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Quote:Livestock need relocated from Debouille Reserve to where they can be better monitored, as it's unknown whether the disease spreads to canines. Animals will need to be brought towards the Lancaster Stockyard's quarantine pens.
Peo says tha’ animals needa be rounded up.” Always demanding things out of him, though he didn’t mind usually. It was said in nonchalance to his brother, who looked high strung as ever, Bennett rubbed the sleep from his eyes with two large, pallid mitts. 

A yawn broke loose then, stretching his maw open to a preposterous length, pearly white sprockets shining in the dawn light. What little morning light there was anyways, as it had begun to snow.  Two meaty hands gently clutched the fabric closer to his collar. Mandible parted to begin speaking once more, before his brows furrowed and he took off running towards an open gate. 

Now given the circumstances, he likely surprised his already stage-fright brother, so he let out a gentle woof as an okay sign, and spoke—albeit panting— to Colter once he had graced him with his presence. “Ain’t too sure wha’ all’s got out, but we’d best keep or ears an’ eyes peeled wide open.

For emphasis, he widened his eyes and heaved those ears as much as he could. Tall, long, pallid radar ears, pointing in all directions listening for bleets, whinnies or anything, really. Not to mention the other herds in the pastures would need brought ‘round, and them all checked over for signs of infection. Whatever this was, Peony (not Nazario for that matter) were taking it gingerly. 

Reckon we oughta git saddled up ‘n ‘roundin’ up these ‘ere livestock.” A muttered more to himself than anyone else. He wouldn’t mind shifting into Lupus to chase some down, but figured if they at least could bring in the hoss’ with the other horses, the other animals unaccounted for could be dealt with on foot. Or rather on four feet, considering switching into their Lupreci form of Lupus, would probably be most essential, and accommodating one. 

So the lumbering giant meandered towards the stables, aiming to saddle up Juanita. It hadn’t occurred to him that while he may be preoccupied with his thoughts on a certain Tejada lady, that he maybe, perhaps, wasn’t thinking correctly. Colter was free to chime in at anytime. Until then, he hummed in his throat, a tune so deep and low, it could have been mistook for a growl. But still, he meandered, a twinge of a smile on his jowls. Those verdant, stoic orbs were heaving in his vision.  Or maybe it was the way she snuck in stolen glances that almost — almost— had him grasping his chest that lead to his feverish demise. 
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Following the Crown of tines plot—
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It was early, too early for Colter's liking, and yet he was out here in the snow with his beast of a brother. Something about rounding up the livestock. He blinked slowly, nodding at Bennett's words. He was just scrubbing the sleep out of his lavender eyes when Benny took off towards the gate. Instantly, Colt's stomach dropped into his paws; what did Ben see? Was something wrong? Did something happen? Hurriedly, he took off after him, his ears sliding back against his skull. He was about to open his mouth to question him when the taller brother wuffed gently. Everything was fine...so far.

"Jeez, Ben, don't startle me like that..." he whined under his breath, running a trembling hand through his curly white mess of hair. "But yer right, we better keep our senses sharp." Glancing up to see Bennett's exaggerated expression, Colter snorted a laugh, bumping his brother with his shoulder playfully. "Don't make that damn face, Benny, you'll spook the animals all over again!"

Colt stretched now, grunting as his joints popped and the sleepy heaviness in his limbs melted away. Following the pale man to the stables, he got a sense that his brother was a bit...preoccupied. As he walked, he thought. Did they really need their own horses? As much as he wanted to see Little Miss, extra animals to control and deal with might just add to their predicament, and he didn't want their horses falling ill either... "Heya, Ben? You reckon we should go without the horses this time? We can jus' round up the animals on foot, I don't want Juanita an' Little Miss gettin' the chance to catch whatever is spreadin', y'know?" Never mind about themselves, the brothers were young and healthy. Even if the disease could be spread to their type of folk...Colter shrugged to himself. He'd be alright if he got sick, he could take it. He didn't want to chance it with his beloved mare, though. He needed her.

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The vision was clouded with lust, that’s what he decided was the best term, anyways.

His eyes turned to his brother and he let out a barking laugh at his brothers’ expression, though catching his shaking hand he knitted his brows and cantered his head. “Well garsh… didn’ mean ta scare ya, Colt. Ya alright?” He knew how his brother could be sometimes, so the question was really put into the air with ample curiosity, and concern. Hopefully Colter would be alright, besides, he had his bigger brother there to protect him. Or rather his little big brother. Logistics didn’t matter right now, though.

At his teasing demeanor he accepted this as that he was more calm and collected snow. Another low chuckle found it’s way into his throat. “A’in’t tha’ scurry.” He muttered.

However; with Rafaela on his thoughts and the way he took in his brother’s responses to his stipulated plan, made Bennett haunt in his tracks. Perhaps he was right, and that was a difficult thing for the Braithwaite to admit, sometimes. With a huff and a flower at his own feet he scratched his chin absently. “’S’pose that’s right, an’ Reckon we ain’t wanna give whatever been plaguin’ them deer er caribou ta th’ horses.” It was a muttered response as he mulled it over, a huff was given then, gentle albeit slightly miffed towards himself.

He began to take off his clothes, then, and turned to his brother. “Now don’t go lookin’ at meh butt ya hear.” It was a jest, followed by his cheeky grin. “I move faster in my Lupus should help a bit.

With that he began his concentration and then shifting in Lupus. After ten or fifteen minutes, and his form was almost complete, he glanced towards his brother. “Righ o, ready-o?” He exclaimed, then furrowing his brows. “Say… Colt, think we c’n chat ‘n stuff on the way? We gettin’ the hosses first, er?” Because damned if he wasn’t still distracted by the scent of horses which brought back memories of Rafaela and the way her scent stayed in his memory as a permanent resident.
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Bennett was concerned genuinely, and Colter put on a small smile to reassure his brother. "Don't worry, Ben, 'm fine. We got business to attend to, anyway." Now wasn't quite the time to discuss his mental issues, that would be a very long conversation for another time.

He was pleased to see that Ben was reconsidering his plan at his behest, it seemed his words had gotten through to whatever was on the taller man's mind. One ear flicked to catch what his brother was mumbling; he was agreeing. Colter began taking his clothes off as well, undoing his suspenders, unbuttoning his shirt, and stripping his legs of his trousers. "Aw, hush, y'say that like I ain't seen it before," he wuffed back, rolling his eyes playfully. The comment, though...it struck him as a bit odd. There was no way Bennett knew about his...prior relationships. Right? Swallowing thickly, Colt pushed those thoughts away for the moment and focused his attention on shifting into his Lupus form. It has been so long since he had shifted, it felt almost alien. He was very unused to it.

Over the span of several minutes, his joints popped and realigned themselves, bones shortening in some places and lengthening in others. Once his shifting was complete, Colter gave himself a hearty shake, trying to get used to this old quadrupedal form. Bennett spoke up then. A chat? What did he want to chat about? He knows he knows he knows heknowsheknowsheknows "Uh, sure thing, Benny. What's up? An' sure, hosses first, then we can look at the smaller animals an' such." At least in this form, no one could see his paws shaking.
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Don’t worry about it? Now that… made him worry about it, he would file it away to ask after at a later date. Especially since their tasks at hand weren’t necessarily keen on being about the Lupreci but rather their companions.

Colter looked worried again, and Bennett was about to ask whenever his brother rolled his eyes and made a joshing comment back. He barked a loud laugh and shook his head. T’was true he supposed, and he felt hilarity curling in his stomach with another short joke, but decided he should leave the dog lying where it was. Or however that saying went!

Easily as it came to begin running in this form the brute still had trouble keeping pace and was glad for his brethren to be slowing down for the lumbering giant of a Coyote. When Colt asked Bennett wasn’t sure how to respond at first, usually seeking out a sister for these types of things… but the last thing he wanted was for his sisters’ to chastise him, and berate him for not understanding women better.

So…” He started then cleared his throat; wow this was harder then he thought. They ran he let it drag on then finally said; “Iffin’ I like someone… a girl— er, how would I ask her to be like, oh I dunno…” he gazed off to his left then looked straight ahead as he weaved through the brush, using his nostrils to lead him to the newest scent of the livestock. “I wanna ask’er ta be more’ excited friends… ya know?”

How would Colter respond? Had their relationship even gotten that close? What would he even say? Let’s be “best friends” then see where it goes?

Instead of dwelling on it too long he shifted his footing and then raced down a narrow path catching site of the horses. “Look thems the hosses.” He exclaimed with a small growl in his throat. They weren’t even that far off, which should make it pretty easy.
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Colter loped in the direction his nose took him, being sure to slow his pace a little so his brother's giant form could keep up. He waited, quietly, patiently, for Bennett to speak up, realizing after a few silent moments that the other was trying to formulate his thoughts into words. Finally Benny spoke, and Colter felt a grin spreading across his maw. His brother, in love!

"Benny!" he barked, failing to keep the excitement out of his voice. He was happy for him, genuinely, and hopefully he didn't scare his shy brother off with his outburst. He was flattered that Bennett felt comfortable enough to open up to him. Maybe...maybe it would be safe to open up to Ben about his own romantic...pursuits. But that was for another time, perhaps. Colt turned his lavender eyes towards his pale brother, beaming. "Who's this lucky lady, huh? 'S it someone I know? So, so, y'wanna be more than friends wit' a girl. Now, y'gotta always be a gentleman, of course, so if she says no, y'gotta leave her alone and tend to yer broken heart with a good drink, y'hear? Don't go botherin' that poor girl anymore. Not that she will say no, 'cuz I reckon any gal would be lucky to have ya, Ben." His smile was very genuine, and he meant what he said. "Otherwise, I guess, uhh, jus'...Get 'er some real nice flowers, clean yerself up real nice, an' go to her doorstep an' say, 'Miss So-an'-So, I like ya a lot an' I want to get to know you better, if you'll have me. Would ya care to go out wit' me?'"

Bennett suddenly took off in a different direction, and Colter raced to catch up with him. He must have spotted something, and sure enough as he rounded a corner, he saw the horses mulling about a ways off. "I seen 'em," he replied with a soft growl, feeling the prey-drive ramp up into his throat. The chase was the most exciting part. "Let's go."
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