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p. Owen
When Torabera Tanaka, the Councilor of Othas and the leader of the Wraiths, patrolled the borders it was always with a purpose. He moved quickly, quietly, making his way around the Realm's outer ring with his eyes peeled and nose to the ground. He sought out intruders wherever they could be found, interrogating loners who got too close and checking for new tracks. It was an extension of his duties as Caledonia's defense minister, the stoic warrior on patrol so that his countrymen could sleep safely.

Hoko appreciated his father's dutiful nature but had no interest in mimicking it. She didn't patrol so much as she meandered, only expending effort when there was profit on the line. Hunt down someone who was supposed to have a bunch of shiny trinkets? Sure. Spend all day chasing after a stranger on the off-chance they were a danger? Nahhhhhh, not for her.

Still, she was occasionally afflicted by curiosity, a natural want to meet new people mixing with greed when she caught the scent of an unknown person. Such a thing had occurred while she made the return trip after a successful heist, the weight of her new goodies not heavy enough to keep from veering off towards the smell of a stinky lil stranger. 

Maybe she'd make a new friend! Maybe she'd shatter a jaw and take their stuff! The possibilities were truly endless.

She made no secret of her approach, branches snapping and critters scrambling for cover as she charged her way through the undergrowth, displacing the world around her like a tidal wave knocking aside sandcastles. All seven feet and six inches of shithead burst through the bushes with a howl of greeting, bright blue eyes taking in the scene.

The doggy was a big boy compared to most folk but he had to be at least a foot shorter than Hoko herself. "Heya! You out here alone?"

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Owen had simply followed the coasts, seeking food, or perhaps adventure.

It had seemed like the most valuable thing he could do with his time when everyone was sick and tired of the smells that he ended up, unintentionally most times, bringing back to the campfire alongside some unimpressive tale of what he’d encountered that day.

There was still no sign of Mosie, no matter the amount of trees he attempted to climb to peer into their highest boughs. The upside to this, however, meant that his skill in scaling oak was getting increasingly better, and was at least marginally more impressive than his prior skill. He was scrabbling his way back down the bark of one such tree when a great rustling and snapping sound surged through the wood, making him go wide-eyed and mildly alarmed in his own worry that he’d upset yet another (much larger) creature, and he toppled over backwards down onto the dirt, and the embankment onto the long-stretching sand bar that stretched down towards the far-off water. He rolled over himself with an ‘oof’, before he pushed himself up, dizzy, back to his feet and looked to the stranger. At first blush, she was reminiscent of a giant version of his sister – but – it was only a brief resemblance that faded the moment he blinked.

”Oh, hey, yeah – hello, there,” he started, spitting out some of the sand from his teeth, before he waved, and stretched, popping his back before he offered up a big smile. ”I’m Owen! I do hope I’m not like, trespassing or something, I just been wandering around without much thought.”

Not that he had many thoughts to begin with.

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It had occurred to Hokori that her rampage was perhaps unnecessary, the loud crashing of feet against dirt and the snap of branches being bashed aside a clatter that could upset her soon-to-be-acquaintance. They could have been sleeping or just jumpy, liable to panic at the sound of some huge creature charging them After all, traveling in the Neutral Lands could be a dangerous prospect. People had to be prepared for anything so it wasn't fair to barge in and make their hearts explode out of their chests.

Hoko considered all of that and tossed it aside in the short time it took to explode into the camp, deciding that if the stranger tried to shiv her in a panic she'd be able to break their wrists. Lucky for the both of them then that there was no shivving, just a dog dude falling out of a tree and into the sand. "Oh, sorry about that." The giant said with a smile, really not all that sorry. "Was just excited to see a new friendly face!"

Owen seemed cool and his stuff wasn't all that interesting. Hoko would refrain from jumping him.

"Nah you're good, I just wanted to see what was goin' on. You been in the area long?"

She made herself right at home, popping a squat next to the campfire while she watched Owen intently.

"Must be boring just hanging around in the middle of nowhere."
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