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Wrath walked north along a well-beaten track, high along the western coast. Despite his dark colouration, he luxuriated in the sun's heat; it was noon, and a gentle easterly wind blew in across the water, sifting between his long, sable fur, while the loch's water lapped at the short throw of sand at the base of the steep embankment to his left.

He had no responsibilities, nowhere in particular to be. It seemed that if he joined the odd hunt, killed a few trespassers, and attended the correct gatherings, he was mostly left to his own devices. 

Though he kept himself away from Salsola's general population, he had begun feeling drawn more often to Eden's residence, though he hadn't yet made it all the way to the door. Despite the fact he'd asserted his desire to be involved with his son, Syrus, he found himself about-facing the last few steps before reaching the threshold, and then walking what felt like a hundred miles in the other direction. This was how he ended up so far north, so far east, and so uncertain about his next move.

Like the physical terrain before him, his new emotional landscape was equally uncharted. The latter was going to take more than a hundred-mile hike to solve, whereas the former was almost wholly mapped. 

He continued until his interest was piqued again by a decent size sloop tied to a well-weathered jetty. This had happened once before ([M] The Balancing Act (Wrath and the Raft) (soulsrpg.com)), ending with Wrath almost drowning and being saved by a minute hero, who turned out to be a rather high-ranking Salsolan and a cunning little liar.

This boat was better than the last. It was longer, newer, and the sail, though neatly stowed against the mast, appeared in better condition. Wrath edged out onto the jetty for a closer look. He found all boats fascinating, though the ageing wolf decided against leaping aboard this time, recalling the scenes of his previous encounter with such a vessel. 

"Vot iz you do-ing?" A low voice rumbled behind him.

Wrath turned on the narrow jetty and appraised the man by dragging his gaze slowly down his form and frowning at his wooden leg. He then cocked an eyebrow. The well-weathered wolf had somehow sneaked up on him despite his obvious malady.

"Let zis not be fooling you. I still cut off your head ven you pis-sing me off."

Wrath was so perplexed by the injury and the fact he hadn't heard the man get so close that he actually laughed.

"Don't let my scars fool you, either, shtumpy." 

Wrath was as permanently disfigured as the old sailor; therefore, Bogdan Kotovo did not take so much offence to be labelled stumpy by the stranger. He laughed as well, but it was a dry and cracked sound.

"O-kay really, vot ze fuck are you do-ing?"

Wrath didn't have an answer, so he looked at the boat again. 

"You vant to sail zis? Payment upfront, I don't be trusting ze look of you."

"Payment?" The notion was practically foreign to Wrath. He lived in a hole he dug, stole whatever clothing would fit him for the few times he needed to wear it, and just took whatever else he wanted from others. "My payment can be not ripping off your leg and ushing it as a chew-toy. How doesh that shound?"

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Whisper had a routine to her life that was, for the moment, acceptable. She had duties at the stables, a responsibility to upkeep her home, and the time between then was to be used at her discretion. By and large she trained – either with Tanya, whose groundwork was nearing perfection, or using one of the communal horses. On days when it was too hot for either she would swim or busy herself with crafting. While tanning leather was still a skill beyond her comprehension, manipulating it into useful objects or pieces of artistry were highly rewarding. Salsola was often flush with leather, but for certain aspects of her work, she needed to trade. That was what had brought her to the Marketplace, though she found the day a wash early on.

Dissatisfied, the young woman prepared to leave. She might have done so without noticing the commotion coming from the Docks but spied the two men with a passing glance. Wrath was an unmistakable figure: huge and dark. Bogdan was not small either, of course.

Uncertain as to the reason that such a recluse like the black wolf might have to be on the water, Whisper went to investigate. She caught only the tail end of their discussion, and presumed they were in negotiations for a trip out onto the Loch.

“Hello,” she barked flatly as she arrived. “Are you taking the big boat out?”

Bogdan, only mildly surprised by her appearance, snorted bullishly. “No von sails if this –,” he used a word here Whisper did not understand, but assumed was an insult – “, thinks he can snap his teeth and get his vay.”

Whisper frowned and looked at Wrath. “What are you doing? Do you want to go? Confidant Kotovo is the only one who knows how to use the big boat, we can't go unless he agrees to it.”

“See? She understand—”

“Are you going? I will go if you are,” Whisper interrupted. “I have some of my leather goods if you need any of that. If you don't need anything, I am willing to work or bring you food.” She glanced at Wrath. “That's fair.”

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Wrath was smirking, snarling, and seriously considering playing a solo game of fetch with Captain Kotovo's peg leg when a familiar—and moody—face arrived at the scene. 

Despite her haughty attitude and connections to the upper echelons, she had no trouble getting wet, cold and muddy while joining Wrath on an impromptu hunt. Despite his early reservations, he left the encounter with a new level of respect for the young woman. 

Both men stopped bickering on her arrival, but the man with the wooden leg complained about Wrath's approach to the situation. Wrath rolled his eyes.

"He ashked for payment!?" Wrath appeared incredulous at the idea. "I was offering an alternative sholution." He shrugged.

Whisper had stormed in with conviction, and an even stronger personality than Wrath recalled. The burly black wolf frowned; confusion knitted his thick brow. As she spoke, this expression only doubled in intensity. Whatever she said seemed to instantly make the ill-tempered captain more equitable. 

"Yes, I want to . . ." He began, only to be cut off by Whisper turning her questions to Bogdan.

For a long while, Wrath looked slowly between them both. Whisper's interaction seemed so effortless. She wasn't the friendliest wolf, yet she seemed to get the captain on her side without showing a hint of submission. 

Her approach was different, but the result didn't make sense to the more primitive wolf. If you could take it by force, why wouldn't you? The captain should have just rolled over and done as he was told. He was big, but his leg would be a considerable hindrance in a fight against the might of the black wolf. 

Whisper had achieved Wrath's goal more quickly by another means: Offering him something in return. Wrath still believed that not brutally maiming the captain was a nice gesture, so what else could he offer?

Wrath looked over his shoulder, then all around. Nobody was in sight, yet he still spoke quietly as he mirrored Whisper's approach.

"I want to go on your boat, now. 

I'll . . . help with shomething. What do you need? If you have a debt that you owe or if shomeone owes you, then I could fix that . . permanently.

Or shomething elshe, erm . . . Captain?"

He flashed his teeth in a grin to the captain, then looked to Whisper as if for some affirmation that he was doing it correctly.

As if Wrath was certain his proposal would be accepted, he began shifting while the captain made up his mind about what was going to happen. Wrath was enormous in Optime form, even despite the significant hunch to his neck and shoulders. 


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