[DND] Be Proud of Your Heritage, But Learn from the Past
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[Image: O7HiKjw.png] Red Shield Prompt [000/000] Explore a new place and discover something new.

The smallest Hushhowls recent training adjustment with her mentor was going surprisingly well, she was getting stronger everyday, and her endurance was building allowing Alyonna to push herself a little further and harder with each new day.  It was also second nature getting up early daily to meet the Denahlii woman for the morning patrol, and she thoroughly enjoyed structure of the day. It was almost why she told her dad no when he asked her to come with him today.  Adjusting her normal routine would be difficult for her and she needed to stick to the set schedule as much as possible.  But at the same time, she wanted to spend the day with Zetsubou, something they hadn't done in quite a while.  In the end she had agreed to a compromise of meeting after the morning patrol, and Jacelyn had kept it short so the dark furred lupus form was back and seeking out her father before the sun reached its peak in the sky. 

Though her mind had been somewhat distracted during the run, she had still pushed herself and her muscles were sore.  Fortunately it was also uneventful, the only tracks and scent trails were old and no danger presented itself, though she would have to learn to focus more on the task at hand then letting her mind wander on the mysteries of later in the day. 

Petite paws carried her down the path back towards the Hushhowl den site, the ground sloshed under her as the weather had suddenly turned slightly warmer and clouds had started to form.  It seemed odd to Alyonna for such a drastic change after a heavy snow, but this was her first winter to spring season change, so what did she know? Soon mismatched orbs fell on her father and she smiled and jogged towards him.  Though she still hadn't shifted yet, her feral form had changed, she was no longer the plump puppy, but instead, gangly and mostly legs.  The dark furred youth was still micro compared to her siblings but Alyonna never let it bother her.

"Hi dad."

The daughter stood tall and confident in front of him, she wanted him proud of the Cavalier she was becoming.

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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]It didn't cause much surprise when Alyonna had to pencil in her father. Jacelyn had her on the right track with rigorous challenges and lessons, but he was thankful that Aly worked to make time for him. However, until she returned from her scouting, he was left to his own devices.

Dressing down into his old tattered work clothes, he gathered up his tekko and made his way out of the Denhouse that was he and Dusk's claim. Down the trail, he paced, until he found himself in the clearing with a wet and simmering fire. He took it upon himself to toss some logs into the waning flames to keep it alive. The wood crashed into the embers and sparks danced upward, eventually losing their heat and light.

A few feet away from the newly fed hearth, Zetsubou fell into a position that he knew well. Feet spread apart, though he danced lightly, and fists raised. Postured for combat, he worked his fists through the air for a while, the tekko jingling at his hip, and his mind aiming to focus on the training at hand. Still, intrusive thoughts burdened him. Beneath the rolling clouds above andthe half-thawed earth below, his mind wandered as he struck at nothing more than the wind.

Nazar was missing. Remus was dead. Zetsubou couldn't help but find himself at fault. He could have tried harder to make Nazar stay. Even then, Jacelyn had agreed with his brother. The convoluted mess in his mind only served to distract him, and before he knew it, the voice of his daughter stole him from his thoughts.

He stopped short in the combination of attacks that he was working through, and quickly dropped his fists as he turned to face her. It was easy to tell that he was startled, but he wouldn't bother her with the real reason behind why.

“Alyonna. You're here,” His words were warm and welcoming, luminous compared to the darker thoughts from just a moment ago. His maw turned upward in a grin. It did him good to be in her presence. A distraction that was much needed.

An eye traveled over her form, and how much she'd grown. In the blink of an eye, his latest litter had gone from round-bellied pups to Cavaliers in their own right, “Look at you!” He complimented, noting how strong and fast she presented herself as, “How was the scouting with your Mentor this morning?”


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