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Hokori was on all fours and running at top speed, ears flat against her head and nose tilted into the air. It was the natural state of her species, the usually Optime giant sticking to her still hulking Lupus form so that she could take part in the ancient and honored game of Chase. Chase was simple: you made something run from you and then you chased it. When Hokori was the Chaser her Chasee was usually some sort of victim but in this case, it was her favorite little moron mutt in the whole wide world.

Benji was smaller, lighter, and faster than she was but he hadn't spent nearly as many hours bludgeoning metal and people into shape as she had. This wasn't a race but an endurance test, one that would end in Hoko's favor when she caught up to the coyote and bowled him over. That was a ways away however, her boyfriend a brown-furred blur off the in distance. She watched him deftly weave around rocks and trees as she struggled to do the same, eyes fixed on his tail as she threw her head up and let out a howl.


It was a warning that she was on her way, the distance between them shrinking with every heavy footfall. It wouldn't be long before Benji was smushed flat under her as she settled into a victory nap.

"Imma getcha!" 

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┊He was living his life in a fog,
┊Oblivion’s welcoming arms;
┊His view of society marred,
┊No perception of forces at large.

➤ The great equalizer between them was that while she was large, he was faster. Too bad, too bad though that what gained on him was his own lacking endurance. Maybe one day it wouldn't be so, but right now, at this moment, he was sweating, literally and figuratively. It'd be a time coming but eventually his own energy would run out, and then he'd be the loser in their perpetual grappling.

That was what the training was for though. As well as just being a plain bunch of fun with his best girl.

Worming its way all loosey-goosey up his spine, her howl, chilling to another but not to him, Benji scootled faster with the solid warning bearing down on him. Springing over rock and branch alike, slipping, eel-like on his way between brush and trees, he was a darting, flashing shadow that was adept at finding the easiest route through the forest.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaa rah, rah, raa!!" He responded, the mutilated coy-al cry echoing back towards her. Using up precious breath but unable to keep quiet. If all the fairy tales had a heroine and hero that could sing together in a dulcet harmony, then the same was not true for himself and Hoko, together they sounded like a bad case of rasping screamers, no doubt the denizens of the Realm were utterly thrilled and enjoying the horrific products of their musical mangling.

Especially too when they set the Fir-Chlis family going with the boof boof boofs awowowowwos as well. Which only fed back upon itself in a horrifying amazing madrigal.

"Godda catch me, first!" Benji fired back over his shoulder, all the while excruciatingly aware that she was gaining upon him as his energy began to wane.

Tongue lolling from his mouth, his sides heaving like a pair of great bellows in the forges, Benji gathered up the last of his reserves and quick-flash darted to the side, changing direction on a dime and spinning around entirely to sprinting back the way they'd just come. Whether he'd get away with the move, considering how she'd been closing upon him, was another story all together, but he wouldn't be him if he didn't try one last gambit before being overwhelmed.
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Benji was the faster of the two of them, lithe and far more nimble than Hoko with her bulky body. But her bulk was made up of muscle and teeth, built up by time spent training in the field and forge. She had staying power to match his speed, power to make up for his sprint, She was going to catch up to Benjamin and bowl him over in a display of pride and affection befitting a rogue moose. 

"Benji, c'mere!"  

She bore down on him, knocking aside smaller obstructions that her handsome mutt had been forced to swerve around. He cried out and she responded, drowning out his yodel with a lung-emptying cry. When Benji changed direction she followed, making a wider turn than his sharp cut so that they were running along the outside. There was no fun in going for the 'kill' so soon, she was happy to let him put some distance between them.

Hokori was going to let him exhaust himself so that there was no resisting the pounce. When she pinned him, he would stay pinned.

The thought sent a shiver down her spine.

"You are Mine." 

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