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7/3 update: now responisve!
HI i coded myself a signature and i want you guys to be able to use it tooooo. here it is! the buttons i used i found on chickensmoothie of all places. both are free to use off site without credit. the threads are here (pronoun buttons along with other pride) and here (alignment buttons along with other stuff)

depending on your image, you may have to fumble about with the margins. if anything breaks DM me on discord and ill help you out!

this isn't made for mobile view BUT update (7/3) it now is responsive! it still looks funky on mobile, but doesn't completely break on there and now works a lot better on smaller desktop monitors and likely a variety of tablets/laptops <: however, i couldnt find a way to make the sig icons responsive so those have been replaced with responsive text.

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And another line of lyrics

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And another line of lyrics[/span]
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We're the therapists pumpin' through your speakers, delivering just what you need! We're well read and poised, we're the best boys!

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This is so wonderful I had to commission new art of Liam to fit in it
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Viktory System
Hey there, we are the Viktory System! We are a system. That is to say, we are many people that live in one physical body. Just think of us as a team collaborating to write. Below are some links where you can find more information about plurality and systems like us if you're curious.

We use wulf/wulfs/wulfself pronouns as well as he/him, both individually and collectively. 

What is plurality?Plural jumpstartQuestioning?

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