[bug] [fixed] Auto-bolding of BBCode font styles in UCP profile editing
When I was updating Percival's profile just now, I noticed that mysteriously bolds the text in addition to italicizing it. In the example below, I only wanted to italicize the text in the Relationships section of Percy's profile but the board italicized and bolded it after applying the code. I tried it in a different section, too, just to make sure it wasn't strictly related to the Relationships section for some odd reason and the same thing happened when I attempted to italicize Percival's name in the Biography section.

I tried the other BBCode font codes as well with the same results — and will also auto-bold the text in addition to underscoring and striking it out respectively. To make sure it wasn't only effecting Percival's profile for some reason, I tried it the same code in Sólveig's Relationship section and was able to replicate it.

Not sure if this was an issue before or if it came about in the recent board maintenance, but here we are!
Fixed it (may require cache clear).

Explanation: When I was originally setting up profiles, I included:
.profile-ctbox span:first-child, .profile-flexbox span:first-child { font-weight: bold; }
in order to force-bold the label of each profile (e.g. "Biography") which is wrapped in a span. Later, I edited the HTML template to give those a label class, which set the bold, making this previous rule unneeded, but I didn't get rid of it because I forgot about it, probably.

The entire contents of each profile field are also inside of a span, but when you use text formatting, it gets translated as additional spans. [i] = <span style="font-style: italic;" class="mycode_i">. This thus triggers the span:first-child clause, forcing a bold. If you'd used subsequent [i], only the first one would be bold lol.

Anyway, I removed the thing, so it should be okay now. :')
it was me. i broke it.
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