[RO] The Melting Point of Wax
OOC: This post is Dynia de la Croix, taking place in DCG in Mid-Jan during and continuing in this thread. WC: 1321

Chewing. Need to chew. That would help her nervous energy. A good way to release it. The house was empty except for her and the cat, Asel, who was snoozing on a couple of folded up blankets. Her eyes darted back and forth until she spotted a knife that had a bone handle. Before she really thought about what she was doing, Dynia nabbed it off the table and carefully set it on the ground so that she could hold it with a front paw without cutting herself. The scrape of her teeth on the bone was satisfying and the repetition let her tune everything else out until she was in a zone where the world around her seemed fuzzy and muted.

A noise outside startled her and she jumped, sending the knife rolling a few steps away.

Oh. Crap.

Dynia jumped to her feet and snagged the knife again in her mouth, looking around frantically for somewhere to hide it. She had no idea how she was going to fix this. She was sure that it was still functional, but it looked terrible now. Was there even anything she could do about it? Trading for a new one might be her only option at this point, and the thought alone had anxiety tightening her chest. She couldn't do that. Maybe someone could take the blade and attach it to another bone?

She pawed at some of the cloth she had been practicing sewing with and set the knife down in the spot. Then she used her teeth to pick up a couple of cloth pieces and dropped them on top of the knife. That would not do. The knife was not really covered. She tipped her head and looked around. What else could she add?

And what was she going to do? Dynia whined a little as she turned in a circle and laid down, curling up while she thought. Her leg itched and she mindlessly licked at it while trying to come up with a good plan. One that did not involve talking with any loners in Charmingtown to try to trade for a new knife. She felt restless and moved from licking her leg to one of her front paws, using her teeth on the fluffy fur between her toes. A tooth caught her paw and she whined before licking the spot again to soothe it.

Another sound outside made her jump again and this time she got to her feet. She needed to get out of Charmingtown for a while. Dynia decided to shift and when she stood on two feet, her hand brushed her leg where the fur was missing and she looked down with a gasp. The visible skin was red and angry, and she covered it with her hand as her Papa, Notch, walked in the door.

"Hey, Dynia," Notch said with a smile as he set a bag down on the table. Dynia knelt down by her sewing things, making sure to face so he couldn't see her leg.

"Hi, Papa," Dynia said, turning away. "Asel and I are going to head out for a while." Notch did not answer immediately and Dynia pretended she was interested in the stitching she had been practicing most recently. "Come on, Asel, let's go," Dynia whispered, standing back up. Notch pretended he could not hear her as she bustled around like she was on a mission. Really, she was just kind of freaking out because she had not realized how big the spot of missing fur was. Her paws hurt, too, but she ignored that as she picked up a few things and dropped them onto a pile as if she was straightening up.

"I'll see you later," Notch called after her as she went out the door. She waved before dashing out of his line of sight. Asel followed along behind her as she hurried away from their house and into the wilderness beyond Charmingtown, looping around the perimeter of town rather than cutting through even though that was a much faster way to get to the lake. Thankfully she did not come across anyone else in that time and soon enough she and Asel were sitting against a tree, looking over the frozen lake. It was pretty, if a little bleak, but she liked the simplicity.

She sighed, then breathed in deep, taking in the scents around her. Nothing too interesting, and no one nearby, at least not upwind of her. She fidgeted, unable to sit still, and her leg itched. At least in Optime form, it was not as easy to reach it to lick it. She did have to refrain from scratching at it, though.

"Maybe they haven't noticed the fur," Dynia murmured quietly to Asel. If they did, she would have to talk to them and she definitely did not want to do that. The fur would grow back--quickly, she hoped, and everything would be fine. Her leg bounced and she picked up a stick and started stripping the bark off of it just to have something to do with her hands. After a couple of minutes, she sighed and tossed the now bare stick and grabbed another one.

"They definitely noticed," she added and Asel crawled into her lap. He swatted at the stick that was already half bare, causing her to drop it. "Hey," she protested but did not try to dislodge him as he made himself at home. "What am I gonna do?" she rubbed her finger pads over the bare skin. It was cold and felt really weird. "Daddy said he'd help me make a skirt, but now if I try it on while we're making it, he'll definitely see it, and it'll give him a reason to ask what's going on." Maybe she could avoid giving her parents that opening until the fur came back.

Yeah, that would have to be the plan. There really was not any other good one. Of course, Dynia knew that she should just talk to them, but she did not want them to worry. She just wanted to be fine, even though there was now physical proof that she most definitely was not. She still hoped that if she pretended long enough, it would become reality.

Eventually, Asel began to get a little chilly. Despite his floofy winter coat, they were just sitting around, and the lack of activity meant he was cold. Dynia was starting to feel the wind as well now that it was coming off the lake, which gave it an icy edge to it.

"Let's go back, I guess," Dynia said as she gently moved Asel off her lap and set him on his feet. Then she stood up and brushed away the snow that was clinging to her fur. Maybe she could put something together with what fabric she had that would cover her legs enough to hide the bare skin. She bet that her Dad would be proud of her figuring that out on her own, too. And surely he and Papa were out doing more chores by this point. There was always something to be done. If not... maybe she could just sneak over to Aunt Ponti's for a bit. And hide her missing fur there, too, just in case Ponti would talk to Notch and Auger. This was going to get old fast.

With a sigh, Dynia walked into the house, Asel behind her, and she looked up to find both Daddy and Papa sitting at the table waiting for her. She froze, looking from one to the other, trying to casually put her hand over the bare skin. Asel was useless as a distraction as he dodged around her feet and practically burrowed into the blanket pile.

Well... crap. So much for hiding it until it got better.

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