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Basic Questions

What is the 'Souls Wiki?

The 'Souls Wiki is a is open to all members to edit -- it is basically a member-edited giant catalogue of many things related to the 'Souls universe as well as history and information regarding characters, packs, and so forth. You can create your own Character pages as well as your Players page. You can also help update the In Character history as well as Out of Character events and so forth, if you're looking to help out.

Who can use the Wiki? If I'm not a member of 'Souls anymore, can I use the Wiki?

Any current member of 'Souls is free to edit the Wiki. We prefer if non-members do not edit the 'Souls Wiki.

Why do I have to change the Author field to my player name when I make edits to the Wiki?

After an edit has been made, this field generates a link in the timestamp of the All Recent Changes page. This link is intended to guide Wiki users to your player page. When you leave your character's name in the Author field during edits, rather than change it to your player name, this link shows up red because your character is not the player, you are. ;) In order to keep the Wiki functional (and less unsightly), it is asked that you always change the Author field to your player name!

Can't I break something? Can't someone vandalize or delete my page?

Nope. The History tab is available on all pages -- if you break something, if someone vandalizes or deletes your page, you can simply revert the page to how it was before you/someone edited it! Please do let the 'Souls Assemblage know if someone vandalizes your page, of course.

How do I know what's okay and what's not the Wiki?

To get acquainted with the Wiki:
  • Read over the GENERAL Guidelines on the 'Souls Wiki guidelines.
  • Read over the SECTION Guidelines for the section you are planning to edit (e.g., if you are adding a character, read the Characters guidelines; if you are adding threads to the History, read over the History section).
  • Read over the CODING Guidelines.
That's the easiest way to get acquainted with our Wiki. In general, though, it's just common sense. Avoid touching "official" pages, keep it civil, don't edit or delete things that aren't yours, and assume all edits are made in good faith. For instance, if someone deletes your whole page and overwrites it with theirs, don't freak out! Firstly, it was likely an honest mistake. Secondly -- more importantly -- everything the Wiki can be easily restored through the History tab! Yay!

Wiki Code Basics

How do I create a page? How do I delete a page?

See Creating New Pages and Deleting Pages.
  • Make a link to your new page as if it existed (e.g., if adding a character, edit Characters and add your character to the list). When you save the Characters page, the link will be red and clicking it will let you edit the new page.
  • The other way is to manually edit the URL that needs to be created -- e.g., <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Players.YourName">https://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Players.YourName</a><!-- m --> -- and edit the page and save it. That works too, but is less safe in that your page name may not be what you desire. The safest way is to create a link.
  • See this detailed tutorial for a step-by-step guide to creating your very first wiki page!

How do I get acquainted with Wiki code?

It's very easy! If you've never done anything in a "coding language" before, Wiki formatting is a very good way to start. Additionally, we provide boatloads of templates -- so even if you don't know the PMWiki formatting language, you can still just replace some text in a template and you're good to go!
We do recommend starting off with a template. Make small changes, save or preview the page, and see what your small change did to the page. Did it break entirely? Just head over to the History tab and restore the last version of your page.
  • Text Formatting Rules: A great place to start with, as you should recognize everything most this document states (paragraphs, headings, lists) as basic text formatting.
  • Basic Editing: This guide is great for newcomers, too. It provides similar information as the Text Formatting rules.
  • Documentation Index: Contains everything you'd ever want to know. This is advanced, so please get familiar with the other links first.

Is there anything NOT okay, code-wise?

While the Wiki is open to edit, it's important to make sure the layout, general information presented, etc. is in line with our Wiki ideals. The point of the Wiki is easy reading -- so changing font styles, going crazy with colors, smooshing text together without any margins, and other related changes are generally not acceptable. Don't be afraid to customize -- but don't make your Wiki formatting so esoteric nobody else can edit your page, and don't make your page look radically different from the rest of the Wiki.

Advanced Questions

How do I add my character to the Open Characters list on the Wiki?

Add the following at the very end of your Character's page (there should already be similar tags at the bottom of your page, if you used a template: add this one at the end):
[[!Open Characters]]
The Open Characters page is basically a category list. It lists all characters under the "Open Characters" category. Instead of listing each one individually on the page, which could get tedious to update, it instead uses a category tag (the [[!Open Characters]] that you put at the bottom of your open character's page) and automatically lists all the pages that have that tag at the bottom!

Can I make multiple pages for a character/family?

You may make multiple pages within reason -- e.g., for a character such as Tayui Aston or Kaena Lykoi with extremely long histories or for a family such as the Russos where there's a lot of information to be contained on one page.

Eight pages for one character isn't "within reason" -- nor do many characters need an entirely separate page for their history, so please use your best judgment.

Your "secondary pages" should still be under the same category as your primary pages -- e.g., if you're making a separate history page for the character Unibrow, you should make the page Characters/UnibrowHistory or something to that effect.

How do I redirect a page?

Edit the page and insert the appropriate redirect code. The section name and the page name should be as they are in the URL of the page you want to redirect to.

From within the same category (e.g., Characters to Characters redirect):
(:redirect PageNameHereWithNoSpaces:)
<p>From within a different category (e.g., Characters to Families redirect):</p>
(:redirect Section.PageNameHereWithNoSpaces:)

How do I do the toggling/show and hide thing?

See the documentation for the Toggle plugin.

How do I do multiple columns?

You can very easily build tables with PMWiki code. See Table Directives. Here's a simple:
(:table width=100%:) <<-- starts the table
(:cellnr:) <<-- starts a cell on a new row (hence the 'nr')
(:cell:) <<-- new cell in same row
(:cell:) <<-- you can keep going forever, but remember how many columns are in your row!
(:cell width=50%:) <<-- you can also set attributes to your cell, like so
(:cellnr:) <<-- you're starting a new row now; your first row has four columns, so this row should also have that many columns
(:cell colspan=3:) <<-- and you can just do that, if want (remember the first cell of the row counts as a column too)
(:tableend:) <<-- ends table

How do I add footnotes to my page?

See the Footnotes topic here.

How do I (code), like on (person's page)?

Edit their page, borrow the code, and find out. ;D Note that some players prefer if they are asked before you take code from their page. Other players do not care at all. Remember, also: templated code is always available for your pinching.
If that doesn't answer your question, see the Documentation Index.

Technique Questions

What's the easiest way to update the history pages?

Go through the pack's active IC forums, the Pack News forum, and pack Twitter accounts. A lot of things are announced in those three places! You can also through the IC archives, looking for threads with lots of repliers or lots of replies.
You can also totally start a new topic in the Wiki collaboration forum requesting players post some history to be added. Some players don't know how to edit the Wiki or don't want to, after all, but they might be willing to post things for you to put on the Wiki for them. ;)

Known Bugs

Characters with special/accented letters are unable to log in

If your character's name has any special characters or accented letters, the Wiki is unable to recognize them and you will be unable to log into the Wiki to make edits. To work around this, you'll have to use a different registered character without any special or accented lettering in order to make edits to the Wiki.

Wiki search doesn't like certain words

There are certain words that, for some reason, the Wiki doesn't like and it will refuse the request by throwing an error. It's still not known exactly why this happens, but its been a known bug.

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