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Quiet permeated the earthen den, impeded by only the sound of claws shuffling against the earth just beyond the dark tunnel. Kiara lay quietly, her body curled around her oversized belly as she waited. Thairn's steps paused again and Kiara could hear him trying to sneak back into the den. Her ears flattened and almost immediately she was up, flashing her rows of sharp teeth as she growled venomously at the male. Her teeth smashing together she charged at him, forcing him to back up and fall on his rear as he tried to escape her wrath. His tail was tucked, his ears flat against his skull as he whimpered and scampered off a few feet. But he wouldn't leave, not completely. This dance had been going on for hours, each time the male backing off for longer.

Awkwardly, Kiara twisted back into the den and settled down as another contraction hit her body. They were arriving faster and more intensely than before. Even so, Kiara was no where near to the end. She shifted uncomfortably as she closed her tired eyes closed. In moments she was up again, moving about in the silent den as the tall grass crunched beneath her paws. Hours continued to pass at a slow crawl and the pain in her body grew worse.

After what seemed like an eternity, the pain in Kiara's body grew substantially and she settled down for the wait. Her body knew what to do, her mind had easy as she remembered her experiences from last year. Still, the idea that something might go wrong nagged at the back of her mind as waves of adrenaline flushed through her body. Kiara let out a yelp, her body twisting as she realized that things were different. It hurt, it hurt so much. Kiara shook her head, letting out another whine as the whites of her eyes began to show. The previous year had hurt, but not like this. She tried her best to keep quiet, to stay calm as the waves of constant pain passed over her shuddering body.

After nearly half an hour, the first puppy arrived and Kiara reached over to grab it. Her eyes grew wide as her jaws wrapped around the large body. While he might not have been big compared to the luperci puppies, he was larger than any pup Kiara had ever carried. Kiara pulled him close, licking him and cleaning him roughly with her tongue until the first cries of life came. He squirmed underneath her and she pulled him closer, cleaning the rest of his body and stimulating his breath. His white fur was clear even in the gloom, the two socks on his paws dark spots on his coat. His back was dappled with many colors, but Kiara couldn't pick them out in the dim light. Once she was satisfied that he was breathing and healthy, Kiara carefully pulled him to her belly while she waited for the next pup to arrive.

Again the pain came, but it wasn't nearly as intense as before. Her contractions became a constant feeling and within an hour the second pup was born. Once again, Kiara pulled the pup towards her, severing their connection before bathing him roughly. After a few rough moments, he too let out a gasp and and whine as his dark body pulled itself closer to Kiara's heat. Smiling, she finished his bath and set him beside his brother as her contraction began in earnest.

A third pup slipped out, smaller than the others. Kiara grabbed him and repeated her process, licking him roughly to try and coax him to breath. His body moved beneath her tongue, but as the minute passed he slowed. Kiara continued to lick him, his silverly fur lifting and falling beneath her tongue as she tried to stimulate his breath. But as time passed, he grew still and silent. Kiara looked down at her puppy, recognizing the weakness that he had. Born, only to be too weak to continue on. She stared at him as her contractions grew again, forcing her to push him away to make room for the next pup. Even so, her eyes wouldn't leave him till the very last second, hoping with everything she had that he would cry out for warmth.

With one last push, Kiara reached around and severed her connection with the final pup. Again, it was small, perhaps smaller than Lucia had been and worry filled Kiara as she pulled the pup close. Her rough tongue passed over its body, revealing the white fur of the little female along with dapples of light shades that ran up and down the pups back and forehead. It took only moments for the puppy to breath who promptly began to scream. Kiara winced as her ears folded back slightly at the sudden noise. Sapphire eyes watched as the the newborn thrashed and cried enthusiastically. Shaking her head, the young mother placed the third and final pup next to her two new sons and watched with a sense of tired pride as they ate. Her eyes drifted briefly to the silver pup that she had lost and the final thought that passed through her mind was that she would have to get rid of him when she was strong enough to. When both her mind and body could take the strain of carrying the small body away.

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