[RO] Agoraphobic
Raindrops poured down from the sky as tears from something higher. The world was awash with it all, bathing the world in sleek sheens and the scent of petrichor. The trees and all flora soaked it all up, absorbing the water and exhaling their oils. Indigo Eternity watched two birds taking shelter amidst the branches of a tree outside the window of his and his family's house. He wondered if he might feel less trapped in his body if he had wings like that. Maybe then he could take flight and go somewhere better, at least for a little while. Still, he had a feeling inside that he could not domesticate. He was in this cage of his own making, and he felt it was of his own making. He at least wished he could read and write already. He gazed down at his paws, willing them to shift into hands and the rest of his body to follow... But it never happened. Not yet. He exhaled softly in disappointment. It stung deep in his chest, an aching sorrow. He wished he could be angry instead, he wished he could just rage and rage. Then he could exorcise all of this from his system. Just what was wrong with him? Nothing was wrong. Nothing had changed. So why was he so upset sometimes?

The birds took flight, leaving him behind.

He wished he could take off with them. At least the rain brought refuge and comfort. It made the big, scary world feel a little smaller; it was a little more manageable this way. Someday he may be bigger and smarter. He could wait, but he was unsure if he would  His littermates wrestled behind him, and much to his chagrin, he was pulled into it eventually. Maybe some play would make him feel better. He joined in their playfighting, as halfhearted as it was. He did not like worrying his family.

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