[P] Shiftwork
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[Image: image1.png]Maybe it was growing up with a myriad younger brothers and sisters and adopted cousins and the like that had made him so very used to trying to walk with a child hanging off of the material of his leg. Better his pants than his fur, Honrin thought, as he winced and continued to drag Nanouk along with him through the slushy snow.

"I'm pretty sure your legs work just fine, you know?"

Nanu's pale eyes locked on his own and through the mouthful of leather he managed to bark, <"--agg!!">

Honrin sighed, and resumed his uneven steps, dragging Nanouk along with him towards the beehives behind the Courthouse. He was too old for this stuff anymore, and yet, it continued to happen to him anyway and he continued to deal with it with relative aplomb.

Another young man, not his son, but one he had also helped raise sat on the low remains of the wall, waiting, apparently, for him.

"Caspian." He said, low and slow. Caspian slid from the wall, standing. Luca's son still looked solemn and sad, the bruised, wounded shape of his eyes, had yet to fade away.

<"Can I help you? You're... seeing to the bees, right? Can I help with them?">


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