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Thread Generator Wrote:"It's morning on a rocky shore, and it's another snowy day.
Your character is threatened at knifepoint by a young, skinny stranger."

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Skoll was sitting at the "camp" he and his brother set up. It was simple at best, just a small fire pit. Skoll was making the temporary camp more homely. Perses was out hunting for them. It was a snowy day and the fire went unlit. The massive northern wolf didn't need the warmth of the fire. He moved around in his Secui shape, his buttermilk and nigh form rather noticeable against the snowy white scenery. Skoll missed spring and wasn't a fan of winter. He had no flower crowns to make and very few plants were alive in the winter. He was looking for something that could be bedding. The twins decided to set up in a relatively sheltered clearing, a canopy of evergreen trees providing them some covering. They didn't really need to sleep in a den. But if worse came to worse, they could set up lean-tos at the pine trunks.

The sun seeker had the company of his ravens, Basil and Dahlia. They were gifted to him by his Pere, both twins had received a pair of ravens when they were young and helped raise the ravens to adulthood. His Pere kept a pair of birds, a magpie and a crow. He had been told that they were his late father's. Skoll and Perses were both drawn to corvids, unlike their other siblings. Dahlia tended to be the leader of the two while Basil followed her. As a scavenger, Skoll tended to follow his ravens to carcasses. He wasn't much of a hunter. His brother was a pretty good hunter. Skoll half-heartedly offered to help but Perses told him to take care of camp. The silver twin left his satchel with his brother. So the golden twin did as he was told. He managed to scrape together some winter mosses and dried plants into a pair of nests for them. Perhaps Perses might bring down a large deer so they could sleep on the pelt.

"Don't move," an unfamiliar voice snarled. Skoll turned to see a young, skinny stranger holding a knife towards him. His eyes widened and he froze. He could see Basil and Dahlia perched near the bags. He issued a soft raven sound and the birds took off. He eyed the blade and the stranger. The male looked like a coyote, not much taller than his Pere. One would wonder why he was confronting an enormous Secui. But Skoll stayed frozen, unsure of what to do,

"Give me your satchels," the stranger said, his knife pointing towards the satchels before being trained on Skoll. The giant's eyes narrowed. He hoped that his birds would return with his brother soon. He didn't want to hand over his items. He had some valuable jewelry in there and he wasn't going to just hand it over. But the male didn't like fighting and didn't want to injure himself by trying to attack the stranger. Thinking carefully, he didn't move. He tilted his head, acting as if he didn't understand the stranger. The stranger looked surprised and then pointed at the satchels again. Skoll just had to stall him long enough for Perses tor return.

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Perses stalked the doe, his gaze focused as he stalked through the forest. The doe was weak with age and he figured he might as well put it out of its misery. He was in his Lupus form, his head lowered as he came close enough. The wind was blowing his scent away from the doe and he readied himself to pounce.

The beast sprung forwards, the deer tried to run but the young wolf was quick. He slammed into the deer, his heavy weight knocking her over. He was deadly, going for the throat as the deer was stunned for just a moment, having been bowled over by a massive wolf. He sunk his jaws into its neck, causing blood to gush from her throat. The deer struggled for a moment before the light died from its eyes. He withdrew his fangs, raising his head and licked the blood off of his lips. Stepping a few feet away from the deer, he began shifting.

The fur on his neck began to lengthen, only slightly. His forelegs started to transform into arms, his elbow being moved away from his ribcage. Parts of his legs began to lengthen, calves extending and his haunches were transforming into thighs. His body began to increase in mass as his body changed to Optime. Once he was done, he remained crouched on all fours before he hefted himself onto two legs. He grabbed the deer, hefting it over his shoulder. And then he started traveling back towards the camp. His birds came to join him, Abaddon flying above him while Crowley perched on his shoulder.

And then another pair of birds began squawking. He recognized what they were saying, his ears attuned to their language. His eyes widened as he understood their warnings. Skoll was in danger! He needed to act quickly! He looked around him, seeing a branch that seemed low enough for him to reach but hopefully high enough to keep scavengers from his kill for a moment. He swung the deer up onto the branch and it stayed up there. He told his ravens to keep an eye on it and then he began to rush towards camp.

The Stormfast arrived to find a skinny hybrid threatening his brother with a knife! A boiling rage settled within him, his protective instinct towards his gentler twin coming over him. Skoll was no fighter, he knew that better than anybody. Gods! Why didn't he have his axes! They were by the bags which didn't seem to register much of a threat towards the bandit as Skoll was in his Secui form.

Coming up behind the hybrid, stopping within three meters of the male, Perses rose to his full height. His stance was widened with his shoulders, claws unsheathed. His muzzle wrinkled and his eyes narrowed. His ears were shoved forwards in dominance as his tail was raised. His hackles were bristled in aggression.

"Leave!" he snarled, giving the skinny stranger a single opportunity to rethink his decisions. He was sure he might be able to take on the male without his axes, considering the wolf towered at more than a foot over the skinny hybrid and obviously outweighed him. The knife might be hard to deal with as the beast had never fought an armed opponent before but he was sure he would win in a fight.

The bandit spun around, his eyes widened as he came to face a massive wolfdog. Behind him, Skoll lowered his head and wrinkled his muzzle, his hackles already raised. While he wasn't much of a fighter, he was mimicking Perses's moves. The bandit struggled for words and then Skoll snarled behind him. The coyote realized he was between two wolfdogs that outmatched him in size and strength. He started backing away, moving in a perpendicular between the two. He realized that he was better off finding someone else to rob.

The coyote fled and Perses looked to Skoll. "Are you alright?" he asked. Skoll nodded, relaxing from his aggressive stance. Perses did the same, relaxing into a more normal posture.

"Yeah," the gold and dark twin said and then noticed the blood on Perses's white fur. "You caught something?" he asked.

"I left it when Basil and Dahlia told me you were in trouble," the silver and brown twin replied. The birds in question landed on Skoll's shoulders, squawking.

"You should get it before the thief finds it," Skoll said and then Perses gave him a look. "I'll be fine." The red-eyed brother nodded, and then he headed off to grab the deer. He was starting to get tired as he found the deer where he'd left it. The ravens had started to eat what they could of the deer which wasn't much. But he nodded at them, telling them that they would be returning to camp. The birds squawked a response and Perses dragged the deer down from the tree and slung it over his shoulder.

When he returned, Skoll seemed to have drawn a small fire. They would cook the deer over the fire.
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