Yellowstone Luperci Tribes
Possible Outside Territories? Lasky Locations?
Hi! I'm Antaras Starborn, also known as Witchie on the Discord!!! :) 

I was coming up with some lore for Antaras' backstory, and I was thinking that he came from a group of other Luperci, that live in what used to be Yellowstone National Park. I figured that Luperci would thrive there because that's where a lot of wolves live(d) then and now, so it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to think that they would have taken over there. Anyway, here's what I have so far on the tribes/groups that would be in the area.

Tribe of the Rising Vapors, which believes that Luperci are superior to other animals, and that one should strive to embody the Optime way of living. It is still acceptable to use the Lupus and Secui forms, but Optime form is the ultimate form of living.

Meanwhile,  the Tribe of the Burning Ground is the exact opposite, believing that Luperci shouldn't have split from their animalistic ways, and should strive to embody the Lupus way of living. The Burning Ground tribe eschews the Optime form unless it is absolutely necessary, and rarely uses the Secui form.

Then there is the Tribe of the Flowing Waters, which is the balance between the two other tribes, which believes there should be balance in all things, and that one should live the way one feels, rather than choosing a hard line.


The Tribe of the Rising Vapors believe in the Ashen Wolf, which is a spirit that roams the lands. The Ashen Wolf is a large wolf covered in embers and fire for eyes. It is believed that the Ashen Wolf creates the forest fires that often strike in the summer months, due to the other two tribes’ refusal to live in the Optime way. Many of the members of the Tribe of the Rising Vapors blame the forest fires on the other tribes because of this belief in the Ashen Wolf.

In antithesis, The Tribe of the Burning Ground has lore in a bogeyman/figure known as the Frozen Hunter. It is a large Luperci figure in Optime form with ruby red eyes and a gnarled cane with a crow alongside it that calls out its victims’ names.  It roams the land and forests bringing along with it the Winter snows and blizzards. It hunts down weak and young wolves, freezing their hearts or burying them under a layer of snow too thick to dig out. Though this might just be an old folktale to keep young pups in check.

They also believe in Grandmother Raven, a shared belief with all three tribes, a figure that is believed to be the mother of all Luperci. Despite her name of Raven, she is a Luperci - believed to be the first Luperci. The Rising Vapors believe that she blessed their tribe with the knowledge and skills of the Optime form. The Burning Ground Tribe believe that she blessed their tribe with the knowledge and skills of the Lupus form. The Flowing Waters Tribe believe that she blessed their tribe with the knowledge and skills of the Secui form.
Hey! I just wanted to pop in to say I *love* all of these concepts, especially Grandmother Raven! My mans Jonk is from southern Alberta from a place/pack called the Great Prairie, and his pack and the other peoples of the area (some allied, some not) all have primarily monotheistic beliefs about a great mother figure who is responsible for the existence of Luperci in some way. Their similar belief and relative proximity is neat! c:

I think the Ashen Wolf and Frozen Hunter are really cool, too. <3

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