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Mind enjoyed his work. It was just him, the open wilderness, his target and his claws. Usually. Unfortunately, he was having a difficult time 'trading off control' to Blood or Soul today. As the newest of the three, he was still growing accustomed to their ways and how to do such things. There were the journals that he had read over, but he did not know how to pull of the same mental feats required to concentrate and summon one of them purposefully. Even the other two struggled with it in some ways. Much to his chagrin, he had to remain.

Innokentiy was working in the backyard on a chore, or at least Mind thought they were. Lev was inside, writing at a desk in a blank book. Blood or even Soul might have asked what he was doing, but Mind did not bother to. There was nothing to talk to him about right now, and he was not familiar enough with him to converse for what he perceived to be no good reason.

There was a knock at the tower's front door. Egregore did not see Lev make a move to get up and answer it. Frowning, he stood to answer. He inhaled, held his breath, and twisted the knob. The wood swung inwards to reveal someone that Mind was relieved to recall the name of, but was uncertain what it was that she was here for.

Kamari Kaiser. He knew of her, for she was how they, or rather just Egregore in official terms, began as an Assassino. That was Mind's specialty in practice, but he had not spoken with her directly himself yet. He exhaled a puff of air. He was just standing there.

"<Say hello, fool,>" someone chided internally.

Mind did not know who gave him that thought just now, he was far too focused on marshalling the words he needed to give her. His tongue nearly tripped over them, but he managed. There was success, but it was not the full package he thought it was. 

"Emissary Kamari Kaiser. Come in, how are you?"

In a moment, Egregore moved to the side to allow her entry into the tower. He believed he plucked the correct name from the bottomless ocean-void of memory, but he felt he had forgotten something still. Was it her rank? No, that had to be the correct one. Unbeknownst to him, he had forgotten to speak with the blasted accent. With puzzlement on his face at this fact, Lev turned his head from his work finally.

"This is my brother, Associate Lev Prizmov. Lev, this is Kamari Kaiser. She is the Emissary."

Lev shot him a look as if the latter information was unnecessary. Mind was beginning to understand by now why Soul and Blood found that he chafed against others in personality.

"Hello. Is vonderful to meet you, Kamari," Lev greeted, smiling with civility and mischief.

It dawned on him then. Realizing that he had forgotten the cadence once more in an instance it might be important, Mind realized he was in for it. At least with Soul, who maintained that their presentation be as uniform as it can be. Egregore pressed his lips into a thin line, mouth dry. It was too late to cover it up now. Satisfied to see Egregore squirm, Lev stood and excused himself, saying that he was going to lend Innokentiy a hand outside. Once he was gone, Egregore returned his attention to her.

"What can I help you with this morning?" Egregore said. She was shorter in height than him, but that did not diminish her importance one bit. Her aura intimidated him, but Mind felt it would be unfair to blame him. He stood stock still, unintentionally holding his breath.
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Our minds feel hate and flesh is willing
We hurt what lies between
One second passes and you're gone
Our weapons drawn but
Somehow these kills won't make us whole
We've sold our souls

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Optime | The Ruins (Egregore’s home) | Dated: July 25th

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Ducking low and with a shift in her hips, she slipped beneath an exceedingly low-hanging branch, continuing on her invisible path through the overgrowth and untamed parts of the Ruins. Her unmarked trail made her hard to track, and harder still to predict her destination or where she might end up. It was how she preferred it, especially with the many things she often did both above and below the table on behalf of the Kingdom. That day, she had a particular individual in mind; the only other that had been granted the same title as she as a Thistle assassin.

Located deep within the Central District, it took a bit of winding to reach the home of the grey-hued Assasino. When she finally did though, she paused just long enough to assess the area before materializing into the open. She made her way up to the door and knocked, fully under the impression that her eventual appearance would have been expected given the recent assignment she’d sent the man on. To her surprise though, when the homeowner answered, it was with a pause that was much unlike their previous interactions.

His once thick, Russian accent was also missing.

It made her blink as she impassively stared at him, her sharp eyes quickly sweeping down the wolf before her. He didn’t look like he was under duress, however, it made her suspicious all the same, even as she stepped into the home.

Was he trying to give her a warning of some type?

“Tradesman Egregore. I’m khoroshiy,” she replied, her tone neutral, though, edging on cold.

In the home, her eyes immediately fell on a second individual. They didn’t appear to be harassing Egregore, especially so far from the door and looking as if they were preoccupied with something else. She’d heard that the Tradesman had taken on two new Wards. No doubt, the man was one of those two new Associates. Egregore’s introduction confirmed as much, and she offered a business-like dip of her thin snout.

Upon hearing her given name fall from the Associate’s tongue though, her eyes narrowed by the smallest of a fraction. “Emissary Kamari or Lady Kaiser,” she corrected him with a polite and subtle sharpness, “Welcome to the Kingdom, Associate Lev.”

Another highborn might have been harsher with their reprimand, but, Kamari understood him to still be in his trial phase. In general, Kamari herself was less strict about such cultural expectations and rules, but, as Associates, it was for the best, as another higher-ranking individual might not have been so kind. Some habits were hard to break, and the learning curb in the Kingdom was steep for some. If the man was Salsolan material, however, he’d overcome it all.

Her ears twitched as Lev excused himself, mentioning an unfamiliar name that made her wonder if this Innokentiy individual was a companion animal or, in fact, the other new Associate. She watched the man depart, and, only once they were alone, did her eyes shift to Egregore.

Again, he spoke without his accent and seemed…almost nervous in her presence.

“How long have you been practicing at losing your accent?” She asked instead. The edge of her lip twitched upwards in a way that hinted that she might have been teasing him. “Was it of any use to your recent errands?”

Vague as her words might have been, they had an unspoken challenge hidden to them. She was still a bit unsure how he had managed to lose all trace of his accent, but, more importantly, she had no desire to talk business if he thought they might be overheard by the Associates now under his sponsorship.

Kamari Kaiser
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