[AW] Catspaw
Ibycus was getting more aged with each passing year and gaining more and more aches and pains in his joints. A little less work and more time spent resting, he still worked at his usual chores but they just took longer to do as well as not getting to them as often as he used to. One result was Sakoni's hooves were getting a bit long and it was time to stop putting off working on them.

The old man gathered up his meager collection of farrier tools and wandered out to where his horse was busy scrounging around for whatever blades of grass she could find as well as any weeds that were sufficiently tasty. He petted and talked to her for a bit to make sure she was relaxed before running his hand down her foreleg. A slight squeeze when he reached the bottom rewarded him with a lifted hoof for him to work on.

Ibycus wielded the hoof knife and carefully cleaned the dirt and muck from around the frog. Some poking about to make sure there was no bruising or other damage that could occur, especially from rocks. Then the nippers came out and he shortened the hoof wall to a more normal length before taking the rasp and leveling off the bottom and rounding the edges of the hoof.

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