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Orion; Backdated, mid-March

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It was with a very sudden conscious thought that Johanna opened her eyes.  In what felt like just a moment ago, she was bleeding on the shores of the Fundy, bound and terrified as she laid against the rocks, but now...  

Elias.  Quickly she scanned her surroundings, finding nothing in the room with her besides the door, a chair in the corner closest to her, a window, and the bed she was resting on.  For a precious few seconds, she stayed like that, the sense that this was some joke at her expense and he'd suddenly appear to finish her off.  When he didn't throw open the door with a malicious sneer, her hackles lowered slightly, the tension draining from her as the Greyfire felt paradoxically exhausted after having just woken up.

In a haze, Johanna tried to push herself up in a sitting position, giving a quiet yelp of pain as she felt a mild burn of pain from her leg and near her neck, reminders that the injuries she endured were very real.  What had happened?  Trying to bring into focus the moments from before was a struggle, but the wolfdog was so sure that her throat had been cut.  Hadn't it been?  Gingerly with one hand, she prodded around her neck, wincing with the discomfort that it caused.  It had been bandaged, and seemed to be holding together still.  A quick check of her leg held the same result, in pain yet otherwise tended to.  Had someone found her on the beach?  A murky memory of someone's voice, the numbness of a distant touch when things began to fade...

And then the rest of that day's events came crashing down like a bursted dam, Johanna doubling over in an attempt to not be sick as she slowly processed key events from her abduction.  Wave after wave of nausea flooded her as thoughts began to stream together.  She couldn't, couldn't do this.  She had to get answers, answers on what had happened, where she was, who brought her here...  Endlessly, the questions poured on as she sat there, shivering.  What had happened with her mother?
He didn't know what twist of fate had lead the male to be in that place in that exact moment, but if there was anything that Orion could be glad about in this time of grief and strife, it was that. The white shirt that Orion had been wearing at the time had been soaked in the blood of Orion's dear friend, it had belonged to his father, but the wolf discarded the garment without a second thought. His father was gone, and so it shouldn't matter if he kept the shirt he didn't even like. The pants however, they were dark and could be washed out without leaving too much of a visible stain, and after Johanna had been dressed and treated and Orion had been assured that she was stable and simply needed time to rest and recover, he had gone to do just that, leaving the girl in the den that his parents had once shared.

Upon his return, Orion was clean, in a fresh pair of trousers and carrying the old wet ones over his arm. Just outside the door, the dark wolf paused to draw breath, he could hear her in there, her quiet whine, but it was only a moment before the male bolstered his courage and quietly opened the door, letting himself in as though he had no reason not to. Stepping inside, Orion shut the door quietly behind him and slung his freshly washed clothing over the back of the chair before excusing himself to the table across the room, grabbing a cup of water that had been waiting there, he brought it back to the injured girl, handing it to her patiently as he sat, no words or expectations just yet, he would let her ask what she needed to know, he didn't wish to overwhelm her in her weakened state. 

"You must be thirsty." He offered, knowing how much blood the girl had lost and hoping she would accept his attempt at aiding her recovery.
As the handle to the door began to creak open, a pair of ocean blue eyes locked onto its frame, silently waiting to see who it was that would enter.  She was practically slapped into a stunned silence, seeing the dark cavalier walk into the room, as a whole new swathe of questions came bubbling at his appearance.  Orion was definitely not someone she expected to see, but now that she thought about it, it was his voice that she had heard shouting right before she had been cut open, and it was his scent in these quarters.  Clutching her head at the headache she felt, there was so much she wanted to say, so much to find out, but the first and most obvious question came to mind.

"Are... are we safe?" she whispered, not bothering to hide the wavering in her voice.  "Is he here?"  In her head, it was clear that if he was nearby, Orion would likely be much more agitated, or at least she would be dead for good.  Still, it... It was good to hear the words.  The bi-colored wolf moved quietly about the room, heading to a table that Johanna was just now registering, her eyes gaining a hardened, dead light as she spotted her old dress, damaged and stained as it had become.  The Greyfire immediately put it out of her mind as she refocused on Orion, who had picked up a cup as an offering for her.  Staring at him for a moment, eyes flicking from the water to his frame, -she wasn't feeling steady enough to try to look him in the eyes- a functioning logic began to process once more, and she took the cup cautiously, nodding her silent thanks.

Her throat had been scratchy with how dry it ran, so the cool water that she now sipped was a godsend on its own.  Collecting herself for the moment, the ashen haired woman began to talk again, though she didn't exactly look at her assumed savior as she did.  "How did you find me?" she asked, a little surprised somewhat still that someone had reached her in time.   It seemed impossible that the cavaliers could've gotten news of what had happened, so he couldn't have been part of a search party.  "Does anyone else know I'm here?  I think, the fewer that know the better, but if anyone my family-" she stopped, interrupting herself as her eyes widened.  "My mother." she said, failing to elaborate at first as she glanced horrified to the Knight.

"She was injured, back home-"  The memory of blood flowing freely from that gaping wound started her shaking again, panic rising in her throat.  Was Nyx alright?  That gash, it was so deep, she couldn't even use that leg afterwards.  "I need to know what happened." she said, her voice beginning to warble.  "I need to-" she continued, trying to force her bruised and torn body towards the edge of the bed, a sense of hysteria crowding the edges of her mind.
The man came and sat beside her, as heavy as the emotions that weighed on his mind from recent events were, he focused his attention on his friend, on answering her questions, on making sure that she was alright, because after all, Johanna was a living breathing canine that Orion cared about, and she was here right now needing his help, so why waste energy fixating on the dead? 

He sat beside her slowly and quietly so as not to disturb her too greatly, but her questions began almost immediately, the harrowing experience she'd only just come out of seeming to have disturbed her greatly. At first, the wolf said nothing, trying to collect his thoughts on how he should proceed from this point, but when the moon-kissed wolf asked if her attacker was nearby, he shook his head quietly. "We're in Casa." Giving the cup over to the fair wolf's hands, Orion considered his words before speaking. "I was on my way to visit Bête Noire." The unkempt male started his explanation. "I heard..." Torn ears flicked with distaste at the memory of the sound of her screams, and Orion swallowed before starting again. "I came towards the sound, he ran off when he saw me coming." The Cavalier admitted. "You were unconscious so I brought you here for treatment, I had to get a medic to see you and tell the leaders."

It was a fairly rapid change of tone when the conversation shifted from Johanna's current situation to the situation of her mother back in Bête Noire. The girl tried to get up and Orion gingerly reached for her shoulders to try and settle her back down. "Hey, hey hey," The male hushed softly. "You were badly injured, you need rest, just relax, tell me everything and I will help you however I can." The dark furred male assured her as best he could.

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