A Sizeable Number of YCHs
Auctions and fixed prices!
Hey all! We've been making a lot of art lately, and since they can't change lightbulbs, plug leaks, or be transmuted into gold, we're selling them!

Fullbody Auctions:

We're auctioning off three, vaguely spring-themed fullbody pieces! They'll be flat-colored by default, but AB comes with simple shading and a simple, stylized background.

[Image: df5g1tg-b532ff54-4a08-45a0-9d2b-3bff2b84...G9_gMGB2GI]

1. Dab on Winter
Start Bid: $30
Current Bidder:
Auto-Buy: $50
End Time: May 19th at 11:59pm EDT

2. Swing Into Spring
Start Bid: $30
Current Bidder:
Auto-Buy: $50
End Time: May 19th at 11:59pm EDT

3. Beat the Heat
Start Bid: $30
Current Bidder:
Auto-Buy: $50
End Time: May 19th at 11:59pm EDT

Auction Rules:
  • The minimum bid is $1.
  • Bidding ends three days from today, May 14th, on May 17th at 11:59pm EDT.
  • Auction will be extended by 24 hours if there are no bids, as necessary per piece.
  • Payment is required in full at the end of the auction.

Semi-realistic Avatars:

We're also offering these! Four semi-realistic avatars with stylized shading for $20 USD each.

[Image: df58gls-0d30db8a-214e-407b-afed-e7394012...tTjzvwrNCw]

Avatar 1:
Avatar 2:
Avatar 3:
Avatar 4:

Animal Crossing-style Chibis:

And what's this? Even more art we've already made, and as a result, is cheaper than usual? $10 a pop, get 'em while they're hot!

[Image: df5g0gy-42fe7ab3-405a-4cdc-a4ac-ef3612bd...M2uqbmS0kg]

Chibi 1: Nicolas
Chibi 2: Myst
Chibi 3:

General Rules:
  • We're happy to alter ears, fur length, and make minor changes to expression at no cost.
  • Accessories, complex designs, and major expression changes cost extra, agreed upon prior to commission start.
  • Multiple revisions may also incur an additional cost, but the first is free.
  • Payment through PayPal only, paid prior to commission start.

We might be forgetting something, but we don't think so, so that's that I guess. We hope you enjoy!
gimme chibi 1 for willow plox ty
I’d love chibi 2, please :D
Sure! Your claim's been noted, DM sent. <3
Lost track of my days, so extending the auction a little over 24 hours before I try 'em somewhere else. <3

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