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There had been a lot more work that went into making sure the Citadel was set up as an outpost. She had been quick to volunteer as they needed the muscle to make sure nothing happened while they were new within the city. Hibiki had agreed he would stay behind, but it did not stop them from visiting each other as much as they could spare in between. Inara had also been a welcomed ally in defending the small trade station, but they were quickly growing and produced as much as they could in trade for New Caledonia under Amon here. 

There were times she felt a little strange, but nothing that she felt like she could not shake. At first it had been the sickness, Svanja had given her some weird looks, but Kadir always brushed it off that she could not stomach the seafood as well as she could red meat. That was an absolute lie because she had eaten plenty of fish while she grew up within Sapient, as they had been almost right on the water and it was a good way to spend a day under the heat of the sun. Actually, she had mostly preferred the taste of fish to red meat, but she just chocked up the sick feeling to eating something off over the last few days. It would eventually pass, and it did. 

Next was the fatigue, Kadir had never been one to nap - honestly, ever at all - but again, she brushed it off as her age and the naps always seemed to rejuvenate her and she never had any issues falling asleep at night. Once they were settled and established within the outpost, a certain respect had come to them within the city and no one tried to really cause too much trouble with them and so her job had not been nearly as hard. That's probably why she had felt so tired, there was not as much to do. Kadir had considered returning to New Caledonia proper a few times, if only she could be with Hibiki, they had been separated long enough, but the day she had decided it was time, Svanja confronted her.

"You can't," she growled at the woman, knowing that Kadir was in complete denial over her condition. 

"What do you mean I can't?" she bit back, eyes peering over at her old friend across the table from her. 

"Kadir, come on, look at you? Are you daft?" she asked incredulous. 

"I'm not following," her eyes sharp as her paws crossed over her chest, resting on the belly that had swollen, again she had felt maybe she had gotten a little lazier, especially when she could easily spend the days fishing and filling up on the fatty northern fish was enough to put a little weight on anyone. Green eyes flicked down to her protruding abdomen, feeling a faint butterfly like feeling that she passed off as gas. Svanja stared pointedly at her belly too before returning her stern gaze on the larger wolf. Funny how much her Germanic accent had been disappearing the more she began interact with the customers around Portland. 

"Kadir. You are pregnant," a small smile flickering across her lips.

A bark of laughter exploded from the Ahearne woman before quickly turning to panic as her hands flew to her stomach feeling the roundness she had been in absolute denial of. "But... how?"

"Kadir, come on, I think you exactly - how -," she said with a sly grin and a cock of her brow. The brindle woman leaned back in her seat, her arms crossed over her chest as she smirked up at the larger wolf. 

That was when another painful cramp gripped her stomach, hardening it, she had completely passed it off for gas as well most of the morning. 

"My gods, am I in labour? Why didn't you tell me?" she asked, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she abruptly stood, her hands pinned on the edge of the table as she tried to breathe through the wave of pain that was rising like a tide, after some steadying breaths she had reached the peak and quickly it dissolved back into a dull throb. 

"I honestly did not think anything of it until recently. Come, let's get you up to bed," she said, ushering the towering woman forward through the doorway and out of the main part of the estate. 

"Hibiki, he needs to know. Please, send a raven and ask him to come," Kadir said, mounting the stairs before doubling over again. She could not help but push back against the hands of the smaller hybrid as the woman placed counter pressure against her hips once again. Svanja knew that it could wait, but for now they needed to make sure Kadir and her new brood were going to be alright. Seeing as their resources were a little limited here the pair would get through this first and then he could be made aware. How did you even put something like that in a letter? A trickle of water running down her leg interrupted her thoughts as the wave of pain gradual came up to its peak and she could not help but groan and push against the Svanja's hands. As the wave eventually subsided after a minute, she scrambled up the steps as fast as she could in her condition.

No amount of training had ever prepared her for something like this.

Never had Kadir even considered children, well maybe a few times with Hibiki when Kalypso had her most recent brood. They had talked about it, but their lives were so busy, where would children fit into it all? They had each other, and Kadir had been happy with that as well as her duties to the kingdom, she did not feel the need for more like some women did, so it never occurred to her all of those times that maybe it would result in something like this. They had been so careful... at least she thought they had. Maybe they got a little swept up the last time before she left for the outpost again. 

In the din of the darkened room, the sun filtered out by a heavy blanket that was nailed strategically over the wind so as not to sign any direct light into Kadir's sleeping quarters, she had managed to birth four beautiful children. It had to have been the hardest thing she had ever accomplished, but tears sprung to her eyes when she thought about Hibiki. He didn't even know yet. How could she have been so dumb? All the signs were there. She had to have been an idiot and in complete denial about it all. All of that did not matter now as she looked at the small wriggling bodies, her breasts felt heavy, her body unfamiliar to her as they wriggled around with pitiful squeaks as they nestled into her breasts in search of the warm milk that was being produced by her body. 

In a content doze, her eyes were half lidded, Svanja had disappeared once they were settled. It was crazy, but in the midst of it all Kadir almost snapped at her to get out and let her do it herself, but every time a wave of pain came, that counter pressure on her hips helped in the pure agony of the moment. Laying content and snuggled into her thick wolfish pelt, she snuggled the small babes, not wanting to bestow any names upon them until her love had arrived. They would name them together, even if they did go nameless for a little while. It would not take him any longer than a week to arrive, especially traveling solo. Hoping that Svanja would have some tact, she did not wish to worry him, but she also did not want to announce that he had suddenly become a father over night from a letter delivered via raven. How else would she tell him that he needed to drop what he was doing and come quick without raising some alarm? 

The days seemed to drag on as Svanja had come and gone from her room, explaining to Amon and those closest to her what was happening. Word traveled fast through the Citadel and it seemed like everyone had gave them enough grace to wait a few days before peaking in to wish their congratulations on the new mother, adorning her with gifts and filling her belly with the best tasting food she had in some time. Nuzzling her children close, she was dozing in and out of sleep when she heard the pounding of familiar feet coming up the steps towards her room. A choke of emotion gripped her throat as she laid nestled amongst the blankets with their children clambering over each other blind and deaf to everything around them as they pushed into her breasts searching for food. Her muzzle lifted as the door swung open her heart bursting with love, a guttural sound erupted from her parted muzzle, olive eyes flashing in the late evening light filtering in through the blinds revealing the familiar shape that stood in the doorway before her.

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For Salena! Set for around mid-October!
Hibiki wasn't sure how many days had gone by at this point. He knew it had been her decision to leave, to travel to the Citadel in order to help out there... but that didn't deny the fact that some part of him wanted her to stay at home with him. It had been something that often left him staying awake at night. Since he had found her again... the third time now that he thought about it, he didn't want to have to leave her again, even if that meant she would be in a place that he knew. Having lost her two times and have them still come back together...

He had the ease of knowing she was somewhere safe, and a place he would be able to visit if the urges got too strong... but that didn't change the fact that living without her warmth at his side was ever present in New Caledonia.

He had made a couple trips out there, but the travel time between two places did not make it efficient for him to be doing such a thing on a daily basis, as he was still needed in the kingdom proper. Still... having watched his dear friends and their own family thrive... it had given him a sense of longing that he couldn't hold off for too much longer. When he wasn't making such plans to go see Kadir, he was putting himself into his work. It was better than staying at home to remember what was missing. Besides, doing his duties gave him that sense of fulfillment he always wanted since he was young.

He was appreciated here...

The dark male sat at home, having gotten up in the morning. Light blue orbs peered out to the square, watching the sun as it slowly began to rise up into the sky. It would be another day, and he was sure there were some projects he could be working on. Perhaps that blade he had been working on designs for, as there didn't seem to be any orders from members of the kingdom that he needed to make. Besides, it's not like he was the only Ironpaw here. New Caledonia had to have a few of them.

A tapping at the door had turned his attention from his gazing. Who could that be?

Hibiki paused when he opened the door, not seeing anyone there. Had he perhaps just imagined it? It was early, so it wouldn't be too out of the question... even though he didn't have a problem with such things before... A tap to his head broke his line of thought, a raven resting some distance above him, having got him. A bird? Fall was coming, so wouldn't they want to be somewhere a bit warmer?

It was then he noticed there was something tied along its leg. A note? Who would be sending something to him? His hands reached up, carefully taking it from the bird before stepping back inside. It had to be something important if it was coming right to him. He rested down along the pelts, reading over the contents of the note. Immediately, he felt a feeling of love rush through him. It looked like it was written by Svanja, but the more he read on, it was news coming from Kadir.

But the more he went on... the more his heart began to swell. There was no holding back on the news itself...


They were his... and Kadir's...

He was a father!

Tears slipped down his face. He didn't think anything would come of the night he shared with Kadir, as she wasn't even properly his mate yet. He had planned to make that move when she returned, but it seemed it was time to begin putting that plan into motion. One matter was certain. If his children had been born, then he should be at the Citadel with his family, not here. The dark man wasted no time in pushing himself to his feet, gathering whatever he would need to make the trip, and went to gather Soot. Of course he would need to take a moment to let the leaders, know where he was going.

Excitement filled every part of him as he pulled himself onto the horse's back, taking off towards his destination.

One week. It had taken him a week to arrive, and it was the most anxiety driven week of his life. The excitement had begun to die down when he realized what this meant. He was a parent now... but how was he supposed to raise a kid? Look at the parents he had... one wanted nothing to do with him and his brothers... and the other abused him. He had been the one to take her life in the end, claiming he would never be anything like her. He would never be 'nothing'... but could he really own up to that claim now?

What if he did end up taking after her? It hurt just to think about... and put him on edge the entire way to the Citadel.

Hibiki wasted no time in making his way to where Svanja and Kadir lived. He swung the door open, not waiting for anyone to come greet him. His eyes feel on his love... and the four little bodies resting near her. His heart beat rapidly as he made his way to her side, "Kadir. I came as fast as I could. I have missed you so much."

He hesitantly reached out for the tiny puppies, brushing his fingers against them, "They're... they're beautiful..."
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Kadir had intended to return to New Caledonia just before winter, there had always been plans to return earlier, but something had always came up and she would be needed. It would be just one more project, or just one more week, there was always something, but she could not let her King down. Not when she felt so at home within the Realm, more so than she had ever felt in her life. Maybe it had something to do with Hibiki, he made their small house feel like a true home and now that they were together again she knew that they had the rest of their lives together. This would just be a short little blip amongst those days. 

Now, she felt trapped, what had Svanja wrote in her letter? Kadir mulled over her thoughts as she drifted in and out of sleep amongst the warmth of the furs in the large bed that she had spent more time in within the last week than she probably had her entire time here. It was odd, but there was no feeling of restlessness that would normally make her get out of bed and besides just leaving the pups long enough to relieve herself and get a little bit of fresh air had been enough. It was torture even doing that much and being away from them. 

A hint of sadness washed over her as she thought about the fact that Hibiki had not been there for their birth and to be the first to lay eyes on them. They were absolutely perfect, two boys and two girls, all of them a good mixture from what she could tell so far of their parents. When a week had passed, she began to worry that maybe the raven had been intercepted, but she knew that he would be here as soon as the news reached him and she just needed to be patient. Crooning over the little balls of fluff, she laid there running her tongue over each of them before tucking them close to her to eat before they passed back out. 

So, when he finally appeared in the door way, she could not help the tears that pricked at the corners of her eyes. Never had they expected that one night to result in this, but after spending the first stretch of time apart everything got the better of them and now here they were, reunited at last. 

"Hibiki, I'm so sorry, if I would have knew... I would have told you sooner. I think... I was a little in denial," as Svanja had so blatantly pointed out. All of the signs were there, but she was too pigheaded to connect the dots and brushed it off as literally anything else. Even if it made no sense at all. Her hands reached out to pull him closer. He sat down beside her, the unmistakable awe in his eyes over the tiny wriggling bodies that squeaked with the sudden disturbance of their mother's heart racing and squirming in the bed. Their chubby little forepaws swimming amongst the fur on Kadir's belly as she attempted to get to her milk. Olive eyes lifted back to meet Hibiki's pale icy orbs. "Two boys, and two girls," she whispered, her eyes falling back down to them as she lifted one of the little girls up in her hands and turned the squeaky thing towards her father, little paws flailing to be free and back in the warmth of her fur. 

While she had mulled over many names, it did not feel right to name them without their father here and even though Kadir and Hibiki were not mated, she could not deny that fate would see them together. Their life forces were entwined tightly, and the product of this was born between them. Honestly, she was just happy to be by his side, more devout than a couple of words and rings to make it official. Nothing would ever rip them apart, they had endured way too much and come too far. When she was recovered from the birth of their children and the pups were fit to travel she would return to the Realm with Hibiki, although being here in the Outpost had an undeniable pull to it. Honestly, the wolfdog could not care where she was at, as long as she had them beside her. It was enough.

"Gods, I have missed you so much. I honestly thought I'd be home in the next week or two," her intentions were to return which is why the length of time in between their last visit had been stretched so long for this reason. She needed to make the trip long before the snow fell and delayed her trip any longer. They were pretty set here now and well established, her skills were not going to be needed much longer. 

Shifting herself over in the bed, she wanted to pull him in so they could lay the pups between them and share in the excitement that she had been bursting with for the last week. Obviously, Svanja had mentioned in the letter that Kadir had given birth, which she was a little relieved about so he had some time to think about it. Kadir knew the relationship he had with his parents, and how that affected how he viewed having children one day, his worries and her own worries given her own background had been expressed during those late night talks in the darkness of their home they shared. She wondered briefly if he would change his mind and not want this, but that was quickly wiped from existence when she saw the look in his eyes as they laid upon their young. 

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Hibiki wasn't sure how they could have done it... but somehow the presence of the tiny bodies being near him had managed to wash away all the worries that were racing through his mind on the way to the Citadel. He would have plenty of time to worry over how to raise them, but he wouldn't have to do it alone. That was one thing that he would certainly do better than his own mother did. She tried to raise them on her own. Part of him was left to wonder how she managed to do it, especially when their father was living in the same pack, and openly expressed not being interested in them, or being a part of their lives.

And the other part of him was meant to wonder that since he and Kadir would be sharing the work load, it would be easier on the both of them. If anything, they would just have to keep up on communicating with one another. That shouldn't be too hard given how they were reunited... once again. And this time for the better. This time forever.

Huh... forever...

The dark male hushed the woman gently, "It's alright Kadir. I'm just glad I was able to get your letter. It's been terribly lonely in New Caledonia without you." His blue gaze fell down to the children. They were beautiful, and he couldn't help but see the mother of them shining through in most of them. Perhaps that was for the best. Not that he wouldn't want any of them not to look like him, but considering he knew what it was like to be judged, and knew about his family, sometimes he felt it was best to cut ties with that part of his family... well, except for his brothers and their families. He moved a hand out to them, being as gentle as he could, "They will grow into fine Ahearnes'."

He had no family name of his own to pass down. Perhaps this was a subtle way to homologate with her.

Hibiki caught the woman's movements, he dropped anything else he had with him, sure he would be able to put it up when the sudden excitement wore off. Besides, he wouldn't want Svanja to do all the work. The woman had probably been busting her back helping Kadir with the birth and looking after the tiny babies. She could use a break. Now that he was here, surely neither of them would mind if he stepped in to take over. It was the least he could do with making them wait for so long. He rested at the other side of her along the bed, watching the little ones near her, "No need to worry. I would have been thrilled to have you back home with me, but this is just as good, better even. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. We'll return to the Realm when the time is right. For now, we enjoy this."
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