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Crown of Tines Plot; day 2

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Quote:Crown of Tines Wrote: Sick wildlife is in need of culling, and disposal. Forward dated to 1/23

Morris felt a tenseness in his back as he once again went out with Peony to hunt down sick animals. He didn't think he had hurt himself, but that the tenseness came from the heavy duty that was laying on them like a rather unwanted blanket. Killing for food was one thing, but they couldn't even use the meat from what they were slaying now. Eating such would surely spread the sickness to the canines in the pack, and that just wouldn't do. Still, this meant they had to find ways to dispose of the killed creatures as well. Morris would say they should burn them and be done with it if he wasn't worried that the smoke would spread the sickness as well. 

They had enough to deal with without more animals getting sick, or again, any member of the pack. Sighing gently, he pushed that aside for now. They could cross that bridge when they got to it. Right now, they needed to hunt down more animals, and it would likely turn into another long grueling day of killing sick animals that would have done much better being on a plate. Morris glanced at Peony to see if they had reached the spot marked on a map, since he didn't know the full girth of the territory by heart yet. ...something on which he planned to work on as quickly as he could after this, so he could be of more use if something like this happened again. Or if he just needed to know where to go for any other reason really. 

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Another day of dealing with the grueling world, culling those animals which were sick. With what? Peony didn’t even know, in fact she was more certain it was a more related to the venison creatures, as she hadn’t felt sick after the first day… but perhaps, it could be a slow killer, so she would continue monitoring herself for symptoms. The other two deer were easier to find, after all, they only needed to find the pungent odors and allow them to take them into the territory.

In fact, Peony’s own hands steepled under her chin as she watched the field in front of them, and carefully, adjusted the map so she was right in the direction she’d been told. They were all in a triangle pattern near the thick forested area, and while it was Morris who voice concern about the fire— really? A fire?— she absently accepted this with a grim nod. It would appear these two were stiffer and more silent than usual. To tackle such a grueling activity one may have thought they would both appear more sullen, yet, Peony almost appeared to have a pep in her step as she walked briskly towards their second location.

Shouldn’t be too much further now, Morris.” But of course, it was the elevated tones in her voice that could be mistaken for happiness. She wasn’t elated to be killing these creatures, more or less she thought of it as a science experiment. Except… they were the ones cutting and maiming these works of art in the wild, with their sicknesses and otherwise.

Pulling up her mask high above her nostrils, the woman could still taste the urine in the air. It almost gagged her. Certainly though, her eyes did water.
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Morris only grunted at her tone and offered a nod to show that he had heard. Today he had his blowpipe, bola, and axe with him. Though the axe was meant more for chopping wood, it could cut through meat just fine as well. He would just have to clean it very carefully afterwards. Adjusting his mask, he casually glanced for tracks. It wasn't truly needed, since they could track the sick animals from smell, it was just habit from hunting really. Still, he supposed it didn't hurt to make sure they were heading in the right direction on top of checking the map, for the creatures could have moved since they had been spotted last. 

Morris found it both interesting and a bit worrying that it was deer again. A caribou had been their first encounter with this strange sickness, then it had been deer the first day they had gone out with the intent to cleanse the area of whatever was causing the animals such changes. It could possibly only effect deer, and their counterparts, but he certainly wasn't smart enough to know for sure, so it was a guess at best in his mind. Perhaps it was best to be safe than sorry and keep a close eye on the other animals in the area from here on out.  

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