3 fullbody traditional character drawings
Hey friends. I'm trying to justify buying some expensive-ass fancy markers.

My regular commissions are currently closed, but for you special people, I'm down to take up to 3 commissions for fullbody character portraits. These don't have to be 'Souls characters! Any four-limbed* character is fine. Pokemon and Digimon are fine. Your D&D character is fine. Your dog is fine.

These will be 100% traditional on 9x12 paper and can be shipped to you if you'd like. Regular price is $175, but for ya'll, it's $150. Domestic shipping is $5. International shipping is $15 (sorryyyyy).

* wings and extra limbs are doable, but will cost more.

If you'd like a slot, you can either use the form here or EMAIL ME (hey at kiriska dot com) with the following by February 14th. Thank you! These will be completed by the end of the month.

Quote:Character Name:
Character Form, if applicable: Lupus/Secui/Optime
Character Species:
Reference(s): Attached or embedded in email
Ship Original?:
Email for Paypal Invoice:
Additional Notes/Comments:

it was me. i broke it.
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*Makes grumbly wishful noises.* I JUST got paid too.... But AZ RenFest is coming up. I alas, cannot jump on this at the moment. If by some miracle there's still a slot left after President's Day.........

Whoever claims these, I lovingly envy you! Kiri arts are amazing!!! <3333
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My general commissions are open, but I'm up to take 3 more of these fullbodies at the 'Souls discount price ($150) for April completion. Here are the finished ones from the last round:

Also open for another round of bust commissions/avatars. There are unlimited slots for avatars. These are regular, non-experimental avatars and more cleaned up/detailed than SSWM avs. :>

Please inquire by April 11th. Thanks!
it was me. i broke it.
commission info | instagram
this is me, posting here to remind myself to get an avvie when I can. lovely work as usual, Kiri!
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