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Ashen Blessing
[Image: dcg.png] Non-Mandatory Pack Thread This is a Non-Mandatory Pack Thread! Characters are welcome to filter in and out, or have their own-spin offs as they would like. Attendance is optional.

The sounds of reverie had lasted long into the dark night, lit by fire and the silver of the moon. Chatter and the yapping calls of coyotes echoed off the lake’s glossy surfaces, the sound deep and stirring and memorable.

Eventually, though, like the light, this too waned. Individuals filtered out and away, some stayed beneath the blanket of the starry sky, and, in due time, the fire had all but collapsed away into smoldering ash and soot, prime come morning. It was early when Nazario woke, the sky basked in pinks and soft yellow of waxy sunrise, when he returned to the bonfire’s site. He was dressed in precious little – the off-white of undyed linen draped about his waist a stark contrast to the dark color of his back.

Flintlock, Boots and Holly had remained overnight to tend the dying flame, and knuckled at their eyes at his arrival, stirring back to life as the Rey Salvaje stepped into the broad pit in the pebbles and the sand, and stooped down amidst the charred remains of branches and offerings.

His palms, broad and worn, dug into the soft, feather-light ash, before he worked it into his skin in patterns. Born again, yes – like the phoenix, he dressed himself in dying fire. Inferni’s flame, and the wild god of fire, blessed coyotes in this way, and marked them with resilience in the face of adversity. The site was prepped and cleared of the evening’s celebrations.

Once satisfied with his work, his posture had straightened, the sun climbing well into the death of early morning by the time his call had gone out. They had no orator, no – but he held the crown, and his tongue could speak blessings into truth.

He had started with the trio yet present, beckoning them to the circle of the fire pit, before he painted them, too, with this most sacred ash, and uttered his prayers:

”The cycle of life, death, and rebirth, calls to an echo of previous ages. We are reborn again to great purpose as everlasting memory – we burn, we smolder, and through ash are renewed.”

His voice was soft and reverent with each tended body beneath his fingertips, before uttering his thanks and moving to the next.

OOC: It's Del Cenere's birthday! The party has since concluded, yet reverie is not quite over yet. Partake of this Ashen Blessing on the beach of Moosehead Lake, south of Ojo del Diablo and north of Charmingtown. Attendance is not mandatory - however this is a perfect opportunity to rub shoulders and engage in the community as a whole! There is no posting order to this thread.

Feel free to have your character get their blessing directly from the Rey Salvaje~

Backdated to the morning of the 13th.
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She awoke swaddled in a light blanket and propped gently against a dead log on the beach among a few other scattered sprawled snoozing bodies on blankets and scraps of fur to keep the sand from invading what little clothing they might be wearing. Those who had slept under the stars that night had partied hard, danced, drank, ate and celebrated the existence and resilience of Del Cenere with wild abandon. Anya could recall bits and pieces of the night previous, her usually razor sharp memory failing her and causing her some alarm. Blinking away sleep, she stretched slowly to her feet in the pre dawn light, looking around as the blanket slipped free from her shoulders and silently to the sand below.

Eyes adjusting to the dimness, she watched as a single figure moved among the resting bodies and over to the coals that were once a great grand bonfire. Smiling softly and pulling her messy loose braid around her shoulder, Anya watched the Rey from her place by the dead tree, unmoving, recognizing the 'moment' taking place as the sun slowly broke the horizon, chasing dew from the reeds by the lake side and silencing once vibrant crickets. As Boots, Flintlock and Holly stirred to wakefulness and joined the man at work with the coals, Anya too stepped forward, around still sleeping bodies and across the sands to join the others and hear Nazario's words as he scrawled ashen runes upon the trio ahead of her.

Orange gaze widened slightly as she recognized the importance of such a blessing and splayed her ears. Bowing her head and stepping forward to accept her mark from the leader of the Gang and thereby reaffirm her place among the Ashen. If there ever was any doubts about her, let them be cast away now. She wasn't going anywhere and Del Cenere Gang was her home. She'd do whatever it took to ensure there were many more celebrations like this for many years to come. Meeting the Rey Salvaje's gaze for just a moment with pride, the Camisera then turned and made her way to the back of the gathered and along the lake shore as slowly but surely more of the gang stepped up to receive the blessing.
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