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Spotlights for May 2022

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
There are very few long-standing villains that stick around on 'Souls, and fewer still that end up effecting more than just one or two other played characters the way that Aani Aston-D'Noires did. Aani's beginning in 'Souls started off as a girl who was unhappy beneath her mother's thumb. When she ran away from Bete Noir, she found a home amongst the Thistle and Thorns, and, it was there that she thrived and grew. Outwardly, she was a perfect fit with her ambitious and conniving nature. In a place known for its secrets, however, Aani, perhaps, harbored some of the darkest herself. Those that she cherished withered beneath her poisonous touch, but her villainous ways went unnoticed and undetected for months. When her terrible acts were discovered, however, she fled, remaining free — albeit, constantly looking over her shoulder — for months before she was finally apprehended. After two years of lies, thievery, murder, and other unforgivable acts, this salmon-eyed monster finally met her end. Having effected the lives of so many, it will be interesting to see where they go in the wake of Aani's demise!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
No CS this month.

[Image: salsola.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
A highborn daughter of noble house Ulrich, Deirdra de le Ulrich comes from esteemed bloodlines and has plenty of family within Salsola. One of her mothers currently serves as an elite within the pack's distinguished Faction Tiers - but the other is a disgraced criminal, labelled Pentiti for her severe crimes against the kingdom and recently executed for these offenses. Deirdra has several relatives currently active in Salsola, including her mother, two brothers, and aunt.

From this conflicted and harsh beginning to her young life, will Deirdra rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and bring greater glory to redeem her family name? Or will the trauma of her upbringing stain her reputation forever, and lead her down darker paths... Only time will tell!

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With steady rains and warm temperatures, it becomes clear that summer is just around the corner. Trees now boast full boughs of leaves, providing hiding places for birds and squirrels and ample shade for those on the ground. Plants have begun to return to life, though many blooms don't fully emerge until the end of the month.

Native deer populations have begun giving birth, providing new opportunities for hunters. Fish and turtles can be seen more frequently, and tadpoles start making their appearance. At twilight, the first bats of the season can begun to be seen and heard.

For most Luperci, this transitional season is one marked by the shedding of any remaining winter fur. With better weather, travel will become easier, allowing traders to hawk their wares far and wide and those eager to see distant friends and relatives the freedom to do so.

Spring Forth, Words!

Wow! What a great showing this year for Spring Forth! Many thanks to all who participated and big congrats to our many winners!




Icon prizes have been awarded. Straight A Students and those with a Passing Score -- please claim title prizes via Maintenance by the end of the month!

bNPC Updates

With the coming of milder weather, a majority of the settlers at Oglethorpe have decided to move on with only Dawnsong, Finn, and Hurricane remaining.

The bNPC Listing and Trade Opportunities topic has been updating accordingly.


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