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Quote:Crown of Tines Wrote: Sick wildlife is in need of culling, and disposal.

It was the first day they had begun their expedition, she left the horses back in the Debouille Reserve, and took the rest by foot. Chastising the poor lad about covering up his nostrils before he got himself sick with whatever this was they were dealing with. Of course, it wouldn’t be known that she couldn’t get sick, let alone Morris, but as extra precautions the woman demanded the authority she rightly deserved. Perhaps in a more gentle bullying sort of way, when she produced the cloth, she tied one around her own neck, pulled it up around her nostrils, then back down again. 

Once we find them, we gotta use these, just to be safe.And because I said so. 

Morris had decided he would be better suited for the job of culler with her, to which she happily agreed they should leave immediately. The Bella Dama trudged through the territories with Morris hot on her heels. With a bow in tow and the harpoon borrowed from Asher— she could have sworn they were a couple though— she pressed up her hands to double check her quiver, and arrows, before quickening her pace, once again. In through trees and out through others, snow didn’t even slow the petite coyote down. Yet— as she glanced up and around she almost questioned if they hadn’t been here before. Slowing down to a brisk walk, the femme tugged at her pockets to begin the production of the map she made. 

Now the scouts had said—” just as soon as she pulled out her folded map, a rather terrifyingly sounding bleat echoed on her ears, sending a shockwave of chills down her spine. It was close, and it followed with grunts and groans. On her left hip sat her husbands bone hilted carving knife, a pallid hand curled around it, claws flexing before grasping it. The other hand worked with the cloth around her neck and pulled it up around her nostrils. 

Did you hear that?” She whispered before neatly tucking the make-shift map into her back pocket.  
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Morris just smiled a bit and nodded at the order "Of course ceannasaí." Peony had garnered enough loyalty and respect from him that he didn't mind her ordering him about. As long as she didn't tell him something utterly ridiculous, he would follow her words. Also, her steps, since she at least knew where they were heading. Moving along with her, the merle male rest the harpoon on his shoulder and gave her a glance. He knew this was supposed to be serious work ahead of them...and there was already so much riding on her shoulders with her becoming their co-leader. Normally he would ask if she was truly okay with doing this, he didn't want to see her over working herself...but this was Peony he was thinking about. 

The lass had a fiery spirit and a tough spine. He had seen her at one of her worst moments and had seen how the fire in her eyes hadn't burnt out. Morris bet that she could even get the loyalty of any other of his family...which wasn't an easy feat. ...well, maybe any of them. He very much doubted that his sire would budge when it came to showing respect. Huffing at the thought, he shook his head and then his ear twitched as Peony spoke, cutting off at the sound of some animal nearby. It kind of sounded similar to a goat, and his mind went to Bill, who often enjoyed escaping the fenced area where the rest of the livestock resided. Please let her still be at the barn. He thought before he gave Peony a nod in answer to her question. When he saw her pull the makeshift mask up, he did the same before moving the harpoon in a hold that would be a bit more useful if he needed to kill whatever animal in question was nearby. 

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Morris was in agreement with Peony, which was partial to her confirmation about the beast’s noises. Of course, she had heard it, even thinning that she hadn’t was a lower grade doubt that wheedled in her mind, planting it’s seed and then slowly diminishing whenever Morris confirmed her initial suspicions.

Pulling her bow around to where it was accessible, after releasing her knife that she’d let her hand warrant around, Peony moved forwards at a quiet pace. Carefully, calmly, her movements were precise to not make any sudden sounds that may spook whatever creature this was.

Once rounding the bushes and trees, Morris in tow behind her, Peony flickered an ear at the sight of which she saw. Ten yards from where they stood, It was a deer. Putrid urine hurt her nostrils from being covered where it was, and she screwed up her nose from the scents. It belted out a horrid noise, snorting, and slobbering all over itself. Just as the Caribou she first shot, it had patches of fur missing in clumps, and scaly, scabby skin. Peony sighed to herself and then those lilac orbs wavered towards Morris’ face.

What do you think this even in?” Questioning him with a small whispered voice, it wasn’t a soft whisper, but the deer’s head shot in her direction and it just stared. Breaking from Morris’ orbs she looked back at this deer, and found a sudden uneasiness in her stomach. “Figure we outta shoot it? Maybe even burn the remains? I don’t know what to think, Morris.” An admittance to her friend— he was her friend wasn’t he?— before turning to grasp the bow again, and venture a few feet closer.
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Morris shook his head. He may have the skills of a hunter, but he didn't know what this sickness was. "I'd avoid a fire" he said quietly, only loud enough for Peony's sharp ears to pick up on. "It might spread it through the air" he added and focused on the deer. Even with a covering over his nose, the smell was strong and made him want to keep his distance. Knowing that wasn't feasible kept him where he was as Peony moved forward cautiously. Though a deer was safer than facing another caribou, they still had a chance of getting hurt by the creature. "For now, let's put it out of its misery, then we can think of what to do with the remains." 

Perhaps they could bury it, though depending on the sickness that could make it so nothing grew in that spot. Morris didn't know for sure. That was the most worrying part of this whole task. They didn't know how the sickness was spreading, or if it could get one of them sick. They didn't know if they could truly cull it out, or if it would be a constant and prevalent thing for the rest of their lives. There was no former information to go off of, they had to make their own conclusions on what was going on. "I doubt we could eat the meat either...so we are likely stuck with digging some rather deep holes. As far from the pack as we can manage." That was his solution in any case, Peony might have other ideas that could work better. 

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It was an easy enough feat, tracking and hunting, and figuring out what to do with their mangled friend. If it was mange that was also highly contagious… or at least, that’s what Peony was lead to believe. What even was this creature dying from?

Out of the corner of her eye she spied Morris, and tore her vision from the walking carcass. He made a good point, and so she bummed in her throat for a moment before dipping a head down low, and leveling her vision directly up towards Morris. Putting it out of its misery was the least they could do for this critter. Peony notched an arrow, and nodded her head at him, before letting the arrow fly and it buried deep within its chest. An instant kill if you would.

How would we bury it without touching it? I don’t wanna catch and bring whatever it is that’s causing them to sick back to Del Cenere.” She hummed then, folding her hands over her chest watching as a final breath was breathed, leaving a small puff of steam into the air. Peony shifted a bit uncomfortably on her heel leaning towards Morris.

I don’t wanna touch it, and I reckon you wouldn’t either, my friend.” But they needed to bury it or burn it, there was no option, unfortunately. Peony would wait for her friend to begin speaking before she did anything at all.
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Morris raised a brow. Peony had a point. "I've touched worse...but yer right, we don' know if we could catch it from handling the affected animals." He looked at the downed body, and then scanned the area. It seemed a bit odd that there was only one to fell at the moment...yet the caribou had been alone so perhaps that was a side effect of the sickness? Morris couldn't know for sure, and that was the most frustrating part of this. "It's as if they have both mange and rabies at the same time" he grumbled and adjusted his hold on the weapon he had brought. Then he shook his head, realizing he hadn't answered Peony's question. 

"Back home we would wear gloves or have some sort of cloth between us and any sick animals..." If it wasn't for the smell, he'd suggest using their masks...but as it was the rank order was still getting to him even with a cover. Morris hadn't really thought of bringing anything to cover his hands either. Unless he used the clothes, he was wearing...then he didn't have anything extra with him. So, he looked at Peony "What do ye suggest ceannasaí?" She was the one with the higher rank after all, and she might have a better solution than he did.

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