one of the Hushhowl children. How much she'd learnt already from her family would be discovered today, though Cedric imagined at least something had been taught to the child thus far. 

The papers in front of Cedric were half empty but also half covered in simple words or letters. To Cedric, he could just about make them out, fiddling with the blurry memory of what all the symbols meant and how they sounded. Cedric did almost long to learn how to read; it felt like as Lune he needed to have such a simple accomplishment. But from what Cedric had discovered so far, it wasn't as necessary as he thought, especially whenever he had help. Besides, given his age and the fact that he was still trying anyway, it was clear Cedric wasn't neglecting it. 

He wasn't ashamed of it though, not anymore, but having his daughter here to help would certainly make things easier. In the quiet of the lounge, the two sat in silence, waiting for the young Candid to come find them.

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Roza was up early, stretching out her limbs. Even though she had shifted, she fouind herself changing back to their more natural form whenever she was back home. In her mind, it didn't seem entirely fair to be on two legs when not all of her siblings had shifted yet... though this was mostly for Alyonna's sake. It was no secret the smallest of the four of them was bothered by her height, so the less distance there was between the two extremes, the better. Besides, she didn't want to have a strained relationship with her family.

She loved each and every one of them. If she didn't, she wouldn't be trying to watch over them as much as she was.

Today was different though. It had taken a bit of initiative on her part, but getting a lesson with the Lune himself was something special. No doubt that when it came to the structure of Casa, the leaders were going to be the busiest out of everyone. If he was taking some time out of his day to teach her, then she was not going to waste a moment of it. When the time and day had been made, she made sure to keep it to memory. It was a small act, but even showing up on time was sure to show her commitment.

The large pup stopped as she came to the main yard of the fort, having walked from the densite to get here in her lupus form. It wouldn't take long for her to shift. Her limbs grew out, her now longer front limbs helping to push herself upright. One hand moved to a nearby wall, helping to get her balance straight before she started walking. It was still a bit weird going from a much smaller form to something even taller. She wondered how much more height she would get as the months went on.

Roza made her way to the lounge, lowering her head to both Cedric and Celia. The man's daughter had come along for the lesson as well, even though it didn't look like she needed it as much as the younger one did. She took a seat with the other two, "Thank you for taking the time to teach me. I hope I didn't keep you both waiting too long."
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Yellow Shield: Obtain Knowledge! Learn how to read and write, and figure out the benefits of understanding the basic history of Casa!
Roza Hushhowl

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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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Celia tsked as she looked through the book, frowning at some of the words. The girl wasn't exactly a scholar herself, only adept enough to help Roza with the reading part of today's lesson, but it still made Cedric glad that his daughters hadn't taken after him entirely. Thinking of them made Cedric think of more children, that thought reoccuring in his mind as of late given how he and Kai were planning on having a family. As soon as possible, and as far as the Lune was aware, his daughters were looking forward to it too. They'd helped Parzival bring Kai and Cedric together after all, so naturally they were invested in things progressing. More siblings meant more time to spoil them, which the two girls seemed to do pretty well given their record of making Parzival such a spoilt young cat. 

The atmosphere was quiet enough that Cedric didn't bring up conversation with his daughter, but he made a mental note to check in with her about living situations, given his plan to move in with Kai once they were sure that a family was going to happen. Since Kai had such a large home in Wolfville, there was no reason why Celia and Soledad couldn't join them, should the girls want to be more involved. 

It was a question for later, as Cedric heard the approach of their student and stood up in time for Roza to enter the room and move to join them on the comfortable chairs. "Not a problem at all, I don't usually get to teach this side of things, so it shall be an interesting experience for all of us." Cedric explained, then gesturing to Celia. "Celia will be covering the actual reading and writing part, since I unfortunately cannot do either myself, but as for history lessons, I am open for any questions you might have on our pack."

Passing Celia the pieces of parchment with writing notes, Cedric gave Roza a smile and turned his chair more to face hers. "Should we begin with history? What moments of Casa life do you wish to learn about?"

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Knowledge and history didn't tend to take as much priority as other matters when it came to growing and learning within Casa. Roza already had a bit of a leg up with part of this lesson, her parents having taken some time to help her get started with her reading and writing, but it was that latter matter that called her attention more. Bits and pieces were shared, especially given her family had been present for the celebration for the pack's foundation date... Actually probably best not to think too much on that. Wouldn't want to sour the mood for anyone present.

Point being, knowing history was just as important as being able to fight. Knowing where they came from, how they got here. It was surely enough to fill any young prospector to the adult ranks with a new sense of pride.

The large girl had to tilt her head a bit at a certain notion. Celia was here to handle the reading and writing... because the Lune... one of the two heads of all Casa... didn't know how to do either? How was that even possible? Granted, she probably wasn't aware of how much, or how little, either skill was used on a daily basis, but it just seemed too strange, even for her. Dual colored eyes focused on the gray man, "Not to sound mean but... shouldn't you be able to know how to do that?"

Her eyes gave a passing glance over to the man's daughter, then back to her father, "You could learn with me if you want, even though you're not getting the shield like I am." What was the harm in that right? At least then he'd be doing more than just sitting and talking.

Roza took a moment to think once she had sat down herself. So the history lesson was going to be first. What moments indeed. One idea already jumped out to her, but again was tied to that worry of souring the mood. It was important, so she was just going to have to push through it. But then what else? Well, maybe if the Lune started talking, she would think of questions and other points in history along the way, "Why not at the beginning? Casa's foundation."
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Roza Hushhowl

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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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There was, and always would be, a bit of shame on Cedric's part for his lack of reading skill. He'd made peace with it years ago when he'd accepted it wasn't his fault for his mind not able to comprehend written language, but it remained a bit of a glaring issue in his position as Lune. An issue easy to get around; given almost everyone else in Casa was literate so Cedric could look for help from anyone, but it still felt like a heavy knot of judgement deep in the man's stomach. Roza however, was right to be surprised and also had the right to question it, getting a small smile from the Lune and a quick look from Celia. 

"Not mean at all, you're right I should know." Cedric commented, "But... unfortunately, when I was your age I discovered that I couldn't. Not from a lack of trying, even to this day I still try to learn. Let's just say that my... mind doesn't accept things that are written down in the same way others do." And it didn't define Cedric as being stupid, because the man had certainly proven to have a keen mind given his knowledge of other languages and memory full of history, which was something the Lune was more confident in confirming. He did glance to Celia though and nodded. "I'll be here as we do the writing part, perhaps I might pick up a thing from a new teacher." His daughter chuckled awkwardly to that, shuffling her papers as a gesture for Cedric to get on with his half of the lesson. 

Roza wanted to start from the beginning, so Cedric nodded and leaned back to think for a moment, searching the memories in his head of the history lessons he himself had been shown by Aldora way back when he first became Lune. "The foundation began because of a single idea; formed by the outcome of a terrible war and a desire to have a force strong enough to prevent such violence in the future. Our first leader, Jazper, also father of the Knight family, brought together like-minded individuals who all wanted to create a group of peace keepers. That is how Casa has functioned for all these years; of the ideals of honour and protection, to be a force for good but also a means of keeping peace."

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The smile surprised the young Hushhowl. She would have expected some other kind of reaction to being pointed out something as obvious as that. If anything, she might have thought he would be offended by a comment like that, as it might imply he was stupid, or that there might be something wrong with him. The smile caused some relief to wash through her.

And then she blinked. He had tried, but it didn't stick? "Huh... I never thought about it like that. I didn't think something like that was even possible." She didn't think there would be anything wrong with those in Casa. It made her wonder why it was that way for the Lune. The fact that he had tried and didn't get it, living with this had given her a sense of respect for the man. And to even tag on that he might learn something from this lesson just to appease her to some degree. It made her smile, "Yeah! Maybe!"

The smile was quick to fade once the real lesson started. She wanted to learn about the start, but didn't expect it had been war that caused their foundation. Actually, now that she thought about it, it did make a lot of sense, and Cedric said as much as he continued. If war was such a devastating act of violence, then it would make sense to have those that would come together to prevent such a disaster from happening again.

That also got her to think though. If that was Casa's purpose when they formed, was it all still the same now? She sat up a bit, "That's very noble of Casa. If it's not too much to ask, what kinds of things has Casa done to prove that. Like, have we helped other packs like Casa? Other people?" They had to right? This couldn't have just been something for their own benefit, "Have there been any rough situations in the past?"
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Roza Hushhowl

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Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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Cedric's smile was warm and kind as he looked to Roza. "Believe me, I wish it wasn't possible. When I was young I used to think myself stupid for not knowing how to read, but if there is one thing you learn from living here in Casa is that you will be respected no matter your weakness. I may never be able to read or write, but I know many Cavaliers still willing to help me." Cedric replied, hoping his words could encourage some trust in Roza, that she would get what he was implying about the kindness of the Cavalier spirit. 

Casa's entire reason for existence hadn't changed, as far as Cedric was concerned; they were still out to keep peace and create bonds between other communities, however some of their ideals had shifted throughout the years. For the good or bad, Casa had a decade of history and there were bound to be blotches of dark times amongst them, but for the most part Cedric could recall the moments of triumph and heroics. 

"Well we have never been at war with another pack. Which you might think is strange, but actually that proves our potential at keeping peace; although we have made clear enemies in the past, the amount of blood being shed or lives lost has been minimum. There have been raids on our pack, such as pirates or groups of mercenaries, but Casa had dealt with them all." Cedric explained. "When it comes to packs, we are a very diplomatic pack. We've formed multiple alliances throughout the years, with the aim of promising protection and aid to those packs we befriend, as well as keeping up communication with one another. The packs that we have not had such positive ties with however, we have been more cautious of, again no outright wars but certainly warnings. Considering our pack values strength in battle quite highly, it makes it unlikely for others to deem us an easy enough target to attack. This means we can encourage others against acts of war, either with us or our allies."

Cedric paused to let the girl sink it all in, before continuing. "An example of this is what happened to New Dawn. They were our long-time ally from across the Loch. Your family originally came from there actually, but the pack was attacked and destroyed by another, called Anathema. Many from New Dawn found a new home here in Casa, and we sought revenge for them by confronting Anathema and calling them out on their violence. Our interference caused a change in their pack, which brought an end to our conflict with them."

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Roza couldn't help but let her eyes sparkle at Cedric's words. Truly he was one worthy of the position of Lune, and the way he spoke was inspiring. As far as she could tell, she didn't have as much trouble as her other siblings, but that didn't mean there wouldn't be problems when it came down to the rest of her training. It did make her think to her smallest littermate. She was probably going to have it the hardest out of all of them, but if the Lune's words were anything to go off of, she was going to be alright.

So would she.

It was comforting to know the pack hadn't be part of any war, which made things hopeful for her own future... but it also made her worry about the amount of internal attacks, or ones that had been made against the labeled diplomats of the land. Two of her own littermates had been harmed as a result, and one of them was still at the mercy of her own nightmares. There was only so much the large girl to do to help... and it hurt her.

The sparkle was back in Roza's eyes when New Dawn came up. She had never heard the name before, at least not that she could recall. It did interest her to know that her family had come from there. That was something she was going to have to ask her parents about sometime. She would love to hear more about this pack that had... sadly been wiped out by another. She would ask Cedric since she had his attention right now, but this was meant to be a history lesson about Casa, not New Dawn.

Her ears fell back some the more he explained, but how interesting that Casa had been able to stop the conflict before it had even started, and even worked to make relations better. She smiled at that news, "That's amazing. I didn't know Casa was so good like that. Are there any times like that you can tell me about?"
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Roza Hushhowl

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