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Quote:Accompany another pack member on a hunt, or perhaps with the Bounty Hunter, and work your bow-related magic.

Tallulah let Lyla take the lead, following after the girl whose rank in the gang was higher than her own. She knew from Hosea that she couldn't be outside Charmingtown without an escort as an Unkindled, and it wasn't even really far out. Reports of The Ugly Coyote's stock being raided by vermin had been a passing rumor, only for it to become true when Del Cenere's storage was nibbled. Rats. She knew the signs, growing up on a ranch for nearly two winters. They were desperate for food and looked to the nearest community for it. She couldn't feel sorry for them - it was either Del Cenere or the rats.

So the woman rallied Lyla to help her shoot some that strayed too close. A little posse and a stake-out. What could be more aesthetic to the gang than that? "I reckon we'll find a big one," Tallulah remarked as they slowed pace near the back of the storage. A few holes were chewed into the building already. She frowned. "some rats gotta be the leader" The head honcho, who thought of this whole pursuit. She glanced at Lyla's bow, giving a nod of approval. "it's too dangerous to take 'em head-on" she added quietly as she took a spot near some tall yellow brush "a rat bite will set ya down for a few days."

And she didn't want to see the girl hurt at all. Tallulah was thankful she had come along, considering they were nearly strangers to each other. "Oi," she remarked suddenly, spotting beady glowing eyes from the storage. A rat glanced around as it came out, holding a hefty meal in its mouth. Dried fish or meat. Tallulah reached for her bow, expertly shooting it down while it was wary. The rat cried out, alerting its comrades, before succumbing. "here we go..." She warned quietly, wondering just how many had been sent to raid the storage.
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Quote:Accompany another pack member on a hunt, or perhaps with the Bounty Hunter, and work your bow-related magic.

When the woman first approached her, Lyla had dreaded agreeing to the task she had set out for them, but now that they were camping out waiting for one of the ugly things to rear their little heads appealed to her competitive nature. That was something she could get behind and seeing who could knock out the most just to prove she was better lit a flame under her ass that made her jump up and take it. Nothing like a little spark of competition to lighten the mood. On one hand, she was usually the one that was saving any little critter that scuttled across her path and would try - heavy emphasis on the try - to mend them back to full health to the best of her ability.

Too bad her ability with the healing arts was about just as good as watching a donkey attempt to climb a tree.

More often than not, her heart had been in the right place, but these animals left Lyla's care a little worse for wear, looking like they may have seen better days and would have been better off if she had not have found them. One thing she did not have the same heart for was the rats that liked to get into the food storage because that meant less to eat for the gang as they moved further and further into the winter months. Lyla was not the closest with most of the members, but having grown up here and being somewhat related to a good majority of them, it had all really felt like a big family. This was the least she could do in putting her talents to good use. Something she had not been doing much of lately.

No longer going to be the burden, Lyla had accepted.

Now they were poised and ready to fire, the storm-eyed woman knocked an arrow, the quiver on her back full with sharp pointed sticks she had crafted herself. They were not the best quality, but they worked in a pinch for small game. The rats would be perfect to test them on. Fletched with an assortment of bird feathers, she could not help but admire her work momentarily distracted before she realized Tallulah was talking to her about rat bites and how it would set you down for a few days. Rats carried a lot of bacteria and diseases, she had no intentions of getting bit by one.

The cinnamon haired girl gave her a curt nod, readying as the first rat reared its ugly head and Tallulah's shot nailed it, killing it quickly before another rat shrieked coming out with fangs bared. Lyla fired her own arrow, and it embedded into the wood with a sharp sound, quickly grabbing another arrow from her quiver she drew, took her time this time, and released, nailing her original target through the neck as it turned to scamper away.

"Come on out, ya lil shits. We got some just desserts to serve ya," she grinned, knocking another arrow and taking a few paces around to get a good shot.
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Quote:Accompany another pack member on a hunt, or perhaps with the Bounty Hunter, and work your bow-related magic.

She wasn't here to compete with one of the gang. Tallulah knew her skills were good, but she wasn't going to brag or show off. This was too important for that. Rats carried diseases of all kinds. They could affect the grains fed to horses and livestock, infecting them until they needed to be culled. She was not going to risk her own horse, Rusty, for the sake of ego. He also was fed with the grains and hay found in Del Cenere. It'd be too difficult to ever put her friend down for illness that could be prevented. Lyla seemed keen on killing the rats, but she missed her target and it fired into the wood instead. The dog hybrid said nothing, calmly notching another arrow.

Who wanted to have failure pointed out? Tallulah wasn't one for sympathy or holding a hand. Lyla most likely wouldn't appreciate it either. She didn't know her fellow Ashen well - or at all - but could maybe guess this was good practice for targeting and skill improvements. Another, larger rat, scurried out when Lyla hit her mark. It saw the bodies, screeching in grief or anger - she couldn't tell. It flung itself at the two Luperci but Tallulah was quicker. The arrow hit the mark, the chest of the rat. It gave a final murmur, thrashing when the arrow pinned it to the ground before dying. At the scent of the rat blood, beady red eyes flashed in the darkness of the storage.

A few more piled out. Not in a fatal wave but enough to offer a challenge. About three of them at once, maybe more hiding in the unit. Damn it, Tallulah had a thought. Just how bad was this rat problem? Why wasn't anything done before it got this horrible? Maybe they hadn't noticed. Maybe they tried to deal with it quietly. Who knew? She notched the third arrow, training her bow on the nearest rat and letting loose. She hoped it hit, for they were coming closer and closer. A dangerous hunt, indeed.
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Just as the dropped two more rats, it was like it caused a panic amongst the rest in the barn and they started to filter out and quick. Well, way too quick for Lyla's inexperienced hand with her bow. While she had been a natural talent when she was younger, the lack of putting any semblance of hard work into any area of her life was starting to show as she missed at least every other shot, and her quiver was quickly running dangerously low. A shiver went up her spine as she thought about getting overrun by a horde of rats exploding from under the storage area and she quickly tried to shove that picture out of her mind and focused her attention ahead.

Squeaks and squeals almost sounded deafening as the wave of rats died around her feet and the coyote could not help but reel back and away from them not wanting them to touch her or give her any sort of disease. Her stormy colored eyes flashed with determination as she let loose a few more arrows before it finally started to die down.

"Uh, sorry I am not better at this. I don't get out to use 'er much," she said a little sheepishly, scratching at the back of her head as she realized she was all out of arrows now. Giving a shrug, she had given it her best, but the thought of going over and unspearing each of those that had fallen gave her a little bit of a queasy feeling in her gut. Not to mention, she did not want to climb over the bodies - both dead and alive - in order to retrieve them. Wasn't there any easier way to do this? Couldn't they just poison them or something?

"I think we got quite a few of 'em though! Maybe it'll scare the rest of 'em away!" she said pointing excitedly as a few scurried away, trying to climb the small - albeit impressive to the young female - mountain of bodies that had accumulated at the pair's hand. A sharp grin spread across her muzzle as she quickly threw the bow over her shoulders and crossing it over her chest. Trying to quell the nausea that rose up from her gut as she attempted to step through the bodies without touching any. The squelch of her toes in the bloodied dirt below that was half frozen from the cold of winter had been enough to send a shudder up her spine. "Gross, gross, gross," she squealed as she quickly moved through trying to collect the arrows that had survived during the assault.

"We can chase after the last few, I see 'em running over there!" she said excitedly, as she picked up the arrows that were salvageable before hopping back through the mess of scattered bodies. Wow, someone would need to clean this up - little did she know it would be her.

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Quote:Accompany another pack member on a hunt, or perhaps with the Bounty Hunter, and work your bow-related magic.

"Everyone has to get practice in eventually," Tallulah said with common sense "better it is in the heat of the moment" she notched another arrow just in case, having hit the rat she wanted. It died with a silent squeal, more surprised than anything "ya can taste a fight before it began, make ya calm under pressure" She did not fault Lyla's inexperience; everyone had to start somewhere after all! The important thing was that Lyla got some practice in and knew how to handle her bow better than previously. "I -" she broke off, hearing a manic squeal from deeper into the storage unit.

A massive rat reared on its back legs, screaming for its brethren. The other rats had fled like Lyla pointed out, but this one... Was itching for a fight. A final showdown, to avenge the rats lost. This was the king of rats. At least, the king of rats in this particular horde. Even Tallulah felt her fur prickle with unease; been a long, long time since she saw a rat of this size. It seemed to gleam with intelligence and bravery; it didn't balk when the other rats refused its call. They had fled for their lives, probably not returning soon. This one gave a fierce squeal of anger before it darted toward them.

Specifically, it went at Lyla.

The Winthrop was collecting arrows; she was out and she did seem squeamish. The rat king picked up on this. "Look out!" Tallulah said as the rat jumped right at the Las Brasas. It bared its teeth at her, aiming to do some damage. The dog hybrid quickly aimed, hoping not to hit Lyla in the process. It was getting closer and closer, using its smaller non-Luperci body to sail through the air speedily. "got" she murmured, closing one eye to focus better as she let loose the arrow and hit it "you!" It let out a final squeal before it fell to the earth - dead. Tallulah lowered her bow, breathing a bit shakily.

"Go ahead," she said at Lyla's previous suggestion "I'll clean this mess up for us." The young Winthrop almost got a nasty bite on her watch. It was the least she could do, in return. Penance, if you will. Tallulah would have felt so bad if she missed the rat and it injured Lyla. Besides, the young woman was of a higher rank. This was grunt work.
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Lyla had been too keen on collecting her arrows from the horde of bodies that had been slain around her, twitching as the final bits of life left their small forms. When the king of the rats had reared his ugly head, Lyla just happened to be bent over, looking in the opposite direction from him and picking up another arrow, gingerly pushing it throw the body of the other rat and shaking the guts off her arrows. Her ears pricked as the other girl explained about how practicing in the heat of the moment would make her much better with the bow and arrows. The thing was, Lyla did not like to practice if it was not exciting, which was why this was such a perfect opportunity. If she was not naturally good at something without putting a lot of practice in, she tend to gave up those hobbies pretty quickly.

Tallulah was cut off midsentence as if she was struck by something appearing, which caused Lyla to whip around just in time to see the huge rat flying towards her face, yellow teeth bared and ready to strike, claws extended ready to cling to her hair so she could not whip him off. It was as if everything had dropped into slow motion as he came towards her, but she could not even think fast enough to duck, roll out of the way, or stab him with one of the arrows in her hand. The Winthrop woman froze, a little scream just barely escaping her muzzle when all of a sudden the rat flew sideways and everything sped back up into real time as he was pinned to the wall of the storage building, pierced through and squealing with the last dying breaths. Lyla had stood there, in abject horror and disgust, before blinking a little confused seeing the woman with her bow raised and arrow no longer in her hand.

"You just saved my life," Lyla squeaked out, and while it may have been a bit of an exaggeration the other blonde girl definitely saved her from having her face maimed by the pissed off rodent. Still frozen, and a little shaken, the cinnamon haired girl gave the other a nod as she tried to recollect herself to chase after the rest of the rats to bring them down so they would never return. "As soon as I am done getting the ones that scurried off. I will come back and help you clean it up," she assured her, now owing this girl something at least in return for her saving her from being absolutely disfigured.

With that Lyla quickly jogged off, her bloodied arrows in hand were shoved back into the quiver leaving one in her hand to shoot when she found her next target. A flash of the scene replayed over and over in her mind which caused her to rethink maybe she should really practice more so she would not end up in any other bad situations where she may not be able to adequately defend herself. Her life had been much too cushioned for far too long, it was time she pulled her weight a little bit.

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Lyla was grateful for the assist, even if Tallulah humbly ducked her head and said nothing at first. 'Saving' the girl from a rat bite was one thing, but a life? That was entirely different. "We're packmates" she proclaimed with warmth and honesty "we help each other out." Because it was that simple for the dog hybrid. It may not be for some folks, even in Del Cenere. Some Ashen could be slow to trust. Some could not want help or accept when given... But Tallulah was not like that. She found it to be a simple thing; if you are part of a community, you helped each other out. Even going so far as to kill a rat that aimed itself at another.

There was a vow to help clean the rat bodies from Lyla. She nodded and let the girl go off to chase the others done. Tallulah said nothing else, content to shove the bodies into a sack she found in Storage. Careful to spear them with arrows and pick them up, she was aware of disease getting on her. Once Lyla got back, the pair would probably clear the entire location before parting ways. The sun was slowly fading from the sky and Tallulah was keen to wash off from the hunt. All in all, a good thing that nobody had been hurt. She was no healer. She could not hope to save someone from a bite if it came to it.

Hell, she didn't even know anyone in the pack that was a healer. Something Tallulah would have to remedy... Eventually.
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