[P] Come little children
WC: 345

Those three tiny blobs that had thrown her whole wrold into a tizzy were no longer little blobs. Instead, they were three writhing, conniving puppies with too big ears and feet and attitudes. Their coat colors had begun to show patterns and Belinda believed that their eye colors were settling. To her great enjoyment, her precious little flower was grow a set of lovely violet irises. The two boys were settling into less pleasing shades and there was little hope of them turning into Braithwaite blues and purples.

They were also beginning to talk more. And God did they chatter.



"What, children?" She sighed at the bundles of joy she was supposed to love incessantly. They were so difficult to maintain. Gingerly, she pulled her daughter in her lap while her two boys wiggled at her feet. Absently, she pet at Calliandra's delicate face and smiled. "What is it, dearest?"

A chorus of cries of hunger resounded from her trio. She grimaced at it. It was almost easier to have them nurse, but she longed for her independence and knew they needed regurgitated foods in order to wean them away from her bosom. "Patience, children. I'll be back."

Calliandra pouted when she was sat between her brothers and quickly forgot her mother's wisdom. While Belinda hid in the pantry, eating enough to feed them, Calliandra decided to tide her hunger with Bishop's big ear. Mesquite, who felt quite left out, pounced on her to join the fun and sent both siblings tumbling beneath him.

Their screams greeted Belinda when she re-entered the living area with a gruesome looking bowl in her hands. She set it down with a clack that drew their attentions and they scrambled to be the first. After a few moments of watching them jostle one another around, Belinda pulled back the largest and darkest of her children for a moment. "Slow down Bishop, you must let your siblings eat their fill so they can catch up to you. You don't want to be the biggest forever, do you?"

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