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[Image: sl_corank.png] Ancella Interact with a Salsolan child; educate or care for them. If there are no Bambinos, discuss child-rearing with an adult in Salsola.

Silas hadn't minded the prospect of watching over the pups while the adults attended the trial. Those meant to be there in order to help pass the verdict were mostly the ones with children. The only one left was the Cleric's sister, but she hadn't been seen around the tower, perhaps meaning she was choosing to remain at home to watch her own child rather than attend. He didn't need to be at such a summons. As a servant, it put many things into perspective. He was already more than aware of what the kingdom could do to him if he put a foot out of line...

Not that he would ever do such a thing. It had been one of the reasons he had been praised as much as he was. The model servant that others should follow. Perhaps if they did, then they could achieve freedom as he had. Sad there were still days he wished he could give it up to return to, what he believed, a simpler life.

But then again, Aidan made that feel better.

The silent man was prompt when he arrived to the Eastern watchtower, the Cleric being the one to greet him at the door. Word had gotten to their home about her request, and so he had followed. What the Warden wanted to do with the current matters were completely up to him. Knowing Aidan, he would probably find his way to the trial. It seemed like his kind of thing to attend, and even if it wasn't, he would likely go to ensure he was showing face. That in of itself seemed important to the Salsolan people. Head dipped to the faction woman before he was granted access to her home. He too lived in a watchtower, but the layouts were not the same. It may take him a moment to get oriented, but that should be no issue.

Once the Ulrich family had left, Azalea was not too far along behind her, her own children in tow. Guess word had reached her that he was looking after Eden's, so she too came. Her children seemed to be fitting well with the Cleric's own. What a tragic upbringing all of them were sure to have ahead of them. Any birthright they may receive from Salsola my be muddled by the shame brought on them.

Well... it wasn't really his place to think too much on such things. He was just here to watch them.

Silas had laid down across the floor, letting them rough house with him as well as each other. It wasn't like writing was going to do him any good. These children probably couldn't read yet. One or two seemed fine to be by themselves, but so long as they were not causing any damage, then it was fine. He rested his head along his hands, his tail gently swaying back and forth behind him. He was content.
He always did like looking after pups.
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Silas del Morte
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Syrus's mother was often busy, but something seemed odd. All the adults were elsewhere, and, although Silas was arguably one of Syrus's primary carers, Syrus couldn't quite place the peculiar sensation brought about by the quiet man's company.

Looking thoughtful, Syrus chewed some yellow petals taken from the potted plants in the hallway and watched the other puppies—millions of them—scampering about. Some toppled over themselves to play with Silas, and others tumbled over one another simply because they could and because it was fun.

He mumbled around the leaves. "One . . . two . . . three . . . thor . . . thive."

The extent of his numerical prowess breached, Syrus now knew at least five other puppies around his age in the watchtower, which was even more unusual.

Syrus was an adventurer and a hunter, as much as any two-and-a-bit-month-old child could be anyway, so he made light work of dodging either his siblings or the other children, then made his way to Silas, finishing the last of the petals with smacking and clacking of tongue and teeth.

He felt a bit sick in his stomach, but that was probably because of the plants again. His mother's plants, that looked in a real state by this point.

"Hi Undle Silas!" Syrus would kick himself when he figured he was but a letter short of accuracy.

The young, brown-and-soot pup appeared perpetually cheerful and wore a trademark grin of mischief and good humour. He sat on his butt in front of the unlit fireplace and pawed, cat-like, at the soft furs beneath. 

"Did you do something to make my mommy angry?" Why else would the poor man have been asked to be responsible for such a large group of loonies?

Syrus had learned yes-or-no questions worked well enough for Silas, but missed the point that it was really elaboration that he needed.

"Ahhhhh!" Syrus laughed as he was blindsided by Harlow, his brother coming in with a flying tackle that floored him. Syrus scrambled beneath, then righted himself with enough force to throw Harlow up and aside to fall gracelessly onto the furs. A bit shaken from the unexpected counter, Harlow made a tentative run at Syrus, who was ready this time. 

Syrus jumped towards Silas, scrambled up over the man's shoulder, then neck, and fell down the other side of his head, hiding, while Harlow began sniffing around in search of Syrus. 

Syrus peeked over the big babysitter and watched as Iverness and Thistle ploughed into Harlow, taking him down.

Syrus used the opportunity to get back to one of his favourite pastimes: Chewing. This time his victim was Silas; specifically his left ear. The pup's teeth were not big, but they were as sharp as needles. 

"Ngghey" Giving two firm tugs before letting go and rounding on Silas, peering into his eyes, almost touching noses.

"I wanna see my mom." Syrus tilted his head, watching for any reaction. "I know how to get outside, annnd I know how to sniff and find her!"

Appearing sure of himself, Syrus began strutting across the room as if he may make a break for it.



Sooty Lookin' Nuisance
One eyebrow rose as he caught sight of Syrus some distance away from the others. It was no secret the Cleric liked flowers, especially when it came to using them in some decorative manner. She was certainly not going to be happy her son had taken to one for a snack. Perhaps that had been something he should have considered when he came over here. They were young, but surely he could have brought something for them to eat... or even just chew on. Well... it shouldn't be too hard to replace the blooms. Spring was still in full swing after all.

Golden gaze moved down as the pup in question came over to him. A small smile crossed his maw as he lifted his hand enough to give a wave. It was hard enough communicating with the adults that couldn't read, or he didn't have his book with him for some reason. Children was another challenge all together. Small things would be easy to do, but he was certain it wasn't going to be that way for too long.

And unlike when he had been looking after Helena's children, the mother wasn't anywhere nearby to help speak for him.

The boy's question brought a bit of humor to the silent man. He thought back to the years he had spent here in the kingdom, and he couldn't think of any time anyone had ever been truly angry with him. There were those that disliked him on the bias towards servants, but even they were not ever angry with him. He was dutiful, did as he was told. The only moment that stood out in his mind was when Aidan had sent him from their home, but that had been out of discomfort... not anger. He gave a shake of his head. No, that was not the reason he was here.

A silent chuckle passed his lips when he brother got the jump on him, only for Harlow to be ganged up on by the others. He felt so at peace watching them play with each other. What it must be like to have that innocence... something he never truly had. His eyes closed when he felt the soft chewing of teeth on his ear. It didn't bother him any, and the touch of a tiny nose on his own made his eyes open again.

Syrus wanted to see his mother? Well, that made sense, but he was the one looking after them while the trial was going on. That was not something he dared to bring up in front of them... the trial of their own mother. He pulled his book out, making a drawing on an empty page. Why didn't he think of trying this to communicate a long time ago? He gave a shake of his head to Syrus before pointing to the drawing. There were a lot of stick figures with pointed ears and different kind of hair gathered together. He pointed to one that looked the closest to Eden. He wouldn't be seeing his mother until they were done at the gathering.
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Silas del Morte
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Syrus couldn't hear laughter, but he could see it in the shake of Silas's form. It made Syrus smile, too.

Overall, the pup smiled a lot. But then again, he was not aware of every psychological wrecking ball passing him by. One misstep, one piece of information too much and the youngster's perfect and fragile world could come crashing down and reveal to him the very dark reality of his existence.

And just as his biological mother was to have her eyeball plucked from her face by the tip of Elphaba's knife, Syrus was happily engaged in a game of Charades with Silas.

"What, Mom's at a party?" He looked utterly baffled. "Like a birfday?" Raised brows, shocked at first, then curious. 

He wandered closer to his carer. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes, searching his face for some sort of answer that Silas could not give vocally.

His focus did not remain on the mute for long, however. Syrus was trying to pin down the source of a certain disquiet pervading his thoughts. With the distance between himself and his mother—who was always there for him—he had a new unpleasant feeling. He could breathe fine, but a visceral tension twisted his tummy and chest. The din from his playful siblings became indiscernible—a bit too much for him to take.

He was frowning as he watched them falling in heaps, laughing and screaming, shouting, jumping, biting. Harlow had Iverness with a gentle bite on her neck, reminding Syrus of something, a tincture of a memory. Something black and something brown. A heap, screaming, in the rain, in the grass. Two forms curled furled then unfurling together, screaming. One of them screaming. With pain or joy? He couldn't remember. Perhaps it was only a dream. Perhaps a nightmare.

His previous question was now more pertinent than ever and another that ran alongside in priority.

"Is she gonna be here soon?"

Syrus was fine in his own company, especially outside, where he could explore. He could operate well enough without his mother with him. In fact, he usually liked it. What he didn't like was having her so far away, without having the choice to see her if he needed to. 


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Sooty Lookin' Nuisance
It was probably a strange sight to the boy, watching the way Silas' body moved with nothing coming out past his lips. Those who were not used to him were either not aware of the fact that he couldn't speak, or thought he was probably just very quiet. He wasn't sure how he would be able to express such a matter to a child. Showing his tongue had always been the best way, but the adults were able to immediately understand what it meant. Syrus likely wouldn't. Well, so long as he wasn't asking, there wasn't much need to bring it up in any way.

A party? Guess given by the drawing he had made, he could see how the dark pup would have come to that conclusion. He gave a shake of his head, looking down at his art. After staring at it for a few moments, he drew a box around the group of stick figures. On the top, he drew another one, with long lines along the circle head to show long hair. He even drew a little crown on her head to try and get the message across. After all, he couldn't just put her title down if he couldn't read it.

And he would have no way of speaking it.

The silent man gave a brief pause, turning his attention to the others. Syrus wasn't the only child he was in charge of after all. He pushed himself up slightly, looking over the boy's siblings to make sure they weren't harming each other. Satifised with his check, he lowered himself back down in front of Syrus, offering him a gentle smile.

To his next question, his golden eyes trailed to the nearby window. Even closed, he could see the light coming through the cracks. There was no telling how long the trial would take. He did have a bit of an idea on what he could do. Returning to the sketch, he drew a sun in the sky above the stick figure of Elphaba. He then began a new drawing to the side. This one had a stick figure looking like Eden coming towards a crude looking tower. He had changed the position of the sun in the sky in this drawing to show when he believed would be the time she would return.

He only hoped he got the message across.
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Silas del Morte
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Syrus has been around Silas long enough to be used to the fact he couldn't talk. It was normal for Syrus to see this and rarely evoked additional curiosity. He supposed that was how Silas was. Mom was a woman with the scent of a male and other male bits, and Uncle Silas was there to look after him and happened to be unable to speak.

As yet, Syrus didn't have very much else to compare his personal situation to. It wouldn't be until he began to build a friendship circle outside his own family that he would realise one or two parts of his life were, at the very least, unconventional.

He enjoyed watching Silas draw. They weren't exactly realistic, but they told a story, and with each new line, Syrus edged closer and lifted his head high to peer at the images.

"Ahh, kay. Mom's at the Boss's birfday, and she'll be home pretty soon! Ooh, I hope she brings the Boss with her 'acause I wanna meet her!"

He nodded, happy enough with the information.

Eventually, the others settled down. Harlow and Inverness were collapsed in a heap, napping. Azalea's children were still awake. Syrus watched Indigo for a while. He seemed very quiet and shy, far less boisterous than his sisters, one of which, Skadi, he was super patient with.

Aside from quiet Indigo, Syrus had spent plenty of time playing with Azalea's kids and was bored. Silas, with his animations, provided some new distraction from missing his mother.

"Undle Silas! Can you drawed a new story? Like a fun story? Like about monsters and princesses and stuff?"

Syrus raised his brows expectantly, ears perked with a hopeful little smile of longing that always seemed to get him what he wanted from his mother.


And just to pile the pressure on Silas, and because he was used to getting the things he wanted, Syrus gestured for Indigo to come to watch.

"Hey, Indigo! Silas gonna make a story with his drawings! It's really fun, come watch!"


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Sooty Lookin' Nuisance
Indigo's eyes were red, and he wished they had stayed blue.

Skadi teased him for his name not matching his eyes, but worst of all, their mom made a weird face before remarking on the color changing. He had raced to the nearest reflective surface to check at the time. He wished he had waited longer, to watch how mom's face changed and ask her why she was doing that. He was distracted from this ultimately, but it was on his mind again when their mother had dropped them off to be babysat.

He felt that he was different from everyone else. Why would that make sense if it were untrue? The other kids treated him differently. He felt like a million eyes were on him. He was shaking. The other boy, Syrus, was staring at him. Indigo was curious about what 'Undle Silas' was showing him, so he shuffled over to look. It was hard not to with Syrus commanding him to like that.

"Um... Okay, Syreese." He inhaled to ask a question, but he hesitated. He felt he may as well not have a voice at times, but he could tell now they knew he was trying to say something. He opened his mouth and eventually formed the question: "D-drawin's? I wan'tuh see... C-can you draw p-plants, Undle Silas?" 
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