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Shattered Coast
[Image: wolfmoon.gif] Prompt  It's afternoon on the Shattered Coast, and it's beautiful out.
Your character is in a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood.

There was never a mood to be as foul as hers, tempestuous and roiling to a caliber the likes of which it was any wonder the storminess of her face did not sour the lovely sunshine that bathed the rocky shoreline. Fallow had no excuse for it, truly – she had woken up in a mood, which persisted, exacerbated by a morning of brief and small misgivings that built up to a cranky and utterly helpless to the tides of misfortune that seemed to batter her barely-buoyant ship.

Bad dreams lead to bad sleep. Bad sleep lead to a groggy morning, started to waking when a squirrel had pelted an old stick from the oak tree down onto her head and chattered up in raucous laughter afterwards. A poor waking and bad sleep made for clumsy action, which resulted in a rolled wrist and a limp that smarted as she traversed from wood to coastline, only to slip down onto the pebbly beaches. Premature motion lead to premature hunger and a disrupted rhythm. And so it went on.

Fluffy, sparse and vapory clouds crawled along skies that were a beautiful blue, and untroubled surf of dark water lapped at the disruptive shoreline as Fallow nosed around for an easy meal that washed its way up onto the beach – hopefully still fresh enough that it hadn’t turn to rot. Her hopes for this little glimmer of happenstance were low, but not yet zero – until she had seen what she had assumed was a fish washed into a small hollow of rocks. Seizing opportunity, as any intrepid creature did, she dipped her snout into the dark little crevice, and came back up with a yelp, shaking her head sharply and flinging a small crab right back into the sea.

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