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Hello! Long time lurker finally coming out of the woodwork to play. Excited to be here!

Meet Ria--Coriander Uzun--my childlike little monster. <3 An exile from her non-Luperci birth pack (for disappearances she had no connection to), she has been a wanderer for a few months now, surviving on a combination of skill and dumb luck--and the occasional "handout" taken from strangers without their knowledge. Very recently, she had a run-in with a wild Luperci that left her infected, and she's currently dealing with the aftermath: coming to terms with her new status as a shifter. (Thank you, Tallulah, for the crash course in Luperci 101!)

While part of me is still very much open to simply letting her go in the world and seeing what happens, the current season and her absolute cluelessness when it comes to shifting sets her at a disadvantage, and I'd hate for her poor decisions to land her in an even worse spot. So! I'd kind of like her to end up in a pack where she can be guided in the right direction--temporarily or long-term--and at least get her feet under her. It might take a bit of work as she's very unfamiliar with society as it is here and being a shifter in general, but she's naturally curious so she'll at least listen if not adopt things right off the bat.

A few things to note about her:
  • Having grown up in a non-Luperci pack, Ria is still very much a wild creature and will defend herself vehemently when posed with "fight or flight" situations--or will try to throw her weight around if she thinks she may get the upper hand.
  • Society as it is is a foreign concept to her and one that will take a while for her to grasp. I expect many-a lesson to be taught to her as she figures this out (apologies ahead of time for her uncivilized behavior).
  • Though she believes herself to be a failure to the proud Uzun lineage, Ria thinks very highly of her kin and aspires to make herself worthy of carrying the name.
  • The family she came from was toxic and cruel, and had conditioned Ria to believe in a twisted reality where she is less than her kin, violent punishment is acceptable, and where she is only good as a subservient pawn.
  • Because of her upbringing, she responds more readily to assertive, aggressive types, easily slipping into old habits, and has a harder time trusting those who act first with kindness or generosity.
  • While gaining her trust can be a tricky thing, depending upon the method taken to obtain it, there is a chance for it to turn into an unhealthy obsession and devotion should she find the individual particularly fascinating or magnetic.
A few other things I'd hope to see for her in the future (not a priority atm but writing down to remember):
  • While groomed to be something of an attack dog for her kin, Ria finds healing and healers fascinating and considers both to be some natural form of magic. She would love to learn anything and everything about healing, even if she's a horrendous student.
  • Though I see it being an incredibly difficult task--and praise anyone who attempts it--I'd love for someone to try getting through to her how damaging her upbringing was and open her eyes to the possibility of a kinder future now that she's away from her toxic family (but be ready for resistance).
  • Somewhere along the same lines as the above, Ria would benefit greatly from having her own "found family" to dote on and give her attention to, as she does better when she has something or someone(s) to devote herself to.
These are by no means comprehensive lists and I may add to them as I think of more traits or potential plans, but it at least gives a place to start. I don't have a pack preference for her at the moment, but she is currently in the Northern Tides/Gaspesia area, if that makes a difference. To contact me about plots or threads, shoot me a message here or in PMs as I haven't yet made my way over to the Discord. Thanks!
Hello there!!

I have the motherly Peony Braithwaite who can maybe “tame” her down a bit? Offer her food and otherwise, before maybe slowly introduces her into Del Cenere Gang? (Thats where Tallulah is from lol)

> Peony is kinder than not, but when met with fangs she will react with fangs. She’s very adaptive so I’d say Ria was caught taking the meat rather than asking for it she may react negatively and then try to remain calm, and otherwise XD

> Peony is a leader, but above all else, tries to remain prim and proper, even if Ria doesn’t join the pack, Peony could offer kindness and lessons, in return potentially ask for a favor???

> It would potentially  be a long con plot (so to say), but Peony will try to get through and explain that the past was toxic. Peo ultimately tries to make others feel better than worse.

As a note, Gasepia is not necessarily near Del Cenere Gang but she tends to travel to Burnt Church Mountains.

If this doesn’t work I also have Valkyrie Savoy from New Caledonia! While the borders are closed she can sneak out and find her, she’s more rough around the edges and will likely react with anger and hostility than with kindness at first.
I have many a character in Casa, but was thinking of Kai or Yrsa might be good to meet! Kai is a counselor and kind individual who wants to help people. Yrsa is a former loner and healer. Though, during winter especially, it would be a little challenging for them to get to the Northern Tides area. I also have Hageshi in NC, sister of the above memtioned Valkyrie,
that could at least meet them by sneaking out with her sister? Really depends on what pack you are leaning more towards OOCly for your character.

Regardless, welcome and hope you enjoy it here on 'Souls!
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I saw your character is pretty "feral" still -- there is a Loner Band that's looking to form sometime in the next month that may be up her alley! You can find some details for that here:

Oberyn, my character connected to this group, and his mate still live as "old school" wolves, and could offer their perspective on her recent change and what that means to her.
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Hoboy, this already got more of a response than I had anticipated! I'm going to answer these in a bit of a jumbled manner, so bear with me:

Because of her history and experience with her more "feral" upbringing, I think Ria would gravitate more toward this Loner Band at least as a foundation. It's familiar and comfortable to her, and she'd adapt more readily to living in that way even among strangers. However, due to her natural curiosity and already being exposed somewhat to a small slice of Luperci life, I don't think it would hold her attention long-term and she may decide to leave at some point in the future to try living in a more humanized setting.

That said, after doing a bit more research, of the existing packs I believe New Caledonia may be an easier fit for her due to its open acceptance of all types of characters--I personally find her hard to peg down at times because her reactions are very situational. Her full-wolf blood would hinder her greatly in Del Cenere, and Casa's honor code may feel too restricting for her at times. New Caledonia feels like it would allow for her to still be herself while trying to adjust to the new lifestyle. Doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see her make friends or at least acquaintances from each pack--I absolutely would!

Of course, any number of things may happen in the meantime to change her trajectory, but I'm a fan of this idea so far--if it seems reasonable, at least?
Absolutely seems reasonable to me!

Valkyrie can be a friend or a foe, after the recent borders being closed, she cannot be accepted in (but I can offer Val for good vibes or frenemies, in the mean time ?) :>

Depending on your timeline for Ria, that is!

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