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Morris had finally decided to just put claim on a house instead of sleeping in a tent. He wasn't sure what had truly spurned him on the idea...maybe it was Asher leaving, or the fact that he had essentially decided to settle here. In any case, his new place was actually quite old, and needed many repairs. Thankfully if there was one thing he could do on his own, it was repairs. Though he might ask Freddy for some help with it later on. Right now, he had to gather supplies, which included chopping some wood into more manageable logs. The merle male knew there was some in storage too, since he had added some himself, but the less he could take from the pack supplies, the better in his opinion. 

Best to leave what was in the storage there for someone who wasn't as handy with an axe. Morris didn't mind the extra work anyways. Plus, even if it was cold outside, some good manual labor would help warm him up. The thought brought a slight smile to his muzzle, and he started chopping some wood that he knew would likely be used for a similar reason anyways. It was from the tree that Rafaela had helped him fell, so he didn't have to worry about some other member claiming it as theirs...though they could without much of a fight from him. If it was useful to someone else, he would gladly seek out another source. As it was though, he didn't think anyone else had even known about the tree, so he'd probably be chopping it himself until it was fully cleared from the area. 

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It was a beautiful but chilly winter's day within the Gang. And Bisbee was glad to wake up nice and cozy and warm burrowed within blankets and furs and with a roof over her head instead of outside and exposed to the snow and elements like she'd had to endure for the past month while travelling. She'd woken a little disoriented at first, nearly forgetting that she had indeed arrived and been accepted into the pack before regaining her bearings and starting her day.

Her first stop had been at the stables where her horse, Tusayan was stalled. She took the time to brush out his coat, feed and water him and spent a little time just talking to him in a mix of low and high speech, (a sort of pep-talk if you would), before departing and setting off to explore more of Charmingtown. She had plans to familiarize herself with the layout of the town today and maybe get to know a few of the locals. Investigation of the town was important if she wanted to know where things were for when she needed supplies or where to meet up for pack events and such. She had all the time in the world, she knew, but her excitement was very real and made her a little clumsy on her feet. A couple times she nearly slipped on some ice and reminded herself to slow down. So far she'd identified the whereabouts of the Ugly Coyote bar, the stables, the Inn, the trading stalls, but so far had been unable to locate the pack's storage.

As she rounded a building that looked to be an abandoned house, the sound of wood being chopped reached her ears and she moved towards the noise, drawn in by curiosity. So far the streets had been empty this morning but at last it seemed she'd found another Ashen. The mottled male was chopping wood in front of the dilapidated house with his back to her. He already had a pile started beside him and Bisbee's face lit up at the prospect of not only meeting another packmate, but at the potential of assisting him with his task should he be in need of it.

Being sure to crunch loudly through the snow as she approached so as not to startle him, the merle newcomer smiled and tipped her cowboy hat at the man. "Howdy there! Need any help?" She inquired with a wagging tail. "I'm new here, the name's Bisbee, what's yers?" She held out a paw of him to shake and glanced around at the large logs yet to chopped. If the two of them worked together the pile would be completed in no time. It was then that she realized there wasn't a second axe. She would be of no use to him if she didn't have one. Another reason for her to find the pack's storage. "Y'wouldn't happen to know where I could find another axe would ya?" She chuckled, tipping her head slightly to the side and waited for the man to address her.


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Morris halted his task and turned towards the noise only to find someone he was unfamiliar with. The stranger was quick to introduce herself and he gave a nod before offering his own name. "Morris" he then glanced at his own axe at the question of another and thought about it for a moment. "Well, I got this one from a friend, who got it from Freddy. I'm not sure if there are othah's." The merle male certainly didn't have a backup on hand or anything like that. "Could always check storage I suppose..." It really was the only place he could think of besides going straight to Freddy. 

Then again, this Bisbee might not even know who Freddy was. Morris scratched at his cheek, just smart enough to guess that Bisbee wanted to help out with the chopping if she was asking for the tool. He wasn't averse to some help, but he truly wasn't completely sure where they could find an extra for her to use. "We could trade off for now if ya want? I chop for a bit, then when I feel up to a break, ya chop a bit?" It was the only other solution that he could think of for now, unless Bisbee wanted to check storage and then return.

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Bisbee wagged her tail as the woodsman introduced himself. "Morris. A pleasure." She repeated his name to commit it to memory. He paused in his chopping to consider her question and mentioned someone named Freddy whom she had yet to meet. The cowgirl furrowed her brows in mild frustration. "Yeah, I  uh... The problem is I dunno where storage is." She chuckled and rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "I've yet to find it." She told him glancing back the way she came between the buildings.

He offered a suggestion then that was the perfect compromise. "Hey, that sounds like a mighty fine idea!" Moving over to the pile of wood he was working with, the Whitesage woman began to position large log pieces on the ground for him to chop next. With two people the project would go much faster. "Whenever yer ready, I'll take over." She told him after arranging the next six logs in a row for him to swing at.

With a small shiver from the cold, Bisbee rubbed her paws together in front of her and watched as Morris continued to chop the wood. She admired the way his mottled coat looked against the pure white backdrop of snow and how his muscled worked with each swing. "Y'seem to know yer way about woodworkin' if I had to guess. How long have ya been at this?" She asked him with a curious tilt of her head. She didn't mean how long had he been chopping wood just that morning, but in general. He was very practiced and accurate with his swings and his aim, and noticed he didn't hesitate with the blade. "D'ya know about how much wood we're gonna need?" So far the pile was only just getting started, and there was a large fallen tree that needed to be chopped up too that Bis could see. She didn't know what all Morris had in mind for the day's work, but she was more than willing to lend a hand for as long as he needed.


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Morris flicked an ear as Bisbee mentioned that she didn't know where the storage was. She must be new to the pack then. "I can show ya latah if ya want." He didn't mind helping her out some, especially since he had gone through a similar dilemma when he first arrived here. That could come later of course, since the lass agreed to his idea of sharing the tool and the work at the same time. After she asked about the amount he might need, he considered it before shaking his head. "I need enough for repairs" he looked to his growing pile with a thoughtful expression. "Also, some to last for the rest of the winter." 

He would have to keep his newly acquired home warm after all, so firewood was a must. "The rest I'll likely put into storage" he added as a sort of offhand comment. If he didn't use it all, others could. "For today, we can chop what we manage of this tree. Perhaps it will help me figure out how much is extra." Morris didn't really think they would be able to get the whole tree done, it was a lot of work after all. Still, what they could manage would be a good start. 

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Morris continued to chop away at the tree and branches upon it, making good headway while Bisbee waited for her turn to take over. She leaned against the side of the closest building, fiddling with the fringe of her hat as she watched. "That'd be great, yeah! Thanks!" She said in reply to him offering to show her where storage was. Once she knew the location of the pack's storage she could take an axe out for herself and go chop wood whenever she felt like it.

The mottled male explained then that he needed enough wood t for repairs and to last through the rest of Winter. Bisbee nodded thoughtfully eyeing the tree up and down thinking that there should definitely be plenty of wood to go around from this one tree for that. She wondered just how many luperci it took to fell this particular beast of a tree and chuckled when he mentioned putting the bulk into storage. "Sounds like a solid plan." Bis smiled and wagged her tail. "This tree should keep us both busy I'd reckon." She mused out loud in agreement with Morris.

"Let me know when you're spent. I'll take over." She offered again eager to assist him whenever he began to tire. Chopping wood and woodworking in general was no easy task. It took patience, energy and endurance. The Whitesage woman had an abundance of at least two of those things. "So, Morris, how long have you been a part of the Ashen?" She asked him out of curiosity, wanting to get to know him better.


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Morris simply nodded when Bisbee said that it would be helpful to be shown where the storage was. The lass also said that his plan was a decent one, to which he grunted as he continued to work. It only seemed logical to him to do such things. The tree needed chopped and what he didn't use he was more than glad to donate for others. As she mentioned them switching again, he glanced over to her then looked over the work he had already done. He could work for a little while longer, so he just nodded again. It wouldn't be too much longer; he could already feel that it would be smart to take a break. 

Bisbee then asked how long he had been an Ashen for, and he had to think before answering. "A little ovah a year I believe." He knew he had come in the winter, tracking Asher and finding him after months of searching. Then he had stuck to the pack, working with Asher, and working on his own. A whole year...and now he was at a rank that he still didn't feel he really earned, and with several tasks that he could see to easily. The merle male was busier now then he had been on the ship, but he enjoyed the work here more. He had found a place here, and he wasn't about to give it up so easily. 

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Ooc: Bisbee is impatient and just wants to be helpful. XD

After some time simply watching the woodsman at work, the young Whitesage woman found a way to be useful without getting in the way. Bisbee took it upon herself to gather up the wood the Morris chopped and began to form it into neat stacks and bundles, being careful to stay clear of his swings. All the while she kept up conversation with man as best she could, waiting her turn with the axe.

"A year huh? Wow." She mused, realizing that if she worked hard enough and was ambitious enough she too could reach the Enkindled within a year too. The cowgirl didn't seek to step on any toes, she simply sought higher heights for herself all while doing what she could to elevate her pack as whole at the same time. She loved to help others, sometimes to a fault. Wagging her tail she stood back after clearing the latest chopped piece of wood free from the working area and allowed Morris to chop more for her to gather.

"Someday I hope I can prove myself and rank up like you have, Morris." She smiled at the man and nodding approvingly as he split another piece of wood with seeming practiced ease. She wasn't as strong or as practiced as him, sure, but those things came with time and opportunity. "Save some tree for me will ya?" She then teased with a playful giggle and lazy wink, moving to collect more of the wood he'd already finished with and placing it on a pile. She couldn't help but wonder if he'd ever get tired.


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