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The Youth Fair!

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As the warm weather helps drive away the dreadful weather of March, things slowly return to normal. In Casa, the damage is assessed and collapsed or ruined buildings are dismantled and removed, but there seems to be a keen desire for Wolfville to be looking as good as it can be. Why the rush? Well, it seems the leaders have a plan, a chance to celebrate the start of Spring but also the newly formed relationships Casa had created.

[Image: cdc.gif]The Youth Fair [Image: dcg.png]

That's right! Time for our young generation to have a chance to come together and have a bit of fun. Casa is well aware of their expansive list of children, but have also taken note of the growing youngsters within Del Cenere and beyond. These young pup will learn a lot from their parents and pack, but surely a chance to meet others their age and form some strong friendships will do them some good! At the beginning of April, letters of invitation will be sent to Del Cenere Gang, Bête Noire and New Caledonia. Whilst the event wil empathsis on being for all youth from age 0-2, all are willing to come to Wolfville to enjoy some Cavalier hospitality!

❖ Timeline

  • April 5th - Word will be sent to those invited, detailing the event happening in Wolfville, starting on April 15th and ending April 22nd.
  • April 12th to April 15th - The Avalon will be making daily trips up north to pick up anyone wishing to travel across the lake to Wolfville.
  • April 15th - Guests are welcomed to Casa and shown places to stay during their visit, whilst also being encouraged to mingle with others.
  • April 16th to 20th - Events will be taking place across Wolfville. These fun games are intended to encourage the young to meet one another and learn about each other's culture. The games will be split into categories of age, in order to keep things fair for all the youngsters.
  • April 21st - Having the day to unwind from all the fun, the evening of this day promises some interesting match-ups. Indeed, it is a Ball! With the Wolfville Town Square cleared out and food and drink prepared, music and laughter will fill the air and new relationships will have the chance to fully form.
  • April 22nd - The events come to a close and guests slowly begin to leave. The Avalon will be available throughout the next few days to help ferry anyone across the Loch.

❖ The Events

As mentioned, the events taking place across the week will be split into age appropriate categories, allowing all children no matter their age to take part in the fun.

The Babies (Age 0 - 6 months)
Note: All the games for the pups will take place in Wolfville Market, in order for them to be properly watched by the adults and ensure they don’t go anywhere dangerous.
  • Hide-and-Seek: A game where the pups are rounded up in the middle of Wolfville, one adult volunteers to go hide somewhere in the market for the pups to try and find. The first one to locate them wins.
    Volunteer: Woodsmoke
    Participants: Cedric/Kai Puppies x 6, Tristan Callow-Wolfe, Nanouk Denahlii
  • Catch-the-Rabbit: A test to see how fast these little pups can go! A rabbit attached to a string has been placed somewhere in the market. The pups need to find it and then catch it, as an adult volunteer drags it around on the end of some string.
    Volunteer: Alice Boudreaux
    Participants: Tansy Braithwaite, Cedric/Kai Puppies x 6, Tristan Callow-Wolfe, Nanouk Denahlii
  • Tumble-Town: Alright we all know these kids are gonna want to wrestle. Consider this a baby’s first fight club; the pups will be unleashed all together to wrestle to their heart's content. No real winner here, only the friends they make along the way.
    Volunteer: Lucian Marino
    Participants: Tansy Braithwaite, Cedric/Kai Puppies x 6, Tristan Callow-Wolfe, Nanouk Denahlii

The Preteens (Age 6 months - 1 year)
  • The Tag Quest: This game went swimmingly for Casa a year ago, so time to bring it back. Starting in the centre of Casa, all the preteens are gathered and given pieces of purple cloth to tie around them (waist or leg). When given the signal, they are all released into Wolfville to hunt down each other’s tags. The game ends after another signal, and the winner is the one with the most tags.
    Volunteer: Petrichor
    Participants: Tansy Braithwaite, Rohan Heartsong, Veyron Knight, Lunatini, Vezdatini
  • The Memory Game: Time to test these rising kids on their mental strength, particularly in memory! Set up in the Jazper-Rhiannon Courthouse are some boxes with painted symbols. In this quiet room, kids take it in turns to touch each symbol as they’re called out by a volunteer adult. The list grows longer, and the kid must remember the called symbols each time.
    Volunteer: Jonk
    Participants: Daphne Braithwaite, Roza Hushhowl, Veyron Knight, Lunatini, Vezdatini
  • Anything You Can Do: Challenging your peers is always fun. This game is set up at the Wolfville Market. Preteens will be asked by a volunteer adult to list their best skill. The adult then writes it down. Preteens are then partnered to others and the pair are given a random skill from the produced list. The one who can do that skill the best will win.
    Volunteer: Liam del Morte
    Participants: Roza Hushhowl, Veyron Knight, Lunatini, Vezdatini

The Teenagers (Age 1 - 2 years)
  • Capture the Flag: A chance for some thrills, teamwork and competition, Capture the Flag is run in two teams of three and will be taking place throughout the event on Whisper Beach. The aim of the game is to defend a banner, coloured red or blue, on your side of the beach whilst also trying to capture the banner of the other team. At least two adults will be around to manage the game to ensure things don't get too heated, but there are no restrictions on when the game takes place, even the middle of the night!
    Volunteers: Bennett Braithwaite, Rafaela Tejada, Benjamin Michael Winthrop
    Participants: Daphne Braithwaite, Perses Stormfast, Parzival, Hokori Tanaka, Lossë Fir-Chlis
  • Masters of the Ball: Whilst the night of dancing is open for anyone, for the older kids, there is a bit of competition to be had. Teens are encouraged to find partners and take to the dance floor, enjoy themselves but also look to impress as the pair who are considered the finest of footwork will be announced as Masters of the Ball.
    Volunteer: Peony Braithwaite
    Participants: Daphne Braithwaite, Perses Stormfast, Skoll Stormfast, Hokori Tanaka, Benjamin Michael Winthrop, Lossë Fir-Chlis, Artoia Denahlii, Erik Ivanov

❖ Prizes

Winners for the events will be decided upon randomly once the sign-up period has ended. The events will have IC prizes which will be detailed and sent to those who win the events. Not all events have a set winner, such as the Memory Game, however these still have IC prizes depending on how well a character does at the game, which will be discussed with them after the sign-up period.

❖ Sign-Ups

There are two different kinds of Sign-Ups for these events, those wishing to take part in an event and those wishing to offer an Adult Volunteer to watch over! Sign-ups will be open until April 15th.

Taking Part:
(Note: If you are wanting to take part with a character who is still a yNPC, then please include their name as well as the active character who they are linked to that will be looking after them)
[b]Name:[/b] (Character name here)
[b]Age:[/b] (Provide the age of the character taking part here)
[b]List of Events:[/b] (Provide a list of the events you wish your character to take part in)

(Note: If you are volunteering a character to manage an event, please be aware that this will include starting the thread linked to the event)
[b]Name:[/b] (Character name here)
[b]Volunteer Position:[/b] (Please provide the name of the event you wish to volunteer for)

There will only be one volunteer for each event, however Capture the Flag and Anything You Can Do can have multiple volunteers depending on how many take part in the event.

Name: Peony Braithwaite, yNPC Tansy Braithwaite
Age: five months currently (*note* she will be six months and freshly shifted when she comes to Casa)
List of Events: catch-the-rabbit, tumble-town, the tag-quest

Name: Daphne Braithwaite (will be active April 18th, NPC right now)
Age: one year
List of Events: the memory game, capture the flag, and masters of the ball! (If she can anyways)

Name: Bennett Braithwaite
Volunteer Position: Capture the Flag

Name: Peony Braithwaite
Volunteer Position: Masters of the Ball
Name: Perses Stormfast
Age: 1 year and uhhh 10 months??????
List of Events: Capture the flag. Masters of the ball

Name: Skoll Stormfast
Age: 1 year and uhhh 10 months??????
List of Events: Masters of the ball

[Image: CGdJd3H.png] [Image: 52413_v.gif] [Image: AdoptableRotatorv2.png]

Art by Peelygecko

Name: Lucian Marino
Volunteer Position: Tumble Town

Will edit this post later to add more!
[Image: SoSuWriMo2022_winner.jpg]

Name: Alice Boudreaux
Volunteer Position: catch the rabbit!
Name: Liam del Morte
Volunteer Position: Anything You Can Do

This is going to be a lot of fun, I can tell! Thank you for putting this on, Casa. <3
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Name: Petrichor
Volunteer Position: The Tag Quest
Name: Rohan Heartsong
Age: 11 months
List of Events: The Tag Quest!
Name: Roza Hushhowl
Age: ~10 months
List of Events: The Memory Game, Anything You Can Do

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Aww this sounds like so much fun!! What a great idea, Team CdC! :D

Name: Rafaela Tejada
Volunteer Position: Capture the Flag
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My man was made for this! Looking forward to the festivities. <3

Name: Jonk
Volunteer Position: The Memory Game

Name: Marten
Age: 1y
List of Events: Capture the flag (if permitted, being a loner)

Name: Woodsmoke
Volunteer Position: Hide and Seek
Name: The Cedric/Kai puppy storm
Age: 1.5 months
List of Events: Hide-and-Seek, Capture-the-Rabbit, Tumble-Town
(Really they're just there to be cute, don't expect them to win anything)

Name: Veyron Knight
Age: 10 months
List of Events: The Tag Quest, The Memory Game, Anything You Can Do

Name: Lunatini (and Vezdatini cNPC)
Age: 10 months
List of Events: The Tag Quest, The Memory Game, Anything You Can Do

Name: Parzival
Age: 1 year 5 months
List of Events: Capture the Flag
Name: Hokori Tanaka
Age: 1 year and 10 months
List of Events: Capture The Flag, Masters of The Ball
Taking part
Name: Benjamin Michael Winthrop
Age: 2 years 2 months (Leadership approved)
List of Events: Masters of the Ball w/ Hokori

Name: Benjamin Michael Winthrop
Volunteer Position: Capture the Flag!
taking part!!

Name: Lossë Fir-Chlis
Age: 1y 4mo
List of Events: capture the flag & masters of the ball
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Name: Artoia Denahlii
Age: Feb 11th 2021 (14 months)
List of Events: Masters of The Ball

Name: Erik Ivanov (cNPC to Artoia)
Age: Feb 11th 2021 (14 months)
List of Events: Masters of The Ball

Name: Tristan Callow-Wolfe & Nanouk Denahlii (yNPC to Guinevere Callow-Knight, she will be with them)
Age: Dec 7th 2021 (4 months)
List of Events: Hide-and-Seek, Capture-the-Rabbit, Tumble-Town
Name: Ambrose Griffith
Age: 10 months
List of Events: Memory and Tag Quest

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