[RO] To my dearest friend...
Kai writes a letter to Pontifex <3

Sitting upstairs at the desk with the fur lined leather curtains pulled to the side mismatched orbs of sun and moon looked out at the snow falling down, daydreaming about a silvery man she was lucky enough to call her own. Dark onyx hand currently occupied with a quill half focused on writing a letter to her good friend Pontifex over in the Del Cenere Gang. So far she had gotten,

"My Dear Pontifex,"

The rest was doodles of different hearts and a sketch of the most handsome Lune along the edges of the parchment.  If she was writing to anyone else, she would have started all over, many times over, but the Lykoi woman, who saw words in beautiful and bright colors would appreciate her doodles.  A flopping sound from downstairs brought her back to reality and she laughed softly, Parzival must have rotated to the other side to warm it in front of the fire.  The giant mountain lion had become quite a regular in her home, and it make the Wolfe-Denahlii woman happy that he felt so comfortable here.

With a content sigh, her focus returned to the letter she was attempting to write, to update her friend on the whirlwind of everything that had happened. Smiling at her doodles on the letter she began again,

"I hope this letter finds you well, and that winter isn't to harsh in the Ganglands.  It seems like snow falls almost everyday here and temperatures hardly change, it's always cold. I am grateful to have a roof over my head and a warm fire to keep me warm this winter and love to warm my heart.  I guess that's why I am writing you. To tell you of the recent developments involving my heart…"

Kai paused again letting out another sigh, she stared off in the distance once more, looking for any sign of a special visitor. Disappointed to find nothing stirring but the snowflakes caught in a whirlwind she returned to the letter she was writing.

"It's finally happened Ponti, I finally admitted to myself that I was indeed falling in love!  And oh I have fallen so hard, but my love is returned and I am so happy.  Sometimes I just want run out to the cliffs and scream at the top of my lungs and thank the All Mother and Artoi for delivering Cedric to me.  I don't remember a time in which I have been so happy.  I still get butterflies and want to burst with giddiness when I think or talk about him, or when someone else mentions his name.  Oh Ponti, it's such a dream come true.  To love and feel that love in return, there is nothing quite like it. 

Do you know, he and I talked…well it has be close to a moon ago now…about wanting pups of our own.  Cedric was so sweet, he came home one night and just kind of timidly blurted it out while we cuddled in front of the fire, asking if I wanted pups.  I never thought that I would find someone to have a family with, and I never thought I would be so lucky for it to be with Cedric.  So we're gonna try…"

The sable woman fell back in her chair and started to giggle, daydreaming of the sound of little puppy paws running around the house with their laughs, yips and play growls.  Oh she would cherish them always if the gods blessed her and Cedric with a small family…or large.  Kai would be happy with any number of pups, they would be a blessing whether it be one or ten.  Smiling she sat up to continue her letter, resisting the urge to draw small pups or pawprints.

"Who knows maybe one day you'll receive an invitation in the mail for our mateship ceremony, oh Ponti you would have to come if we ever got married, it just wouldn't be the same without you.  I would want all of my friends and family there, it'd be another dream come true.

Cedric has the most beautiful and kind girls, Celia and Soledad, they visit often and I love having them around.  It makes the house so warm and makes it feel like home.  I actually have them to thank for pushing Cedric and I together, them and Parzival.  Did you meet Parzival on any of your recent trips here?  You couldn't miss him, he's a giant mountain lion, usually perched on tops of houses or in front of a fire somewhere.  Well Cedric's two daughters and  Parzival put together this most beautiful basket with lavender candles, a scarf and bracelet…"

Looking down, Kai smiled as she rotated the bracelet around her wrist, she hadn't taken it off since the Lune had placed it on her wrist.  She never had any intention on taking it off unless in lupus or secui form and then she'd have to find a way to wear it somehow.  Dipping the tip of the quill in the ink the woman returned to the letter.

"…and came up with this ploy to push the two of us together.  Parzival asked me to meet him at the beach, then that large loveable cat made up a little white lie about how he found the basket and wanted to have a picnic with his dad. Of course as soon as Cedric and Parzival saw me on the beach that cat bolted leaving his dad standing there with the basket.  I can still see it play over in my head and it makes me smile every time. It was perfect.

I am so happy Ponti, and I just wanted to share everything with you. 

I also wanted to thank you again for watching over Lucian and Caspian, I know that they may have never returned if you hadn't been their guiding light.  Lucian is doing quite well, is a first officer, and works as a stable master and pupsitter.  He is even talking about joining the Brotherhood, our most elite Cavaliers. I think it would be a good fit for him, he has been trying to prove himself everyday since his return.  Caspian is…okay.  He still struggles with the loss of his mother, but he has a good foundation and support system, especially in Artoia and Zasha, eventually he will be okay, at least that is my hope.

Well I have kept you long enough my dearest friend, please write and visit again soon. Be sure to give Wayne and John and hug from me, and tell them they better be behaving themselves.

All my love,

Looking over the letter she hummed, with a smile on her face looking at the words and the lovely doodles that accompanied them, knowing how much Pontifex would enjoy them. Gently she rolled the parchment and stamped it with a wax seal before tying a leather strap around it until it was perfect. 

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