Blood Ties | A Preternatural Original Fantasy
AU Real Life Set in Ontario, Canada
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200+ Word Count, 18+ Community,
Preternatural Original Fantasy
Rated 333, Est 2021

Welcome to Greenbrooke, Ontario, where no one is quite who they seem. Home to vampires, werewolves, shifters, mages - and even fae - Greenbrook is a place where everyone is kept in line only by an agreement decades old and enforced by Guardians – an occupation held mostly by mages. But there are tremors of discord beginning to thrum through some sectors, promising trouble.

In a city where ignorance can truly be bliss, where will your loyalties lie?

✔ Relaxed Community
✔ LGBTQ+ Inclusive
✔ No Activity Checks or Demands
✔ No Character Limits or Restrictions
✔ Sub-Accounts
✔ Self-Hosted MyBB (similar to Jcink)
✔ AU Real Life, Fictional City in Ontario, Canada
✔ Real Life Face Claims
✔ Character-driven Lore
Faes, Mages, Mundane, Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves

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