"New" accounts and access to LASKY content on Request-only basis
I was originally going to ask this on the Discord #help channel since it seems pretty yes/no to me, but, it started to get lengthy, and, at the risk of things being turned into a discussion, I decided to post this here instead x3

Anyhow, would 'SA ever consider allowing "new" accounts (as in, has not been formally accepted via a Joining Application) access to everything in LASKY (Canon, Non-Canon, and Test-Drive) if the player specifically requested for permissions via the Maintenance thread?

Currently, "new" accounts only have access to Test-Drive in LASKY from what I understand (and as of this Discord #help question in Feb 2022)? If that new account is for character content that the player WANTS to be Canon, however, it doesn't really make sense to me to funnel all threads into Test-Drive?

I understand that the Test-Drive rules have a clarifier that currently states that threads can be Canon content if "they are specifically about the character's history prior to coming to 'Souls" and are suggested to have those threads moved post-being made an active character. What about NPCs that will never be actively played though?

I also understand that players are encouraged (and have in the past) used an active account to post for their attached c/yNPC characters in LASKY (ex. cNPC Coyote is attached to Wolf. Player posts on Wolf, but has to notate that it's actually from the POV of cNPC Coyote). I've even done it before. However, if I intend to post a lot of content from say, cNPC Coyote's POV, I don't want to clog up all of Wolf's Thread and Post logs with canon content that doesn't have them as the star. Basically, I'd like to keep cNPC Coyote's stuff separated from Wolf's xD

At this change being by request-only to allow for such permissions, 'SA could also deny the request too for XYZ reason? It also being by request-only would also ensure that we don't end up with Newbie players accidentally posting where they shouldn't before they're accepted onto the forum?
I would like to second this idea, if I may!

I, also, like to go ahead and sort of parse out NPC specific threads within Canon LASKY - while I could understand the reservation with total access, a request-based status (sort of like how people used to have to request HTML access for tables? which they utilized in LASKY for the most part) may work out well.

As far as qualifications, perhaps it could be limited to players with/or have had active characters on board, as players who have active characters are familiar with the ground rules and expectations of 'Souls conduct.
I don't have much to add, but I do think this is a good idea (and not just because I have a few characters in the pipeline this would be extremely useful for). I basically agree with everything you've both said. <3
This is fine. We've approved these requests in the past (mostly pre-myBB). It's just that as a default, new or never-active characters can't post there.

LASKY access can be requested via Maintenance for new accounts and they will be titled as "inactive."
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