Questions about New Dawn
Well my interest in New Dawn keeps growing every day, so I have became a tornado of questions about this pack.

1.- Can a low ranked member defy a higher ranked member for his\her position?
2.- Are pets allowed inside the pack? (Kaeli has got 4 ravens that follow her anywere and she would most definitively protect them from even her packmates)
3.- Is optime fighting forbbiden in ND? Or atleast something that would be frowned down upon?
These sorts of questions are best aimed towards your pack leader! :O However, some of the answers can be found on the New Dawn Wesbite.

From the Policies Page:
Quote:Member can ICly challenge another member for their rank if there isn't an open slot. These challenges must be approved and agreed upon by both members OOCly and then a challenge thread must be requested to the Alpha. Challenges can be comprised of anything from an all out physical fight to a show of knowledge and retelling of one's acts. The Alpha will then the decide which member is best suited for the rank and whether or not promotion is acceptable.

Please keep in consideration that challenging for rank is not a primary way of moving up in the ranks and should be reserved for special instances where it is plotted out between the challenger and the challenged OOCly. Gaining rank is still based primarily on IC participation and OOC activity. The main reason for the rank challenge is to give players and opportunity to create unique plots with their characters.

As for the other two questions - most packs allow pets or livestock, and if you're unsure, it never hurts to ask your leader! The third question is also culture-based, so asking your leader is fine too. :) If you want to know more information about New Dawn, just head on over to their informative and pretty website!
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Ok, that was very helpfull, thanks!

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